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Libetarian Republics

Update No. 18 (December 2015)

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Update no. 18, December 2015

Greetings friends and allies! It's been five months since our last update so we're overdue for another one. Here's what's been happening in The Rejected Realms!

New Delegate Elected

Back in mid-June Guy was elected delegate and he did a good job. Unfortunately Guy stepped down because he no longer had the time to lead our government. Maybe he'll come back to the big chair someday. We would certainly appreciate it. This time around we had 4 candidates for the delegacy, Crazy Girl, kyorgia, Libetarian Republics and Christian Democrats. In true TRR tradition, Crazy Girl ran for delegate with no intention of actually taking the job. In fact that was her campaign. Kyorgia campaigned a strong emphasis on Recruitment and Integration. Libetarian Republics campaigned with a focus on Foreign Affairs, Culture and Integration. Christian Democrats campaigned with a very strong emphasis on quality & efficiency, hoping to merge various parts of the forum and improve the quality of work each department would pursue. After voting ended it seemed that Crazy Girl would have won by just one vote. However at the last second she withdrew from the race, not anticipating that she would win. Following voting procedure, the results were finalized.


Most of the candidates campaigns were positive overall, however concerns over Christian Democrats pro-life views with regards to World Assembly votes came up when he confirmed that there could be times when he would disregard the citizens choices in favor of his own. This contributed in some manner to the overwhelming success of Libetarian Republics' campaign. Libetarian Republics was elected with 11 votes. Although Christian Democrats protested the results due to Crazy Girl's withdrawal from the race, it would do little more than prolong an unnecessary conversation.

Officer Elections

Officer elections this time around was not so competitive as the delegate election. There were just enough candidates to fill all four positions, leaving just a confirmation vote. Incumbents Church of Satan and kyorgia ran for re-election, retaining their places in the cabinet. New faces to the regional government "game", 98X and SpiderJerusalem ran as well. All four candidates were elected with no competition or campaigning. Delegate-elect Libetarian Republics would place Church of Satan as Foreign Affairs Officer, kyorgia as Outreach Officer, 98X as Culture Officer and SpiderJerusalem as Media Officer. Outreach, the first change enacted by Libetarian Republics, is in charge of both recruitment AND integration. With the cabinet elected work has begun in making The Rejected Realms better. Here's hoping for a great term!

TRR at The NS World Fair

At the fourth annual NS World Fair, The Rejected Realms would once again celebrate Rejectmas with friends from across NationStates. As it did last year, Rejectmas went over well with visitors proclaiming "I love disconnected culture! Have a very hairy Rejectmas everyone", "I love your rejectmas manual too.", "Tangerines!" and "This is the most interesting regional booth I've visited so far." Tangerines and omelettes abound, Rejects and visitors alike took part in the traditional Rejectmas activities of truth-saying, fear-sharing and telling one another what they would lock up in cabinets so as to prevent their theft by The Silver Ghost. The new addition to our booth however, was a cryptic puzzle created by then Culture Officer, Church of Satan, who would discover that no fair-goer was able to solve it, both to his surprise and dissatisfaction. All things considered, everyone had a very smooth Rejectmas.

RRA Update

Over the last 5 months the RRA has taken part in numerous missions. Most notably its participation in the liberation and refounding of Hogwarts which is no longer in the possession of the invaders that had once stole it from the native community. The RRA also participated in the defense of Scandinavium and Union of Sovereign States among others.

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