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Osiris events update

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Recently, the Osiris Fraternal Order celebrated Pharaoh's Day, a Holiday created by the Holiday’s Act. In the act, Pharaoh’s Day is described as “a day to celebrate the government of Osiris”. The celebration opened with remarks from Pharaoh Neo Kervoskia where hs talked about how he watched from the outside as Pharaohs were being dedicated not to their own personal ideas, but instead they were dedicated to their sense as to what would be best of Osiris. He said, “[w]e must look back from the beginning to see how far we’ve come and we must celebrate the reigns of those who came before us”.

The festival continued with spam games. Later on the second day, the Pharaoh gave out the following awards:
Cormac Pendragon: Violet Jewel of Atum, the highest award the Pharaoh can give, awarded for longtime, outstanding overall contributions to the region
Koth: the Crown of Osiris, the second highest award a Pharaoh can give, awarded for outstanding contributions in service in regional leadership offices
Sygian and Adytus were both made barons in recognition of their work as Chief Viziers
Grayghost was made an Archduchess in recognition of her marriage to the Crown Prince

On the final day there was a movie played and the Chief Vizier, Sygian, gave some closing remarks. In them, he discussed how Osiris has seen a remarkable lack of corruption since last April. He also noted how despite his initial fear of NK he saw him be more than willing to give power back to the scribes and elected cabinet. He closed his address reminding us that Osiris is today more united than ever before and the age of backroom deals and corruption is over and he closed the festival by stating “Osiris is not divided anymore. We are all united under one flag, one government, that everyone plays a role in. Like a family, forever Fraternal.”

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