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Testing new buttons for the forum

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I have added some new buttons to the posting/threading bar (See legend on the screen shot on top).

The more useful ones are:

1) Back and forward buttons

2) Remove formatting button. This lets you remove all HTML altogether

3) Background color button (to the right of text color button)

4) Indent tools

5) Spoiler tag

6) Line button

7) Table tools

8) Youtube button.


If there are any bug reports, or buttons you see on other forums that you want to be added here, please let me know.:thumbsup:




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34 minutes ago, South Titania said:

Great, we'll test it out.


And I have to apologise to @Skothafjordur and @Brad Conley, I didn't realise they weren't able to do direct HTML codes (didn't have access to 'Source'). That made it more difficult for them to post resolutions.  Hopefully with the new buttons EnE and Thembria won't face the same troubles.

The shift from BBcode to this system is the most pain-in-the-ass thing we had to deal with through the forum upgrade. We had most of these functionalities before but they took it away in the new forum version. :Domokun:

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