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Forest Elven Confed.

The Forest Elven Military

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The Forest Elven Confederation is known to repel invaders by way of guerrilla warfare.

Numbers: Our numbers are known to amount to around 300,000, and grows with the population.


Our soldiers are known to use small arms, from pistols to rifles, although sniper rifles and high-accuracy assault rifles are preferred. Most of our small arms are imported. Here is a list of some small arms:

-MP443 Grach

-ACR 6.8

-H&K MP5

-Dragunov (light sniper rifle)

-M82 Barrett (heavy sniper rifle)


-FIM-92 Stinger

-Javelin Anti-tank

-M67 Hand Grenade

-L86 LSW

We also use ground vehicles, although most of them are light ones, for the sake of mobility and guerrilla tactics, although we use MBTs too. Like our small arms, many of our vehicles are imported. Here is a list of some vehicles:

-PT-91 Twardy

-PL-01 (will replace the CV90120-T we have in service)

-Bradley I/CFV

-Stryker APC

-Gepard 35mm SPAAG

-MIM-104 Patriot

-M109A6 Paladin Howitzer

We also have an air force. As with much of our arsenal, many of our aircraft are imported. Here is a list of some aircraft:

-F-35 [replacing the F-16Ss (modified stealth F-16s) that have served us since 2008]

-AH-64D Longbow Apache

-CH-47 Chinook

-C-130 Hercules

-AC-130 Specter (we use our version)

We also have a navy. Like the rest of our arsenal, our ships are imported. We use, but are not limited to:







-Patrol Boats


*Do note our vehicles are fine tuned to use either hydrogen power, electric power, solar power, or, most commonly, biofuel.


Our soldiers are trained in the art of covert ops and guerrilla and mobile warfare. We also train our soldiers in the art of arcane magic, light magic, stellar magic and, most importantly, nature magic.

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