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Announcing the Yggdrasil Union!

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Announcing the formation of the Yggdrasil Union!

The Yggdrasil Union is a place where representatives of member nations, head-of-states, or their ambassadors may propose, discuss, and vote on any role-play issue, such as the regional economy, the environment, and the general well-being of the region, in-character. It is not a forum for the out-of-character discussion of the governance of Yggdrasil, nor is it a lower-house of Parliament. Consider it akin to the real world United Nations and European Union. Legislation passed or treaties formed in the Union are binding to all nation states in Yggdrasil.

The Yggdrasil Union:


Information on its powers, rules and procedures:


The Assembly Floor: Where representatives, head-of-states, and ambassadors from different nations in Yggdrasil may introduce themselves, meet, discuss, and propose legislation and treaties in an informal setting. This is the location where ideas are born. Once an idea is more or less in a settled form, the nation's representative/head-of-state/ambassador may make a new and separate thread called a "Motion" for further discussion.




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