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Powers, Rules, and Procedures

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Powers, Rules and Procedures

1. The Yggdrasil Union

The Yggdrasil Union (or Assembly) is where representatives of member nations, head-of-states, or their ambassadors may propose, discuss, and vote on any matter affecting the peace, economy, and well-being of their nation. The emphasis is on nation-to-nation Role Playing of issues and treaties. Consider it akin to the real world United Nations or the European Union. Representatives are allowed to discuss nation-to-nation matters in character, but may not discuss anything out of character (OOC) that pertains to "governing" Yggdrasil.

The Yggdrasil Union is NOT a 'lower house of parliament', 'house of representatives', or 'congress'. Matters of a regional-level in terms of governing the region does not come under the jurisdiction of the Yggdrasil Union. Those come under the jurisdiction of the Council of Elders. The Union is also not a place to discuss in-game World Assembly resolutions. Please make those discussion at the World Assembly subforum.

Legislation passed or treaties formed in the Union are binding to nation states in Yggdrasil.

1.1. Examples

For an idea of what Yggdrasil Union is all about, and good examples of role-play, please refer to the Wysteria:




2. Membership

2.1. Every nation state in Yggdrasil registered on the forum may send a representative to the Yggdrasil Union. Membership in the Union is independent of WA status or the title the nation currently hold in Yggdrasil.[1]

2.2. The representative of nations in the Union shall be called an Ambassador.

2.3. Ambassadors shall have the right to debate and vote in the Union. All Ambassadors are entitled to their own opinion and respect should be shown to other Ambassadors.

[1](Membership in the Union extends to nations from other regions, as long as they maintain a nation that resides in Yggdrasil.)

3. The Speaker of the Union

3.1. The Speaker is the presiding officer of the Union, elected by representatives of nations (Ambassadors) in the Union every four months.

3.2. The Speaker shall be responsible for smooth progression of the debate in the Union.

3.3. The Speaker shall have the power to edit posts to keep out-of-context arguments in check or close invalid motions.

3.4. Upon being elected, the Speaker must appoint a Deputy Speaker to assist him in running of the Union.

3.5. Only the Speaker has the power to call a motion to vote. He might do so at his discretion, or at the express request of the Ambassador who moved the motion.

3.6. The Speaker may disallow and/or reject outright the discussion of motions that are in breach of the powers of the Union.

3.7. In the absence of the Speaker, his duties shall be carried out by the Deputy Speaker.

3.8. In the event that both the Speaker and Deputy Speaker are absent, their duties may be temporarily carried out by members of the Council of Elders.

3.9. If the Speaker were to perform not to satisfaction. He may be recalled by a majority vote in the Council of Elders.

3.10. Both the Speaker and Deputy Speaker are de-facto representatives of their own nations and may freely participate in debate of issues. Non-partisan is not required.

4. The Assembly Floor

The "Assembly Floor" is a running discussion thread where Ambassadors can discuss a whole range of issues or test ideas out on an informal basis.

5. Motions

5.1. Representatives/Ambassadors of nations may make new threads to discuss or role-play matters. These threads are called "motions".

5.2. After a valid motion* has been debated for a while, if it requires a vote, the Speaker or Deputy Speaker may start a poll, where all Ambassadors may vote.

6. Polls

6.1. All representatives/Ambassadors representing their nation in the Union may vote. In the event of a tie, the Speaker shall have one additional vote to break the tie.

6.2. Since the Speaker and Deputy-Speaker are representatives from their own nations, they may also vote.

6.2. Polls shall be decided by an up/down vote (absolute majority). Poll results are only valid, however, if there is a minimum of 5 votes cast.

6.3. Every poll shall be open for at least 1 week, up to a maximum of 20 days. If by the end of 20 days the poll has not garnered 5 votes. The poll is deemed a mis-vote.

6.4. Legislation passed or treaties formed in the Union are binding to nation-to-nation Role Playing, but may be repealed in a similar fashion.


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I want to make it clear that the Yggdrasil Union is now on a "trial" basis. It will be reviewed again in 3-4 months. If it proves to be active, and if it does not come into conflict with the Council, it will be allowed to stay.

If it proves to be inactive, or creates legislation that counteracts the governing powers of the Council, it will be disbanded.



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