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The Deutsch Reich

The Kaiserreich Embassy Request

Type of relations to be established: Advanced Relations

Region Name: The Kaiserreich

Number of nations: 176

Off-site forums: http://s15.zetaboards.com/The_Kaiserreich/index/

Founder: The Deutsch Reich

Your Position in your Region: Kaiser (Monarch)

Alliances and/or organizations your region is part of: Military Alliance Coalition (a mutual defense alliance between our region and some smaller regions)

Why you want to exchange diplomatic relations or ally with our region: We admire the attitude of your region, especially it's neutrality and activity level and we wish to work with you to bring some of that to our region, as well as build relations in other areas.

A brief description of your region: We are a pre-1918 Germany themed region build on the Prussian virtues of Honor, Loyalty, Duty, Tolerance and Orderliness. The Kaiserreich is a constitutional monarchy with separate executive, legislative, and judicial branches, and a monarch that keeps the peace and performs administration alongside the Ministers and Chancellor. The military, called the Bundeswehr, is devoted to the defense of smaller regions and the combatting of extremism. Ideologically we are neutral and are mostly united by a love of German history and culture. We are opposed to both Communist and Fascist regions on Nationstates and refuse diplomatic relations with them.

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