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September 2016 PR Update

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September 2016 Public Relations Update

Written by Isaris




It's time for another update from the Equilism Township!




Isaris Confirmed as Mayor


In an election that was somewhat divisive despite the lack of other candidates standing and low voter turnout, I—Isaris—was confirmed as Mayor of the Equilism Township by a vote of 2-1 on September 8th. Serving as both the Mayor and the World Assembly Delegate has been frowned upon by some in the region so I plan to step down from the latter position upon the expiration of my term in October or if someone should step forward to serve its remainder. I'm proud to be our region's second Mayor and plan to put the duties of that office before any other that I hold. I'd like to thank Pooch (also known as Big Bad Badger) for his service as the first Mayor of our Township; it was a pleasure working alongside him as the WA Delegate for the past six months and I'm grateful to be able to count on his advice in the three months ahead of me.


I'd also like to thank Aexnidaral Seymour for his service as the Township's second Officer of Tourism & Real Estate and congratulate him on his election to the office of Vice President of Europeia alongside running mate President Writinglegend. Although our plans for recruitment in Equilism weren't able to blossom, his advice in this field is something I will always be personally grateful for and appreciate. The Vice Presidency of Europeia is no easy task and we in Equilism understand his need to step down from his position in our region. I would like to personally wish him and Writinglegend the best of luck in their endeavours for the Republic and hope the friendship between Europeia and Equilism will continue for years to come. Again, congratulations to both of them in their successful bid for the Goldenblock!


While there are many more people I could spend time thanking, I'd like to move on and share my vision and plans for Equilism as a region so that our friends and allies can know what to expect over the course of my term. For years, Equilism has maintained itself as an Independent entity, albeit with some strange mix of imperialist and defender qualities as evidenced by our relationship with our protectorate region, Warzone Europe. I plan to continue the maintenance of this ideology and it will guide my administration's foreign policy. To that end, one of my primary focuses shall be an extreme emphasis on boosting recruitment for both the region and the E-Army in order to revitalize Equilism's military. Once revitalized, I will seek to coordinate with our allies to achieve mutual goals and provide much needed experience to our new recruits.


To be frankly honest, Equilism has been facing a decline for some time. Throughout the summer, we've made efforts to stabilize and now is our time to grow or perish. I'll be doing my best to help it grow, so expect to see a very annoying foreign Mayor around your regions this fall. Equilism is one of the oldest regions in NationStates and will be celebrating its 13th year in January; furthermore, the E-Army was once the third-largest military in NS and Equilism was a titan that could shake the world. I would love to see that become a reality once again in the present day and I know that will only be possible with friends at our side. My door is always open for diplomacy and I don't plan to step out of the game until I see my region be a true player on the world stage once again.




The Monkye Placed 33rd in Men's 20km Race Walk at 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics


After years of training and competing in multiple races in Australia and elsewhere, Equilism member The Monkye competed in the Olympics this summer in Brazil—as mentioned in a previous update—in the Men's 20km Race Walk. After the news broke that he placed 33rd in the event, cheers and exclamations of pride and congratulations filled our RMB, forum and Skype! Even more intriguing, our forum was graced with a photograph of a sweaty Monk in action. :wub:


If you'd like to read more about Monk's Olympic journey, you can click here. If you'd like to watch Monk compete on video, you can click here to be taken to the Rio Replay of the event on YouTube. No matter what place he ended in, we couldn't be prouder of Monk because we know he's truly earned the title of Olympian!




Charter Reformation Amendment Under Discussion


The Charter Reformation Amendment, an effort to vastly expand the Township's foundational legal document, has been up for discussion in the Town Hall since July. The proposal, authored by Isaris, is an attempt to mix elements of the existing Charter and the Constitutions of allied regions with more complex legal systems. It's not without critics, however, who have criticized the draft's length and inclusion of a judicial system which is seen as overly complicated in relation to the region's historical needs. The amendment's intent is to clarify the powers and responsibilities of various government offices, as well as the political and civil rights of citizens. Since this is such a large issue, a thread has also been opened to discuss the amendment in the Public Courtyard so that non-citizens and foreign legal experts can weigh in on the conversation as well. That thread can be found here.




Thank you for reading this short update! If you'd like to visit Equilism, you can get there by clicking one of the banners found in this post. Clicking the banner above will take you to our region page and clicking the banner below will take you to our off-site forum!



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