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Vrolondia Appointed as Interior Minister

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Vrolondia Appointed as Interior Minister

My fellow Yggdrasilians,

The Interior Minister post has been vacated for a while. It has been ever since the previous Interior Minister, South Titania, became the delegate.

With effective today, I am appointing Vrolondia as the region's Interior Minister per stated in the Constitution, Section 4.11 (a).

Officially, here are Vrolondia's duties:

"The Interior Minister shall head the region's Department of Interior. He shall be responsible for keeping up to date with the happenings in the region, communicate with (new) members and provide information to regional members. The Minister shall also initiate and oversee activities for the general entertainment of the region. Additionally, the Minister will work closely with the Chief Executive to ensure no espionage activities exist within the region. The Minister has the right to recommend for removal any nations deem as an invader cell or spy from other regions."

Vrolondia was the Development Minister and an ex-Senator, so he is well known to everyone here. He will retain his Cartographer portfolio and continue to maintain the Yggdrasil map.

Please join me in welcoming Vrolondia!

From the Office of

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