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Guide to Economy

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The following was originally posted by Automagfreek:


There seems to be alot of confusion surrounding economy, and what exactly economical level means, so here's the lo-down:


Basket Case




These economic levels are at the bottom of the bucket. At these levels, your #1 priority should be improving your economic level, and feeding your people and keeping your nation from falling apart internally should be the most important thing on your agenda. At this point, building up your military, making significant purchases, and other things should be put on the back burner. Real life examples of nations with these economic levels are Somalia, and other 3rd world nations.





This economic level is better, but still far from best. Again, you should try and focus on getting your economy up, and try not to waste your precious money on commodities. Not to say that you can't start building a military, but remember, nations that devote all of their funds to the military will surely be doomed. I don't think starving people would appreciate M1A2's instead of food. Applying for aid can help your nation RP wise, but it won't increase your nation stats sadly.

Very Good


Very Strong


Now you're starting to become a contender! You now have a stable economy, and you can start freely building a military, or researching, or anything you'd like. Again, your conomy is not the best, but you can more than handle your own now. Your production is in full swing, and your nation is close to the real life United States.



These economic levels surpass the real life United States. Your economy is dominate, and you can afford alot of the "toys" that nations of weaker economies can't afford. Most nations with these economies start space programs, weapons stores, and tend to be the ones giving aid to the economically smaller natons!


This is THE best economy in the game. A Frightening economy would put the US's to shame. Frightening basically means that your economy is so good, that others are intimidated and are in awe of your production capabilities. At this level, you have cash pouring out of your ears, but spend it wisely, even Frightening nations can run out of money if it's spent foolishly.

In conclusion, try to make decisons based on your economic rating. Basket Case nations shouldn't be starting nuclear programs, so please, use your head. These is also a GDP calculator out there, and I'll post a link once I find it.
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