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Libetarian Republics

Update No. 19 (April 2016)

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Hello friends and allies! It's been a few months since our last update so without further delay, here's what's been happening in The Rejected Realms!

Officer Elections - The Previous Term

During the previous term, 98X resigned from his position as Media Officer due to real life obligations. Tomb and Koth ran for the vacant spot however Tomb would be the one elected as Media Officer, putting out one issue of The Monthly Reject in that time. During that time, Spider Jerusalem also resigned from his position as Culture Officer due to real life obligations. Madaloria ran for the position and had a successful term following his successful planning for the Constitution Day festivities. No longer wishing to serve as Speaker, Tim resigned his position. Guy was elected Speaker in a confirmation vote.

Officer Elections - Now

The Church of Satan and Madaloria ran for and were re-elected to their prior positions. Joining them were newcomers Nobodies and Werpdrarg, all of which ran unopposed. The Church of Satan has resumed his prior job as Foreign Affairs Officer. Madaloria resumes his prior job as Culture Officer. Nobodies now serves as Media Officer in charge of The Monthly Reject. Werpdrarg serves as Outreach Officer. With so many fresh faces in the cabinet, it's hard to say how things will progress.

RMB Activity

The month of March saw no shortage of malicious spam resulting in more suppression of posts and moderator intervention in that month alone than seen over the last several months. It's hard to say why that is but it is hopefully an isolated incident.

March also however was the month in which we would celebrate Constitution Day. With good planning by Madaloria, the festivities were successful, seeing increased (positive) RMB activity from several friends and allies across NationStates. A belated "thank you" to those of you that attended. We were happy to see you there!


After the end of the previous election, we at TRR found that our tie-breaking procedure sucks. Initially if there was a tie in the elections, the candidate who joined the regional forums earlier shall be favored. While everyone on NationStates has an account on our forums (I mean who doesn't right?), the candidate that registered first is automatically favored in procedure. Taking into account the permanency of the registration date and flexibility of applying for citizenship, the Assembly amended the Election Act by having the tiebreakers broken in reference to the vote of current officials. If the votes by the officials were not cast, the candidate with the longer continuous citizenship ultimately wins.

Poll-It-Bureau introduces Citizen of the Week

Polls are popular among Rejects; to incentivize registering for citizenship, the Poll-It-Bureau introduces Citizen of the Week. The Delegate, under some arbitrary criteria, selects a citizen to have polling powers for that week. Citizens can poll Rejects over a wide range of topics from politics to cuisine.

Our first Citizen of the Week is Jeffersonborg, popularly known as Codger elsewhere. He is credited for the suggesting this idea, and he is notoriously known by Rejects for his hate for freedom. His poll regarded a prison warden of The Rejected Realms; one day you find a Reject trading in contraband, containing matches and pamphlets calling for greater democracy in the region. What would you do afterwards? The results were quite interesting.

Our second Citizen of the Week is Bowiemoria. He is known for his enthusiasm about BBQ, and made a poll about the favorite type of BBQ items. He invited players around the world to vote as well.


TRR Issues Committee’s goal is to create quality, original issues and improve the experiences of Rejects and nations worldwide. TRR’s first issue was announced around January 2016 when sedge mentioned the recent addition of Issue #483. Submitted in May 2015, the processing took 3 delegate terms; the long, tedious wait was eventually realized. Congratulations to all that contributed to this achievement. Below in the spoiler is Issue #483 and the options the players can pick. If received in-game, you’ll notice on the bottom right “Issue by: The Rejected Realms Issue Committee.”

#483: Do You Want Fries With That? [The rejected realms issue committee; ed:Sanctaria]

The Issue
Mobs of disgruntled employees picket fast-food chains across @@[email protected]@, tossing cheeseburgers at customers and burning their uniforms – all in the name of dignity and fairer wages.

The Debate
1. "MERRY MEALS, MERRY WORKERS!" chants a pubescent protester. "For far too long have our families starved because of pitiful wages. I mean, really, what are we supposed to do with one @@[email protected]@ a day? Eat it!? @@[email protected]@ needs to set a new minimum floor for wages, and protect workers – the least that can go wrong is a little bump in the price of your Big Max - what's the big deal?"

2. "Oh the horror! THE HORROR!" gasps the McRonalds CEO as he watches a video of protesters deep-frying the company mascot. "Not Ronald! Anyone but Ronald! They've gone bananas! @@[email protected]@, their complaints are ridiculous, I assure you. They should be grateful for the wage they get for, what, flipping a few burgers? Give me a break. I implore you to send in the police and stop these mouth-breathers from scaring away our custom- eh, I mean, to protect our citizens, of course..."

3. "The problem isn't wages, darling," says a 'chatty cathy' working the counter at Papa Pallocci's Pizza Pagoda. "It's all the 'part time' hours - the 'seasonal' work, 'overtime', 'no overtime', 'zero-contracts' – before you know it, we'll all be working part-part-part-time! We should go back to a simple work-week for all us slaves to the retail industry. 8-5. Sure, it'll make places hard to staff, but who wants a burger at midnight anyways?"

4. "Eww, fast food," says @@[email protected]@, sipping a glass of almond milk to wash down a fresh kale salad. "We should just get rid of it altogether. Who could be bothered with those cheap, greasy trans-fats? Yuck! Gluttony gone amok as far as I'm concerned. We should aim for a higher standard of food: vegetarian, vegan, organic. C'est magnifique!"

News In Brief

*Islanders of the 10000 Islands visited the Rejected Realms in January, celebrating with tacos & BBQ.

* CG complains for more coffee, and Jeffersonborg complains for less freedom.

*Sirius3108, one of the largest class regions in NationStates, has established embassies with the Rejected Realms!

*Codger proposed forming a "Like Legion", a group dedicated to liking quality RMB posts.

*Initials for the Rejected Realms: TRR or tRR?

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