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Sid Vicious

September/October 2014 Update

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Texas Update

September/October 2014 Edition


Registered Members: 1,279

Posts: 72,937



Nations: 156

Regional Population: 1.544176 trillion

Average Population: 9.898 billion

WA Members: 41

Delegate: NewTexas

Endorsements: 34

Days: 3699 days consecutive [4291 days total]

Regional Happenings

Dead Nations [september, 2014]: 12

Dead Nations [October, 2014]: 15

Arriving Nations [september, 2014]: 22

Arriving Nations [October, 2014]: 13

Bootings [september, 2014]: 1

Bootings [October, 2014]: 0

General Assembly

September, 2014

Individual Working Freedoms: For

Debris Prevention: Against

Nuclear Arms Protocol: Against

Repeal "The Landmine Convention": For

October, 2014

Repeal "Reproductive Freedoms": For

Repeal "The General Patent Charter": For

Rules of Surrender: For

Security Council

September, 2014

Commend Improving Wordiness: For

Liberate The Black Riders: Against

Repeal "Liberate Liberal Haven": Against

Liberate Versutian Federation: Against

October, 2014

Condemn North Korea: Against

Liberate The International Communist Union: For

Repeal "Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II": For

Repeal "Condemn North Korea": For

Condemn Vandoosa: Against

Repeal "Commend Hobbesistan": For

Repeal "Liberate The International Communist Union: For

Visit Us

Region: nationstates.net/region=Texas

Texas Forum: invisionfree.com/forums/Texas

Texas Map: texasregion.net/Maps

NSDossier Tools: nsdossier.texasregion.net

Texas Newsletter Archives: texasregion.net/Newsletters

The Texas Government

The Governor of Texas: The Incorporated NationStates of NewTexas

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas: The Gigantic Frozen Igloo of Studly Penguins

The Secretary of Defense of Texas: The Federation of Amandil

The Secretary of State of Texas: The Holy Empire of Richard

The Secretary of World Assembly Affairs of Texas: The No Man's Land of No TV and No Beer


Texas survived yet another Zombie Apocalypse with Zero Percent Infection levels. While we did not do as well this year as we did last, Texas numbers were still respectable. The only reason we did not place higher was due to the fact that those above us simply had more nations and thereby a greater population. The Texas Immigration Commission is taking steps to assure that will not be an issue in the future.

Additionally, Texas sent 11 teams to The Islanders Beach Championship in 10000 Islands! Stay tuned next newsletter to see how they did or head on over to the Games right now to see how they are doing. Events are in progress as of the date of this Newsletter.



Now Available! The UFO Detector X-375

The X-375 is updated with the latest technology, allowing for accurate detection.

This new and improved version has an increased detection radius of 1500 meters.

You can now identify multiple UFOs flying close together.

Please read the following comments from satisfied customers.


Finally I can sleep in peace!

Eric S. - New Jersey

I grew up with the fear of alien abduction. I would cower in my bed awaiting the inevitable.

Paralyzed forever in worry about the impregnation of an alien fetus!

They did abduct me several times always probing me and imparting tracking devices under my skin...

Now this product brings me hope. The UFO Detector X-375 should be in every household!

All I need is a phaser from Star Trek or a real light saber so I can defend myself against the aliens.


Satisfied Customer

Robin L. - Oregon

After my first abduction, I sought out to arm myself with something that would

prevent this from happening to me again. Alas, the UFO Detector X-375. I recommend this product 100%.


Gullibility Detector?

Jason F. - New Mexico

My friend told me that I should buy a gullibility detector and sent me a link to this product.

I don't know what a gullibility detector is, but he must have sent me the wrong link or something.

Either way, this product rocks! I always knew that aliens HAD to exist.

That they MUST be out there... the existence of this product proves it!

I mean, who would make a UFO Detector X-375 if they knew there were no UFOs, right?

So I'm buying 37 of them to place in strategic locations within my house

(don't worry, all the locations are feng shui, I checked).

I expect I'll start seeing UFOs any day now! (As long as the lizard people don't get me first, anyway.)

Author: Studly Penguins

Major Contributor: Pharaoh Richard

Editor: Big Tex

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