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Matilda Love

July Report

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1,024 registered members
333,818 posts
Population: 151 nations

Our Staff
Delegate: The Pubs of Parkplace (44 endorsements)
Minister or Internal Affairs: disposablepuppetland
Minister of External Affairs: Matilda Love
Speaker of the House of Commons: Stormaen

Delegate's Office

WA Resolutions
General Assembly
Repeal "Preventing Animal Abuse" - AGAINST
Digital Network Defense - AGAINST
Repeal "Nuclear Arms Protocol" - AGAINST
Humanitarian Aid Expansion Act - FOR
Protection of Partially Born - FOR

Security Council
Liberate The Place that has No Big Banks - FOR
Liberate California - AGAINST
Repeal "Liberate Utopia" - FOR

Ministry of External Affairs

Thrilled to hear from our friends from England, Taijitu and European Union. Looking forward to the continued news and fun!
We welcome our new Ambassador from European Union, European Embassy.
We also welcome Eluvatar as Visiting Dignitary from Taijitu and Ambassador from The North Pacific.

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Alterrum opened a discussion requesting we consider increased use of polls to encourage greater RMB activity in the region. The idea is being well supported, so we look forward to the possibility of a combination of the silly and the serious on the gaming front soon!

This months Watercooler feature thread is:

We have a new thread!
Zig-zag categories

[/LIST]Welcome Back!

  • Eluvatar

Postcards from Canada

Clown fish

QUOTE <> UNQUOTE: Directly from Canada, the non-crappy Region!

Almonaster's signature:

Their are 3 misstakes in this sentence.

*As always...Report prepared by:  The Canadian Citizens

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