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Fight for Armello Season 2 Advertisement

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Season 2

j0QCv6t.pngk0kOSgM.pngZMuA2GF.png Bear Clan

Rabbit Clan 8sux47B.pnge9g9jAI.pngDsxzISe.png

YSFKwV1.pngHp2c2Ih.pngmkW0T7q.png Rat Clan

Wolf Clan b4uHgL7.pngKZtKhzr.pngh5ibgzR.png


The battle begins…

January 14, 2017

… in celebration of the 13th anniversary of the founding of Equilism!


You can sign up today by clicking here!


To find the complete ruleset, please click here.


Armello and its characters are the trademark property of League of Geeks, developers of the game. All images and concepts originating from Armello are used without explicit permission but are not being used for profit. If you enjoy Fight for Armello, please support League of Geeks by purchasing the titular video board game. Armello is available on Steam (for Windows, Mac and Linux), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and iOS. You can check it out on the Steam store by clicking here!

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