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Sid Vicious

January/February/March/April 2015 Texas Newsletter

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Texas Update

January - April 2015 Edition


Registered Members: 1,302

Posts: 74,296


Nations: 167

Regional Population: 1.602 trillion

Average Population: 9.593 billion

WA Members: 44

Delegate: NewTexas

Endorsements: 35

Days: 4,460 days [12.2 Years]

Regional Happenings

Dead Nations [January, 2015]: 28

Dead Nations [February, 2015]: 17

Dead Nations [March, 2015]: 11

Dead Nations [April, 2015]: 20

Arriving Nations [January, 2015]: 58

Arriving Nations [February, 2015]: 14

Arriving Nations [March, 2015]: 30

Arriving Nations [April, 2015]: 26

Bootings [January, 2015]: 25

Bootings [February, 2015]: 1

Bootings [March, 2015]: 2

Bootings [April, 2015]: 4

General Assembly

January, 2015

Promotion of Dance: For

Marine Debris Accord: Against

Ban on Double Taxation: Against

Disabled Voters Act: Against

Repeal "Marine Debris Accord": For

War Crimes Tribunal: Against

On Universal Jurisdiction: Against

February, 2015

Repeal "Freedom of Marriage Act": For

Repeal "Defense of Self and Others": For

Repeal "Suppress International Piracy": Against

Nuclear Power Safeguards Act: Against

Repeal "On Genetically Modified Foods": For

Repeal "Nuclear Arms Possession Act: Against

Wartime Looting and Pillage: Against

March, 2015

Repeal "Nuclear Testing Safety": For

Nuclear Material Pact: For

Repeal "Cooperation in Science Act": For

Infectious Disease Control: Against

Repeal "Prevention of Torture": Against

Repeal "International Expositions Act": Against

On Scientific Cooperation: For

April, 2015

No Penalty Without Law: Against

Repeal "Reducing Automobile Emissions": Against

Repeal "The Right to a Lawful Divorce": For

Non-interference in Elections: For

Security Council

January, 2015

Commend TAO the Watcher: Against

Commend Westwind: Against

Repeal "Liberate The Mountains to the East": For

February, 2015

Repeal "Liberate Republicans": Against

Commend Evil Wolf: Against

Condemn The New Inquisition: Against

Commend Luna Amore: For

March, 2015

Repeal "Liberate Democratia": For

Commend Forever Fields: For

Condemn Imperium of the Wolf: Against

Commend Historia Novorum: Against

April, 2015

Repeal "Commend Tiago Silva": Against

Commend Renegade Islands Alliance: For

Commend Mahaj: For

Condemn Stujenske: For

Repeal "Commend Krulltopia": Against

Repeal "Commend A mean old man": For

Condemn the Pacific: For

Commend Sciongrad: For

Visit Us

Region: nationstates.net/region=Texas

Texas Forum: invisionfree.com/forums/Texas

Texas Map: texasregion.net/Maps

NSDossier Tools: nsdossier.texasregion.net

Texas Newsletter Archives: texasregion.net/Newsletters

The Texas Government

The Governor of Texas: The Incorporated NationStates of NewTexas

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas: The Gigantic Frozen Igloo of Studly Penguins

The Secretary of Defense of Texas: The Federation of Amandil

The Secretary of State of Texas: The Holy Empire of Richard

The Secretary of World Assembly Affairs of Texas: The No Man's Land of No TV and No Beer


In Texas News, on the late update on January 30, 2015, lead invader Jakker and The Black Hawks decided to come to Texas. It was not very many - around 20. Texas had been doing a recruiting campaign, so lots of new nations was not uncommon, although, 20 was. Big Tex was up and looking around not worried yet since he had 35 endorsements. However, this was no ordinary invasion. First, this was a blitzkrieg executed within about 30-45 second from update. Secondly, it was not one of their own they were endorsing. With the help of The Black Riders, Ainur and The United Imperial Armed Forces, they were endorsing Texas' second in command, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Studly Penguins. Update occurred before Big Tex could figure out what was happening and could complete the bootings. The invaders invaded Texas simply to break Big Tex's record of 3776 uninterrupted days as Delegate. That was not even the true number of days Big Tex served as Delegate of Texas due to losing the delegacy in The Great Disk Space Disaster of 2006. It was quite a twist endorsing the Lieutenant Governor of Texas. We certainly did not see that coming. Two minutes and 23 bootings later, not only were the invaders gone, but they did not even get time to spam up the RMB. Accidentally caught in the crossfire was the Lieutenant Governor, who spent the night as Delegate of Texas in The Rejected Realms. Additional casualties were a couple of friendly defenders who came to help but were caught in the whirlwind of boots.

As we told Unibot after it was all said and done, to some extent, the invasion comes as a relief. We can rest assured in the knowledge that we are still the longest serving Delegate in The World. It is just not consecutive. So what? When we lost the Delegacy for two days due to The Great Disk Drive crash 10 years ago, we "lost" 592 days dating back to 2003 that are not even showing. We have voted on 1000+ Resolutions. No one can take away that. We plow onward to the next 10 years! Long Live Texas!

For More Information:

Invader Side (Boo, Hiss, Hiss, Boo):


Defender Side (Yay, Woot, Woot, Yay):


First Trimester 2015 Election News

The Great Region of Texas officially concluded its First Trimester 2015 Elections in mid-April. They were some great elections as usual. This Trimester, all Cabinet positions were uncontested. In Texas, that means each and every candidate faced No Confidence all alone. Each and every one of them pulled out the win.

The Texas Representative Council race was back to normal again for this Election. Not only did the only two incumbents retain their positions, 6 more join them this Trimester. Trecdom and Indian Empire will be joined by Texas oldies but goodies in the form of former TRC reps, Gig em Aggies, Ole Dixieland and The Goddess of Texas, Sweet Furry Kittens. Blandings and Fenwick returned as well after a 7-year absence. Joining the TRC for the first time, we would like to welcome Dennisov and PatrickStar whose now-immortal campaign speech - "So, somehow I managed to get nominated for something. I don't know why." became an instant classic.

In Texas Constitutional matters, we had one Constitutional matter up for a vote. It was a simple housekeeping measure that formalized an unwritten tradition and cleaned up the irregularity that occurred in the previous Election. It passed handily. Despite one of the most active discussion sessions prior to the Elections, the Texas Constitution weathered the storm and remains virtually unchanged again.

No Confidence was the big loser this Election. They did receive votes in virtually all races, but nothing significant. It is heartening to see No Confidence coming up short because that means we had a good slate. The Governor defeated No Confidence resoundingly and it was a relief to see no votes for No Confidence.

Please join Texas in commending all of Texas for their participation in this Trimester's Election! Once again, this Election saw more participation in the many of the trimesters or Trimesters in recent years. The turnout was awesome and we had speeches in all races. There were no tomatoes this Trimester, but that is Ok too. It is nice to see Texans pull together. Texans are still very much alive, yet older, and are a dynamic bunch even after all these years! Kudos!

Overall, this has been great fun and a highlight for all Texans. We look forward to seeing how the new freely elected Government of Texas will make Texas bigger, better and greater than ever! Cheers to The Great Region of Texas!

From the Lieutenant Governor's Office

We are pleased to report that Texas Government is still alive and well. For a while there, at the end of January, 2015, it was looking a little shaky. Despite, not wanting the job yet, the Lieutenant Governor ascended to Governor ever so briefly. While the 12-hour reign was a short one, Studly Penguins stepped up to the job once they got back from their accidental vacation in The Rejected Realms. He kept Texas safe and secure and we did not even password Texas. Due to this little hiccup, we temporarily suspended the Texas Recruiting Initiative, but we are looking to restart our efforts in the near future.

Department of State News

Texas had a couple of embassy requests this time around. As always, we take these requests seriously and spend hours discussing them in the Cabinet. Our crowning achievement last Trimester was the acceptance of the Embassy with Gay. Like Texas, they are an old region with lots of history. Additionally, we share the common goal of defending regions from raider oppression. We are sure this will be a lasting relationship and look forward to getting to know our new friends.

Department of Defense Declassified Action

The Texas Defense Forces completed another successful mission in Lazarus. This marked their fifth mission there in ten years. All other reports remain classified.

Kenny's Korner

Even as Texas moved to form a new diplomatic partnership with the region of Gay, something evil was afoot in the office of the Texas Secretary of WA Affairs. Yes, a politician was actually plotting to keep a campaign promise.

Secretary No TV and No Beer (aka Kenny) had been promising to a repeal of Freedom of Marriage Act ever since he first ran for the job last year, and its ultimate success portends the death of us all. Not because of anything the law actually said, but just the fact that if politicians started keeping their promises, voters might actually start to trust them...and then where would that leave us?!

The actual text of the repeal was innocuous enough: whereas countless other proposed repeals of FOMA took a moralist stance against gay marriage, the Texas repeal simply contended that the resolution was out-of-date (perhaps even as out-of-date as this news article!) thanks to the passage of The Charter of Civil Rights, which passed a long, long time ago, back when President Obama still opposed the right of gays to marry...and when people actually liked him.

As it happened, the repeal argument proved popular with the delegates, and soon the Kennyite proposal to trim the law from the books -- by which was meant, marinate it, season it, slice it up, fry it to sizzling perfection, then serve it up Texas-style in scrumptious carne asada tacos -- was on its way to the floor. It passed easily, with even the support of Gay.

Thereafter the Secretary became impossible to work with, according to other Texas cabinet officers, as his celebratory strut and repeated queries to his colleagues (to wit: "WHO DA MAN?! WO DA MAN?!?!") became so freaking irritating some were actually plotting to send him to NewDallas to ride in a convertible on a parade route that would take him right past a schoolbook depository -- but thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, and the cabinet decided on a sexy party to mark the repeal's success. Here's pics or it didn't happen!:

Kenny's Party Party Peeps Celebrating the Repeal of FOMA!


Haha! Get it? FOAM-A!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway, Kenny was so pleased with his success, he got drunk until April -- when he was elected to another term. Stupid Texas voters; when will they ever learn?

Texas Folk Tales - Fact or Fiction?

La Llorona

Since the days of the conquistadors, in South Texas, tales of a mysterious, ghostly, scary woman are told to children starting at a young age. The legend of La Llorona (Spanish for “Weeping Woman”) has haunted not only Hispanic children, but all children in the Southwest for centuries. There are countless versions of the story, but they all carry the same theme: a weeping woman in white roams rivers and lakes, searching for children to send to a watery grave. Mothers tell pesky children the tale followed by the strong warning, If you don’t behave, La Llorona will come and get you!.

Here is the story, as we heard it:

Once there was a widow, by the name of Maria, who wished to marry a rich nobleman. However, the nobleman did not want to raise another man's children and he dismissed her. The widow was determined to have the nobleman for her own, so the widow drowned her children in the river to be free of them. When she told the nobleman what she had done, he was horrified and would have nothing more to do with her. She would not take no for an answer and as the widow was overcome by the terrible crime she had committed; she went to the river, looking for her children. But, they were gone. So, she drowned herself. Upon arriving at the gates of Heaven, she was asked as to the whereabouts of her children. She said nothing and was turned away until she found them. Maria is now forced to wander the Earth for all eternity, searching in vain for her drowned offspring. With her constant weeping, she has been given the name "La Llorona".

And here, is why we believe it:

Once, in far South Texas, near the border, we saw a white shape down by a river. We knew better than to approach it, but we watched. It just went up one side and down the other. Light crying, almost whimpering, could be heard. We thought it was a dove or something, but doves do not cry at night. The way she moved, it was just eerie, like she was floating. The full moon made it even creepier because she looked like she was glowing in the warm Texas night. After watching for ten or fifteen minutes, she moved on down the river and we were not inclined to follow her. If we had never heard the tale, we might have foolishly followed and paid the same price as her children.

So, if you ever find yourself anywhere near a body of water, fresh, salt, moving or otherwise, and you see a woman in white, don't go anywhere near her, unless, you want to join her, forever...


Author: Studly Penguins

Major Contributor(s): Big Tex, Studly Penguins, and No TV and No Beer

Editor: Big Tex

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