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A quick factbook of Valhyria:

- Map: (first image)

- Long name: The Imperial States of Valhyria

- Short name: Valhyria

- Capital: Valhys

- Largest City: Valhys

- Motto: Order and Freedom

- National Animal: Dragon

- National Flower: Dragonwood

- National Anthem: The Land of Dragons

- Flag: (second image)

- Seal: (third image)

- Official Languages: Valhyrian, Catrian, Brazyllan and Syscian

- Ethnic groups: 74% Valhyrian, 13% Catrian, 7% Brazyllan, 3% Syscian, 1% Islanders, 2% Foreigners.

- Demonym: Valhyrian

- Government: Constitutional Imperial Federation

- Emperor: Daereon Aegys El-Saxaryen

- Head of the Senate: Hayen Mea El-Gyron

- Head of the Parliament: Merya Aya El-Ayres

- Head of the Imperial Court: Wilhelm Gya El-Alua

- Legislature: The Imperial Courts

- Upper House: The Senate

- Lower House: The Parliament

- Timeline (x years AVC = After Valhyrian Calendar);

--- Established: 3 AVC

--- Empire: 9 AVC

--- Imperial Federation: 1624 AVC

--- Rebellion and Invasion by Catra: 2216 AVC

--- Re-established: 2516 AVC

--- Current constitution: 2516 AVC

- Total Area (excluding the EEZ): 6,324,025 km2

- Water (%): 0.65

- Currency: Sol

- Timezone: VST, Valhyria Standard Timezone (Like the UK)


images (3).jpg


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The geographic map of the Imperial States of Valhyria.


- White: Mountains (+4000m)

- Light Green: Plateau (1500 - 4000m)

- Dark Green: flatland (20 - 1500m)

- Light Blue: sea (-300 - 20m)

- Dark Blue: deep sea (-2000 - -300m)



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