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Cosmic Association Guidelines Proposal

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As of right now, the Cosmic Association is one of the most inactive sections of the Yggdrasil forums. In the past, it has been difficult to use, and few nations have even attempted to make space programs. I thought this was rather unfortunate, so I asked GRO if I could "update" the Cosmic Association. First and foremost, I think a new set of RP guidelines is in order. The previous set of guidelines is very vague, and has made using this section of the forum very difficult for inexperienced role-players. The below is my proposal for new RP guidelines for the Cosmic Association. Right now, I would really appreicate it if any interested nations could let me know what they think of the proposal (should anything be added/taken out/changed).

The Cosmic Association

Regulations and Procedures

I. Planets and Moons- For those of you looking to make a claim in the solar system, there is a list of planets and moons up for colonization at this link.

A.Staking your claim- Moons and other satellites of the asteroid belt can be claimed by one nation, who can then begin colonizing them as they please. All official claims must be made in the thread mentioned above, or they will be ignored. Nations may claim one moon and part of one other larger body (i.e. Mars). Until these claims are supported through colonization, you may not make any additional claims. Bodies in the asteroid belt that are up for colonization are listed in the Planetarium.

B.Terraformation- Certain planets and moons (currently Luna, Mars, and Venus) may also be terraformed. Terraformation is the act of making a planet more “Earthlike” by introducing chemicals like water to the natural environment to create a livable environment. To terraform a planet, you must first create a poll, and other participating nations will vote upon it. Mars requires 20 votes while Venus and the Moon need 30. However, terraformation does not end here; participating nations must role-play events that occur in the process until terraformation is complete. After terraformation, the planet will receive a map similar to Yggdrasil’s world map. Participating nations can then claim a territory on the planet, and expand into 2 more if they so desire.

II. Before You Begin

A. Economy- When you begin role-playing in the Cosmic Association, you must first consider your economic level. You can find your level by looking in the Guide to Economy. Remember to role-play with your economic level in mind. Here’s a rundown of what your economic level will permit you to do in the Cosmic Association:

•Level 1- Your economic level leaves your government tight for cash and unwilling to donate the time or resources to a space program. Until your level improves, sticking to telescopes and cheap observatories is your best option.

•Level 2- Your economic level leaves you a small amount of money to begin a space program. At this point, you will probably not be able to build your own launch pad, but renting another may allow you to send a probe or two into space.

•Level 3- At this level, you’re ready to become a contender. Your funds allow you to construct a space program just under the standards of modern-day NASA, and make manned-missions into space.

•Level 4- At this point, you’re ready to start a huge space program. Multiple launch pads, interplanetary colonies, and major research projects are all within your grasp.

•Level 5- At level 5, you’re only limiting factor is time. You have enough funds to pretty much do whatever you like with your space program, and even begin looking beyond the solar system.

B. Budget- When beginning your space program, you must first earmark some funds to your space program. In order to determine your space program’s budget, find 1% of your Government Budget, according to NSEconomy. Every time you build a spaceship, launch a probe, etc, money will be taken out of your budget. If you go over your yearly budget, all current activities of your program must cease, unless other nations decide to give you grants (see Space Diplomacy).

C. Territory- All nations participating in the Cosmic Association must have already registered for the regional map. If you haven’t done so already, please do so before beginning role-play.

III. Getting Started

•Step 1- As stated above, your first step must be claiming a territory in space, unless you are economic level 2 or below. After your request has been accepted, move to step 2.

•Step 2- The second step is constructing a spaceship. This will require using funds from your budget, and your current technologies to construct your ship.

•Step 3- Before you can actually begin colonizing space, you must first either build or rent a spaceport. If you rent a spaceport, you will probably be expected to provide compensation to the donor nation.

IV. Role-playing Exploration- Space exploration will be largely role-played, but when role-playing, remember to keep it within certain limits. “Godmodding” will result in your claims being ignored, or possibly confiscated. When role-playing, you should issue reports of what your space program is currently working on (i.e. projects, missions, and studies.) You may also want to write press releases, include pictures, and make maps of your claims or launch sites. The only limit to success is your creativity in the Cosmic Association.

A.Missions- When role-playing space exploration, you may find it easy to list your goals and missions, and issue reports to your fellow explorers/ public. Missions include activities (i.e.launching a probe) that help you accomplish your goals (i.e. establishing a base in Io. Whenever you go on missions, you should write a report on the mission for your fellow colleagues. Mission reports are meant to be rather simple and to the point, and you are not expected to write any more than you see fit. These guidelines aren’t meant to take away from your enjoyment, but to make things easier for both you and your fellow explorers.

B.Studies- When exploring space, it is likely that you will discover new things about the planets/ moons you land on. In addition, you may want to develop new technologies (i.e. fuels) to make exploration easier and quicker. Publishing studies as “viewable to public” is optional, as you may not want the world to know about your discoveries, but make sure to make a post about the matter anyways. A simple “classified” at the top of the study will let other nations know that any RPing should be done as though their nation was still in the dark. The only reason you are required to publish studies/developments is to prevent nations from god-modding.

C.Projects- In order to explore space, you must build spaceships, probes, and other devices. When constructing new things, make sure you let the public know. This prevents you from claiming that your workers built a launch pad, when you haven’t logged on for the past week.

V. Space Diplomacy- You may have already noticed the interplanetary diplomacy thread, which serves the purposes of making agreements pertaining to the Cosmic Association. Participants meet to discuss matters of leasing spaceports (for currency or Florins), engaging in interplanetary trade, or sharing studies. You can also give grants to fellow nations that may be struggling with the costs of their programs. If it has to do with diplomacy, it goes in this thread.

VI. Time- In the Cosmic Association, we obviously aren’t role-playing events in real-time (if so it would take 500 days to reach Mars alone). Instead, things move faster. In general, stick to a timeframe that is quick, but not completely unrealistic (no overnight flights to Pluto and back). Time is generally left to you during construction projects, but please stick to this timeframe when traveling from Earth to any of the following planets. These times also pertain to any satellites of that planet.

Mercury- 4 days

Venus- 3 days

The Moon (Luna)- 2 days

Mars- 4 days

The Asteroid Belt- 5 days

Jupiter- 6 days

Saturn- 8 days

Uranus- 9 days

Neptune- 10 days

Pluto- 11 days

These times are not, by any means set in stone. As you develop new technologies, you can reduce these times. These can also serve as a guide from traveling from one planet to another. For example, if it takes 11 days to reach Pluto, and 6 days to reach Jupiter, it should take 5 days to travel from Pluto to Jupiter.

Building spaceships, constructing launch pads, and developing technologies should be done on a similar time scale based on the size of the project. You must, however, announce your project’s exposition beforehand.

VII. Miscellaneous

A.Planetarium- Any information on the planets/ moons can be found here. Also included are maps of claims.

B.Outer Orbital Planets- Currently, any planets orbiting outside Pluto/Neptune are not available for colonization. However, after the “lead-nation” has claimed territory on a major planet and two satellites, I will open the outer planets for colonization. From that point onward, any nation having claimed territory on a major planet and two satellites will no longer be able to colonize the inner planets, and be left to colonize the outer planets. This is only to prevent nations from claiming too much territory close to Earth, which would hinder newer nations from participating.

C.Unsupported Claims/CTE’ing- Any nations that show no intention of backing up their claims, or CTE will lose their claims, and the territory will be open to other nations. If you haven’t CTE’d, and just have not backed up your claim, I will send you a telegram and a PM. If you do not respond within the next 7 days, your claim will expire.

On a closing note, this guide doesn’t address every issue that comes up in space travel. When dealing with things not addressed, please, just use common sense. If you have any questions/comments/ideas, they are welcome below.

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Greetings Cosmic Association. I am Angalhach, the Right side of the Upper lip of Ujalu, Ambassador of Ujalu.

We would like to protect the area of our recently adquired zone of the Moon. Our Religion claims that our Divinity, Dipoud'qoux Ijaiul hjua'je-des resides in the core of the Moon. Full details of this god and other data of interest are given in the document attached.

We request absolute prohibition to access with any type of solid material or physically move more than 10.01101 km a year from the moons current orbit (Specifications in the attached document) in any human-derived manner an area composed of a 0.89 pi (Aprox. 2.796) metre diametre sphere which centre is the moons current barycentre.

May Ujalu kiss our relationships

Off: I'm not writing the 'attached document', its just a much of religious texts and folklore about the origin of this god, and the believed consecuences of accessing that area, and a lot of calculations, so you pretty much imagine what it is.

Edited by Ujalu

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