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Forest Elven Confed.

The High Council of the Forest Elven Confederation

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The High Council is the governing body of the Forest Elven Confederation. It has all the political power of the Forest Elven Confederation, from legislation (although people can call for referendums at any time), to executive, to judicial. Each member serves 1 10 year term, and is elected by the people. The High Council consists of the following:

High Councilor


High Councilor Thelas Skyseer, current High Councilor

The High Councilor is the most powerful entity in the High Council, and is the central voice of the Council. His decisions, upon approval of the rest of the council, is made law. His power, however, is limited, because he shares much power as the other members of the Council.

High Druid


High Druid Eonar Puretouch, current High Druid

The High Druid is the religious leader of the High Council, and as such, among the most powerful. He is responsible for the education and spirituality of all citizens of the Confederation.

High General


High General Menal Treeguard, current High General

The High General is the military leader of the High Council, and as such, the commander-in-chief of all Forest Elven forces. He also is in charge of Law and Order in the Forest Elven Confederation.

High Treasurer


High Treasurer Shaia Middleground, current High Treasurer

The High Treasurer is the economic leader of the High Council. She allocated funds to each priority, and she also subsidizes and regulates business when necessary.

High Tender


High Tender Eleina Wildgrowth, current High Tender

The High Tender is the welfare and development leader of the High Council. She oversees social welfare, healthcare, public works, and the environment.

High Ambassador


High Ambassador Erweair Blueblood, current High Ambassador

The High Ambassador is the diplomacy leader of the High Council. Not only does he manage foreign affairs, he also oversees emigration and immigration.

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