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Libetarian Republics

Statement on the South Pacific

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Earlier today Hileville, the elected delegate of The South Pacific, disregarding all protocol and legal precedent, dissolved the charter of The Coalition of The South Pacific. The Rejected Realms does not recognize the Transitional Government of The South Pacific as the legitimate government of The South Pacific and condemns its heinous seizure of The South Pacific nor do we condone its actions against the legitimate government.

In accordance with the TRR-TSP Treaty of Peace and Amity, we hereby pledge our support of The Coalition of The South Pacific and recognize it as the sole government of The South Pacific. We urge the rogue elements within The South Pacific to undo their oppressive acts against The Coalition of The South Pacific and restore order to the region. We further urge other regions to likewise decry these illegal acts against The South Pacific.

Libetarian Republics,
Delegate of The Rejected Realms

The Church of Satan,
Foreign Affairs Officer of The Rejected Realms

January 31, 2016

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