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New cabinet appointed

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On June 1st Chief Vizier Sygian, announced a new Cabinet to aid him in government. His appointments were confirmed by Pharaoh Griffin on June 2nd. Here is the new Cabinet:

Community Affairs
Vizier of Community Affairs: Ridersyl
Sub-Vizier of Citizenship: Syberis
Sub-Vizier of Johnny Cash Affairs: Dr_PellcaN
Sub-Vizier of Visual Design: Imki

Foreign Affairs
Vizier of Foreign Affairs: Kowassati
Sub-Vizier of Diplomacy: Mghnb
Sub-Vizier of Public Relations: Omega

Marshal General: Greyghost
Sub-Vizier: Yuno

World Assembly Affairs
Vizier of World Assembly Affairs: Adytus
Representative to the General Assembly (Sub-Vizier): Auralia

The government is excited to get to work to serve the people of Osiris.

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