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South Titania

Elke & Elba appointed Foreign Affairs Minister

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Elke & Elba appointed as Foreign Affairs Minister

With immediate effect, I am appointing Elke and Elba as the region's Foreign Affairs Minister per stated in the Constitution, Section 4.12 ( b ).

Elke & Elba's duties shall be as outlined in the Constitution:

"The Foreign Affairs Minister shall head the region's Department of Foreign Affairs. He shall be responsible for maintaining and opening relations with regions and organizations outside of Yggdrasil, appointing ambassadors and emissaries to represent Yggdrasil in foreign regions, and receiving ambassadors from foreign regions in Yggdrasil. Notwithstanding his authority to open friendly relations or communicate with foreign regions, no formal alliances or written treaties must be made without the consent of the Chief Executive or the Chancellor. "

Please join me in welcoming Elke & Elba!

South Titania
Chancellor of Yggdrasil

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