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Rap Battle League of Yggdrasil!

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Epic Rap Battles
of Yggdrasil

(Based on A blatant rip-off of this thread)
Brought to you by the Yggdrasil Community Federation

Epic Rap Battles of Yggdrasil is a star-studded league of your favorite people and characters, brought together from ancient history and far-away universes to berate and belittle each other in a lyrical fashion. And now you can get in on the action!

But that’s not all! The player with the most victories at the end of the season will receive a reward of
500 Florin
! Don’t miss out! Sign up today!


Nonfiction Contestant: 
Fiction Contestant:
Biography Links:

Nonfiction Contestant: A person who is, or was at any point in time, real

Fiction Contestant: A Character who isn't real

Biography Links: Links to things people can read to get a general idea of the contestant. Wikipedia pages, etc.


1. Stay active.
If you're not, then you'll (redundantly) be kicked out. Pop on at least once a week, and give me a heads up on any extended absences. I can't emphasize this enough.

2. Follow the voting system.
Post in the thread where the Rap Battle took place and tell us who you think won the match after it ends, be honest (don't just vote based on the standings), and don't even
about rigging it.

3. Matchup guidelines.
I'll use a randomizer and message you who you'll face and whether you'll go first. Feel free to take a day or two to research your opponent, but try to start quickly.

4. Changing characters is allowed.
Sticking with the same guy for several matches will probably get tedious after a while, so you can switch at any time.

5. Limit the flaming to the IC.
Personal insults directed towards the character you're rapping against are encouraged, but OOC personal insults are not.

6. Uh... who?
At one time or another, you might wind up facing someone you know nothing about. You will be given 3 opt-outs for those occasions. If you run out, just use the bio and hope for the best.

7. Be original.
If you're using someone from the ERBH videos, don't even come
to plagiarizing.

8. Have fun!
Or don't. I don’t care.
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