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Cross Regional Games: Spring Games sign-ups

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The Spring is here, well getting closer, and sunny days starting to lurk by

Nations! you are hereby invited to take your place among other & compete at The Spring Games
You will be facing nations from the regions of : Wysteria, 10,000 Islands, Canada, Yggdrasil, Valhalla, Texas & EOS

So bring on A Dragon Mask, your Mardi Gras Sexy flying suit,
a Cushion to sit on, as Camels aren't that comfy & your best face expression
as you know that smiling wont get you the gold at the synchronized swimming


All you need to do is to state your Nation Name, and the names of athlete(s) or the name of teams you are sending to each category, bellow it.

This is a Unisex Event. You may submit either Female or Male name(s) of athletes to the different categories.

If you are submitting names of athletes that are hard to understand whether they are men or women, please put (m) or (f) after their names.

(Suffices to say that Team categories require name of team and not specifically all the men or women in the team).

** Sign Ups will end on the 28th of Feb **

The Spring Games will start on the 5th of March and will be stretched on 3.5 Weeks.

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Nation: GRO

Parkour: Sora Hasegawa (f)

Chess Boxing: Toraichi Tamiya (m)

Extreme Ironing: Sayoko Mishima (f)

Flying Squirrel Suit: Megumi Morisato (f)

Camel Race: Bloodberry (f)

Throwing HO: Panther (f)

Spelling Bee: Cherry (f)

Spouse Carrying: Keiichi Morisato (m) and Belldandy (f)

Synchronized Swimming: GRO University Swimming Team

Dragon Boat Race: GRO University Dragon Boat Team

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Nation: Watersville

Parkour: Danny Hawthorn (m)

Chess Boxing: Samuel Smith (m)

Extreme Ironing: Felicia Daniels (f)

Flying Squirrel Suit: Vicky Smith (f)

Camel Race: Edward Kingston (m)

Throwing HO: Richard Werrington (m)

Spelling Bee: Heather Jackson (f)

Spouse Carrying: Wendy (f) and Charles (m) McArthur

Synchronized Swimming: Waters City University Swimming Team

Dragon Boat Race: Waters City University Rowing Team

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Nation: Miriliarith

Parkour: Jason Valenzuela (M)

Chess Boxing: Lucius Bernard (M)

Extreme Ironing: Heilsar Haltz XIV (M)

Flying Squirrel Suit: Monika Yu (F)

Camel Race: Jeanne Mikela (F)

Throwing HO: Emile Chaigon (M)

Spelling Bee: Victoria Gomez (F)

Spouse Carrying:Michael Yu(m) and Hillary(f)

Synchronized Swimming: University of Savesta Swimming Team

Dragon Boat Race: University of Savesta Dragon Team

Edited by Miriliarith

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Nation: BladetopiaX

Parkour: Harold T Augustine the VI (M)

Chess Boxing: Blade the Destroyer (M)

Extreme Ironing: Cloud (Aaron) Lotus (M)

Flying Squirrel Suit: Samantha Lotus (F)

Camel Race: Clover Larsen

Throwing HO: Valerie Thomson (F)

Spelling Bee: Piper DeCla├║ (F)

Spouse Carrying: Edward (M) and Jess (F) McDonald

Synchronized Swimming: BladetopiaX's National Women Synchronized Swimming Team

Dragon Boat Race: Rock Dragon Boating Club

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Elke and Elba will send a delegation of Nuns from the Nobreloen Diocese for the upcoming games.

Nation: Elke and Elba

Parkour: Aira (f)

Chess Boxing: Allesa (f)

Extreme Ironing: Anya (f)

Flying Squirrel Suit: Arsa (f)

Camel Race: Arsura (f)

Throwing HO: Attara (f)

Spelling Bee: Alphabetica (f)

Spouse Carrying: none

Synchronized Swimming: Nobreloen Diocese Water Worship Team

Dragon Boat Race: Nobreloen Diocese Paddles

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Nation: Zybodia

Parkour: P. M. Phrax (f)

Chess Boxing: G. G. Zarph (m)

Extreme Ironing: "Nurse" Doram (m)

Flying Squirrel Suit: P. N. Darph (f)

Camel Race: Z. B. Wador (m)

Throwing Heavy Objects: D. R. Nyrph (f)

Spelling Bee: R. Z. Phrym (m)

Spouse Carrying: "Crunch" Dogam (f) & D. B. Maron (m)

Synchronized Swimming: Nyx Neophytes

Dragon Boat Race: Wyrgnam Dragonriders

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