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Sid Vicious

Texas July/August 2014 Update

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Texas Update

July/August 2014 Edition


Registered Members: 1,276

Posts: 72,534



Nations: 152

Regional Population: 1.445987 trillion

Average Population: 9.639 billion

WA Members: 42

Delegate: NewTexas

Endorsements: 35

Days: 3629 days consecutive [4221 days total]

Regional Happenings

Dead Nations [July, 2013]: 12

Dead Nations [August, 2013]: 22

Arriving Nations [July, 2013]: 32

Arriving Nations [August, 2013]: 31

Bootings [July, 2013]: 0

Bootings [August, 2013]: 1

General Assembly

July, 2014

Prevention of Wildfires: For

Child Welfare in Adoption: For

Reducing Spills and Leaks: For

Legal Competence: For

Child Pornography Ban: For

Convention on Fracking: Against

Repeal "National Economic Freedoms": For

August, 2014

Cyber Security Act: Against

On Hydraulic Fracturing: For

No Penalty Without Law: Against

Ban on Leaded Fuel: For

Fertile Farmland Protection: Against

Security Council

July, 2014

Repeal "Commend The Joint Systems Alliance": For

Commend Yohannes: For

Repeal "Condemn The Black Riders": Against

Liberate Capitalist Paradise: Against

Commend McMasterdonia: For

Commend Sciongrad: Against

Repeal "Condemn NAZI EUROPE": Against

August, 2014

Condemn Riftend: Against

Liberate Panem: Against

Liberate Coalition Of Freedom: Against

Repeal "Liberate Coalition Of Freedom": For

Repeal "Liberate Panem": For

Visit Us

Region: nationstates.net/region=Texas

Texas Forum: invisionfree.com/forums/Texas

Texas Map: texasregion.net/Maps

NSDossier Tools: nsdossier.texasregion.net

Texas Newsletter Archives: texasregion.net/Newsletters

The Texas Government

The Governor of Texas: The Incorporated NationStates of NewTexas

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas: The Gigantic Frozen Igloo of Studly Penguins

The Secretary of Defense of Texas: The Federation of Amandil

The Secretary of State of Texas: The Holy Empire of Richard

The Secretary of World Assembly Affairs of Texas: The No Man's Land of No TV and No Beer


In Election News, the Great Region of Texas just complete the Second Trimester 2014 Elections. These were some great elections as usual! This Trimester, all Cabinet positions were uncontested. That means each and every candidate faced No Confidence all alone. Each and every one of them pulled out the win. It was really no shocker since we had all tried and true candidates with Texas Government experience longer than your arm. The Department of Counterbalance was closed this election and one of the former Secretaries, Trecdom moved into the Texas Representative Council. The other, Sweet Furry Kittens, is away presiding over her Sanctuary these days. In Texas Constitutional matters, we had three actions up for a vote. All were technical matter regarding the make up of the Texas Representative Council and the Cabinet and were about things like lines of succession. It was a grueling couple of weeks of rewriting the Constitution in the halls of the Texas Capitol. The Lieutenant Governor is to be commended for trying to aggregate everyone's suggestions into one cohesive bit of legislation. Texans returned to electing TRC members this Trimester. And, electing they did, creating a tie for the 8th and final position. So, we have nine TRC members this Trimester. We have a mix of old and new with several returning after long absences. HotRodia and Channelview are back as is Ewing Oil Co who has been away forever. Vlad of Llama City One has also been away from Texas politics for quite some time. The other four are old-time incumbents and are fixtures in the TRC.

Texas sent nine nations to the Summer Cross Regional Games in Wysteria. There were eight regions represented - Wysteria, 10000 Islands, Texas, Yggdrasil, Valhalla, Spiritus, Renegade Islands Alliance and Canada - and a total of 82 nations joined in the events! It was almost a month of fun, games and camaraderie. Records were set and World Records were broken. Texas, as a region, came in third by medal count. Texas received four Gold, two Silver and one Bronze medal. Lone Star Diplomatic Mission won the coveted Elisse Heroes Award for breaking a World Record and had a statue of Ezekiel Borntrager erected in the Herzil National Gardens! That is over and above the Gold medal he also won for that feat. It was some good action! NewTexas is quite proud of their Gold and Bronze medals earned by Hans & Franz, The Sausage Kings and Mini Me & Mr. Sparkles P. Pony in the Diving and Steeplechase events respectively. Kudos to Belli Lateralis of HotRodia and Captain Gavin Squall of Airship Armada for their Gold Medals in Steeplechase and Modern Pentathlon Shooting. Silver medals were won by Katie Spotz of Richard and Tojo St. Louis of Syd Vicious in the K-2 Mix Nations and Modern Pentathalon Marathon events! Texas Cheers to Herzil for hosting and administering the Games! They did a wonderful job! A great time was had by all.

Author: Studly Penguins

Editor: Big Tex

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