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Greetings from Valhyria

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From the Palace of Dragons, in Valhys, capital of Valhyria.

  My name is Daereon Aegys El-Saxaryen, first of his name, Emperor of the Imperial States of Valhyria. Since the the old days Valhyria has been an independent nation, with a history of more than 2000 years. But since the invasion of barbarians this mighty empire has fallen to ruin.

  Its been 300 years since that day, but now after a successful coup d`etat, the valhyrian people has now reclaim their homeland back from those barbarians, but thats not all what we want... as it is in our national motto, we want to bring Order and Freedom! Order in the old valhyrian lands, and freedom to all valhyrians still trapped in our stolen lands annexed by our foes.

  So we have joined Yggdrasil, to help me and my people to reclaim our lands from these invaders, it is time to Valhyria be once again a proud, powerful and mighty empire!

  Order and Freedom!! All hail Valhyria!!!

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