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Sid Vicious

November/December 2014 Update

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Texas Update

November/December 2014 Edition


Registered Members: 1,291

Posts: 73,296



Nations: 164

Regional Population: 1,529,193,000,000

Average Population: 9,324,347,560

WA Members: 41

Delegate: NewTexas

Endorsements: 30

Days: 3753 days consecutive [4345 days total]

Regional Happenings

Dead Nations [November, 2014]: 14

Dead Nations [December, 2014]: 31

Arriving Nations [November, 2014]: 56

Arriving Nations [December, 2014]: 37

Bootings [November, 2014]: 0

Bootings [December, 2014]: 0

General Assembly

November, 2014

Foreign Patent Recognition: Against

Anti-Counterfeiting Pact: For

December, 2014

Nuclear Arms Protocol: For

Security Council

November, 2014

Repeal "Liberate Liberal Haven": For

Liberate The Mountains to the East: For

Condemn Lazarus: Against

Condemn General Halcones: Against

Repeal "Commend Luna Amore": Against

December, 2014

Condemn Vandoosa Dreiundzwanzig: Against

Commend Pauline Bonaparte: Against

Visit Us

Region: nationstates.net/region=Texas

Texas Forum: invisionfree.com/forums/Texas

Texas Map: texasregion.net/Maps

NSDossier Tools: nsdossier.texasregion.net

Texas Newsletter Archives: texasregion.net/Newsletters

The Texas Government

The Governor of Texas: The Incorporated NationStates of NewTexas

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas: The Gigantic Frozen Igloo of Studly Penguins

The Secretary of Defense of Texas: The Federation of Amandil

The Secretary of State of Texas: The Holy Empire of Richard

The Secretary of World Assembly Affairs of Texas: The No Man's Land of No TV and No Beer


Texas sent eleven teams to the The Islander's Beach Championship hosted by our long time friend and allies, 10000 Islands. Texas brought home one Bronze Medal, three Silver Medals, and one Gold Medal. Big Tex even won the coveted Shelter Award. Congratulations to all of Team Texas. They made Texas proud!

November saw the start of the new Texas Recruiting Initiative. The Texas Immigration Commission began utilizing the power of mass telegrams to reach the masses of new and re-founded nations. Since starting on November 13th, the Commission is pleased to announce that over 12,000 telegrams have been sent out. At the onset of this initiative, Texas was home to a little over 150 nations. As the nations poured in, Texas grew to a little over 200 nations! The campaign took a break for the month of December. And lo and behold, population began to drop again. However, the Texas Immigration Commission will promptly resume its efforts after the New Year.

Third Trimester Election News

The Great Region of Texas officially issues Congratulations to each and every nation that was elected, that ran, that voted, that viewed these proceedings! These were some great elections as usual despite all the seeming irregularities that were all technically correct! This Trimester, all Cabinet positions were uncontested. That means each and every candidate faced No Confidence all alone. Each and every one of them pulled out the win. It was really no shocker since we had all tried and true candidates with Texas Government experience longer than your arm. The Secretary of State was the only close race, but the Pharaoh had it in the bag all along.

In Texas Constitutional matters, we had a Constitutional matter up for a vote. However, it was revealed that the Texas Election Commission overstepped its bounds and the Amendment was removed from the slate. The issue about the line of secession will be sorted out in the next Election. The Texas Election has been cautioned not to do that again.

A little-known, previously-unused clause of Texas Constitution was invoked in the Texas Representative Council race throwing it into turmoil. It seems that the Constitution states that if the nominees do not declare their willingness to run, then they are removed from the ballot. Only two of the eleven nominees publicly-accepted their nomination. So, only two were elected. We suspect there are some other nuggets in the Constitution that will allow is to fill it out, but we are going to have to wait until our crack legal staff have analyzed it before taking any action. Needless to say, we predict some significant Constitutional reforms next Election. As for the current Council, we have a mix of old and new with incumbent Trecdom returning and new Texan, Indian Empire, joining the TRC for the first time.

No Confidence was the big loser this Election. They did receive votes in virtually all races, but nothing significant. It is heartening to see No Confidence coming up short because that means we had a good slate. The Governor defeated No Confidence resoundingly and it was a relief to see no votes for No Confidence.

Texas WA dept tries to abort Reproductive Freedoms, ends up with egg on its face

Desperately trying to prove that he could deliver on at least one of the many fantastical promises he made while campaigning for the job, in October WA Affairs Secretary The No Man's Land of No TV and No Beer (aka Kenny) decided once again to open the abortion "can of worms" on the General Assembly floor with a repeal of Reproductive Freedoms (RF), also known in some circles as the Babykiller's Wet Dream Act of 2014.

Asserting that the resolution was a grave violation of national sovereignty (despite many "modern NatSovs" openly backing RF and fighting tooth and nail to keep it on the books) and that it outrageously forced nations to legalize even late-term abortions, supporters of the repeal were relieved to discover that the results of the vote wouldn't matter after all -- not after opponents pointed out during the floor debate that their beloved "mandate for individual choice" actually allowed nations to force women to carry their babies to term. And all they'd need do to make that happen is redefine "terminate" as "live birth." So much for "women's rights."

Even so, Sec. Kenny was devastated at the overwhelming numbers in opposition to his repeal, and threatened to jump from the window of his WAHQ office if voters didn't swing back his way. "Oh for God's sake, you threaten to do that every single time we vote down one of your proposals!" chided one WA ambassador. "JUST JUMP ALREADY!!" urged another.

"Oh no, I'm just clownin'! I'm just clownin'!" Kenny tried to reassure his colleagues, and was about to back away from the window when he caught his sleeve on one of the blinds and fell forward, in a spectacular 30-story drop, right onto a Texas Longhorn that a pro-repeal demonstrator had brought to a protest outside WAHQ. Miraculously, the doctors later said Kenny would be fine, though thanks to a goring by said longhorn, he now had two assholes.

And that's how, even after failing to deliver on every one of his campaign promises, Kenny was able to marshal the pity vote in his favor and get himself re-elected as Secretary of WA Affairs 12 votes to 1.

Kent Brockman said it before and we'll say it again: democracy simply doesn't work.

Texas Folk Tales - Fact or Fiction?

La Lechuza

Stories are told in Texas of La Lechuza, which means "owl," but in this case the term refers to a strange shape-shifting witch some call the "Witch Bird." According to legend, La Lechuza was once a curandera (someone who practices white magic) who, after being exposed as a bruja (or witch) who practiced black magic, was killed by the angry and frightened townspeople. But, she returned from beyond the grave as an evil entity to seek revenge upon those who murdered her, in the form of, a human-size owl with a woman's face! Some say La Lechuza is a woman during the day, but by night, she uses her witchcraft turns into an owl. Typically, she sits outside one's door and makes a crying sound, like an infant to lure them into the night. Then she'll carry the victim off in her claws to her nest, where she will eat them at her leisure. So, if you ever see scratches on the bedpost, door, or windowsill that can't be explained, you need to liberally sprinkle salt everywhere and keep an eye out for La Lechuza!


Author: Studly Penguins

Major Contributor: Kenny (No TV and No Beer)

Editor: Big Tex

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