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Goddess Relief Office

Welcome to the Embassy of The Rejected Realms!

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The Rejected Realms Embassy in Yggdrasil

Oct 1, 2015

On behalf of the Government, I am pleased to officiate the opening of The Rejected Realms Embassy. Today’s embassy opening marks the end of a series of discussions between TRR's FA Officer Libetarian Republics , our FA Minister Elke and Elba and previous Minister Memphistein, and I believe, the start of a new and fruitful relationship between our regions.

I want to thank them for their diplomatic efforts and also Delegate Guy and Delegate South Titania for overseeing the game-side exchange of embassies.

TRR would be the first feeder/sinker region Yggdrasil is exchanging relations with. Our region has traditionally been averse to opening relations with feeders due to their propensity for political drama. But TRR is an exception due to its stability. We hope to maintain mutually beneficial relations with your region for years to come.

Even before our official exchange of relations, Yggdrasil and RRA members had fought alongside in some of the major conflicts between 2007-2010, such as Feudal Japan, South America, and A Silly Place. While Yggdrasil is not defender per se (we are neutral), we have many friends who are defender aligned. This is another reason that gives me confidence in our relationship.

Over the coming months, I hope our region mates will get to know each other better. As our relationship grows, let us work together to tackle the common challenges we face: inactivity, mass recruitment spam, and our mutual security. We will not always agree. But together, there is much we can achieve.

Please feel free to use not only this subforum, but all accessible parts of the Yggdrasil forum anyway you please. We look forward to hear updates from your region and speak to you soon. Once again, welcome to Yggdrasil!


Yours cordially,
~Goddess Relief Office~

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