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Goddess Relief Office

Yggdrasil's Relationship with 10000 islands/ TITO

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10000 Islands is not a traditional ally of Yggdrasil. Our relationship pertains more towards mutual defense. Early at Yggdrasil's founding, an agreement was reached between myself and Grub, the founder of 10000 Islands, to create a mutual defense pact.

The treaty between Yggdrasil and 10000 Islands has the following main points:

  1. The Military Pact shall pertain only to cooperation on military matters. Both regions and their governments shall exist separately and unaffected by terms of this Pact.
  2. The Founders of both regions shall have access to each others' barracks. TITO Officers (not more than 2) shall have additional access to Yggdrasil's defense service.
  3. Officers may command each others' troops and direct them to defense missions (So long as these missions are agreed-to by both region's founders in advance).
  4. If any region declares war on Yggdrasil, it will be declaring war on 10000 Islands. The clause shall have reciprocality.
  5. Both region's defense force shall have the freedom to perform their own missions.
  6. Both region's defense force shall exist separately with their own ranks and awards.

Also see: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/1...texas-yggdrasil

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The treaty above has been superseded by the following:


10000 Islands - Yggdrasil Treaty

The sovereign regions of 10000 Islands and Yggdrasil, in recognition of their close past relationship and desire to formally expand on them, do mutually agree that:

(1) Both regions will maintain embassies with and have a named ambassador to the other.

(2) Denizens of each region will be welcomed on the other regions' mediums of communication insofar a ban imposed on any denizen by either region or other form of prohibition remains withstanding. In which case, the targeted denizen does not fall under the protections of this stipulation.

(3) Denizens of the two regions may take part in events and activities hosted by the other where applicable.

(4) Both regions, as long as they are under the terms of this Treaty, agree to a permanent non-aggression pact and may cooperate in Z-Day, N-Day and any future events.

(5) The founder or government of either region may request assistance from the other should the request be consistent with the internal policy of both regions and the request not harm the security, reputation and interests of the region assisting.

(6) Each region will inform the other of any threats to that region's security, reputation, or other interests that come to their attention.

(7) Neither region will engage in activity detrimental to the security, reputation, or other interests of the other.

(8) This Treaty, when signed by both signatories, will become the principal Treaty superceding and or nullifying any previous Treaty signed between the two signatories.


Ratified on November 20th of 2018 by:
10000 Islands
Founder: Woonsocket
Delegate: Kuriko

Founder: Goddess Relief Office
Delegate: Thembria SSR

Edited by Paffnia
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