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A special bulletin from 10000 Islands


10000 Islands Emissary Update
Date: July 2017
Population: 1,267
Delegate Endorsements: 328
Forum: 10000islands.proboards.com

The following is a Special Notification from 10000 Islands.

XKI Founder, Grub, to retire after 14 years at helm. Woonsocket named successor.



A Message from Grub:
After 14 plus years in the 10000 Islands, I feel that the time has come for me to step down as Founder of the 10000 Islands & let someone else lead this great region. I made this decision about a while back, but wanted to let it sit in to make sure that I am comfortable with actually stepping away. I have loved being your Founder, but I have not been able to put the time into NationStates lately & the region deserves better. The great thing is that the 10000 Islands is not just successful from the contributions of one, but from all of you.

So, as is my duty according to Article 2.2 of the XKI Constitution, I am naming Woonsocket  to be the next Founder of the 10000 Islands. Over the next few weeks I will help Woonsocket make the transition to Founder & he will eventually take over the Grub account. I am confident that the 10000 Islands will be in great hands with Woonsocket & I hope to see the 10000 Islands maintain its place as a great region in NationStates.

Once the transition is over & the reigns have been fully handed over to Woonsocket, I will effectively be retiring from NationStates. I will still probably pop my head in time to time to check & see how things are going over here. Before I go, I also wanted to say thank you to all of the great friends & nations that have been part of the Islands over the last 14 years.

In looking back, we were once a sleepy little region with 20+ nations when one night we were attacked without reason by a region called the Empire of Power. Back then, an attack like that would completely destroy a region. The night of the attack I went all over NationStates asking for assistance. Lots of regions ignored our requests, but a few stood up & fought along side us in one of the epic battles in NationStates history. Regions like Texas, the Urbanites, the Heartland, The Rejected Realms Army, and several others came to our defense that night. We remain in their debt for the help they gave us that night.

Since that time, the 10000 Islands has tried to help other regions in the same way that those others came to help us more than 14 years ago.
The 10000 Islands/TITO has helped to defend over a thousand different regions with over 2,700 successful missions & with Woonsocket in charge, that will continue.

It has been my great honor & pleasure to serve as your Founder. I wish the 10000 Islands much success & I am confident that the best is yet to come for this great region!

Long live the 10000 Islands! Long live TITO! Long live Woonsocket!



The Co9, and TITO Command assure all our allies and friends across nation-states that the handover is going smoothly. We remain steadfastly committed to maintaining, building, and defending these alliances, and forging new ones wherever possible. We welcome you all to join us as we celebrate and honor Grub for his hard work and commitment, and welcome in Woonsocket as our new executive founder.

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