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Arendellenske Cup: 2014

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Welcome to the official newswire for the 2014 Arendellenske Cup!

What is the Arendellenske Cup?

The Arendellenske Cup is the annual club tournament of the Arendellenske Union (a three-nation coalition of Arendell, Vjaalsbürg, and the Hakifao Isles). Featuring twelve of the nation's best teams, this year's cup is sure to be a hit as teams battle for national pride and the Magnussen Trophy.

Group draws and previews, along with results, are below!

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The teams were sorted into the following pots. (VJA) denotes a team from Vjaalsbürg, while (ARN) and (HKI) denote Arendellenske and Hakifao teams, respectively. Teams are also given their rankings within the Arendellenske Leagues.

Pot 1

(1) FC Öslerholm (ARN)

(2) Hakifao City (HKI)

(17) Svensgard (VJA)*

Pot 2

(3) Magnussen FC (HKI)

(5) Ytre Storbritannia (ARN)

(6) FC Åpning (ARN)

Pot 3

(7) FC Hovedstäd (VJA)

(9) Mäsburg SC (ARN)

(10) Huvudstad Sydländsk (VJA)

Pot 4

(11) Nasjonal Skatt (HKI)^

(12) Magnussen Virallinen (HKI)

(21) Yzelsholm (VJA)


^Denotes U-23 team

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Group Previews: Group A

FC Öslerholm: The Arendellenskes and world number-ones have their sights set on the Magnussen Trophy a year after a 2-1 loss to Magnussen FC the year prior in extra time. The two have been drawn together this time, and with a semifinals spot on the line between the two of them, expect entertainment. The Revolutionaries, as they've been dubbed by local fans, play a fluid 3-2-3-2 formation, with linchpins like defensive midfielder Sven Larsson and keeper Øscar Magnussen holding down the defense for the fluid playmaking combo of Alessandr Berteau and Magnus Gustav.

HOW THEY GOT HERE: Arendellenske League champions.

Magnussen FC: The defending champions are back and hoping to delay the Revolutionaries' revenge. The team made a fantastic run last year and then won the Hakifao League for good measure. But their performance this year in the Hakifao League was less than stellar, injuries and poor play contributing to a runners-up finish in the easier league. With a solid attack, the team plays a quick-pace 4-2-4 that can put three goals in by halftime if you aren't careful. The team thrives on their offensive line of Walquist, Korhonen, and Borg, all national-team starters, and national-team goalie Isak Andersson in the back, more than making up for a poor defense.

HOW THEY GOT HERE: Defending champions, Hakifao League runners-up

FC Hovedstad: One of the union's best defensive teams, FC Hovedstad plays a flexible if somewhat passive 6-3-1 formation. With a back line that's nondescript but a brick wall, featuring stars like keeper Andreas Olsen and single-named Solean Frederic, and the artwork of the brilliant Eden Ericcson, who often scores on his own without the halfbacks' help, in the front, this team has what it takes to make a dark-horse run.

HOW THEY GOT HERE: Third place, Vjaals' league

Yzelsholm: A nondescript team who can hold their own, the Yzels play a classic 4-4-2, neither offensive nor defensive. Such a balanced team can often fail miserably, but with young star Jonas Walquist and a cast of supporters like veterans Alex Svenson, Johannes Borg, or Christian Larsen, the underdogs of the tournament are looking to continue what began with a magical (4-0, 3-1) victory against world number-four Arøndell North FC in qualifiers.

HOW THEY GOT HERE: (4-0, 3-1) win over Arøndell North and (5-1, 2-2) win over Southport Vjaals FC in qualifier playoffs

Edited by ArendellenskeUnion

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Öslerholm: Gustav 18'

Magnussen: Korhonen 76'

An exciting game featured the outright attack of the Magnussen team failing miserably early on. As Magnussen and Larsson kept ahead of the reigning champions with block after block, the frustrated Hakifaos were forced to retreat as the Arendellenskes launched their own counterattack to the 4-2-4 aggression of Magnussen. Smooth passing and brilliant dribbling brought the team closer and closer to a goal, and they found it in the eighteenth minute when Magnus Gustav took a bouncing through pass from Berteau and slammed a volley past Isak Andersson to make it one-nil.

It was balanced for the next fifty minutes, with back-and-forth staccato play as Magnussen struggled to get back in it. Attack after attack broke off on the Öslerholm lines, the 3-2-3-2 easily adapting to Magnussen's attempts. But after Vyktor Forvjal's red card handball, it was Herlek Korhonen to get one by Magnusson and slam the penalty into the net.

FC Hovedstäd 0 - 1 Yzelsholm

Yzelsholm: Walquist 11'

The defense of the Hovedstäd side gave out early after Jonas Walquist took the pass from Svensson and smashed a shot from beyond the free kick box and into the goal. The rest of the game was boring to say the least, with no good opportunity for either team as Yzelsholm parked the bus.

FC Öslerholm 2 - 1 FC Hovedstäd

Öslerholm: Gustav 88', Berteau 90+1'

Hovedstäd: Frederic 35'

A dead even game early on, the tides of the group changed when the ineffable Frederic tore up the Arendellenske back four and smacked one into the net despite a diving effort by Magnussen. Hovedstäd shifted their entire team back, aiming to capture a one-nil win against the world's number-one, who largely passed around and took control of possession. Things kept going this way until, with two minutes to play, it was Berteau who found a gap in the defense and launched a shot from his own half, clearing the defense and bouncing off the crossbar. Gustav took advantage and leapt to head in the ball for a brilliant equalizer, and three minutes later, Gustav's cross found Berteau for a volley and the two-one win.

Yzelsholm 1 - 1 Magnussen FC

Yzelsholm: Svenson 29'

Magnussen: Korhonen 87'

The game was surprisingly even throughout the first few minutes, but it was a Yzelsholm attack that lead to Svenson's one-man goal, a thunderous first blood as he pummeled a shot to make it one-nil. As the minutes ticked on, the game looked worse and worse for Magnussen, who faced probable elimination with a loss. But a late retort from Herlek Korhonen, calmly stroking a spinning shot through the defense from far out, equalized it and forced a draw.

Magnussen FC 4 - 1 FC Hovedstäd

Magnussen: Walquist 47', Berg 61', Korhonen 75', Herlekkson 87'

Hovedstäd: Antony 56'

On the final day, Magnussen's two points paled to the four points of Öslerholm and Yzelsholm, and with the score nil-nil at halftime, things looked dire as Hovedstäd continued to not care whether they scored or not. But Walquist struck with a goal off a free kick, giving

star Frederic a yellow card. Still, Hovedstäd pushed on. Antony equalized, but when Frederic's second yellow sent him off and gave Magnussen another PK, which Berg stroked by a diving keeper to make it two-one, the game was over. Despite this, Korhonen and Herlekkson couldn't resist piling on to make it four-one.

FC Öslerholm 3 - 3 Yzelsholm - GROUP CLASSIC

Öslerholm: Gustav 36', Berteau 65', Anderssen 90+2'

Yzelsholm: Svenson 15', 87', Walquist 88'

The underdogs of Yzelsholm and the group favorites of Öslerholm knew that the winner would advance, while a draw would eliminate them both from the group lead. Things began as the Yzels sent out their quick-tempoed attack, complete with a hasty new 4-3-3. The uptempo attack would pay off, as fancy footwork threaded the veteran Svenson through for a quick-fire shot on the goal, which banged off a post and in. The game became deadlocked as the two battled back and forth, but a brilliant lofted clear by the defender Pederssen was volleyed in on a bounce by Gustav to tie the game. The Öslerholm squad took control, bashing and smashing their way through the midfield ranks as the Yzelsholm team struggled and sent out a more defensive 4-3-1-2 at the start of the second half. Still, a second goal seemed inevitable, and the defense got back a second too late on a Gustav/Berteau breakaway, as it was the latter to power a smash off the goalie's hands and in. Two-one.

But once again it was Alex Svenson, with three minutes to play, who took a pass from Walquist, dribbled up the final third, and, from the sidelines, curved one off the far post and in. Equalizer Yzelsholm. But when Jonas Walquist stole the kickoff to launch an attack with the help of Johannes Borg and Svenson, it was the youngster Walquist to header in the Borg pass to make it three-two in the space of two minutes. Yzelsholm stayed back as Öslerholm pushed through the final five (including injury time) minutes, and the stadium exploded as the teenager Michel Anderssen received a pass and scored to draw the game.

Final Table

Magnussen: 5 points - (1W2D0L) - (6F3A)

Öslerholm: 5 points - (1W2D0L) - (6F5A)

Yzelsholm: 5 points - (1W2D0L) - (5F4A)

Hovedstäd: 0 points - (0W0D3L) - (2F7A)

Edited by ArendellenskeUnion

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Group B

Hakifao City 3 - 0 FC Apning

HAK: Larsen 15', Pedersen 78', 86'

An exciting expected opening to the second of three groups was quickly put aside as Hakifao steamrolled over their Arendellenske counterparts. It was Larsen to open the scoring with fancy footwork in the box, whereupon the Hakifao champions parked the bus and shifted to their classic 6-3-1. In the front, Pederssen was sublime, ripping through the Apning defense with his dribbling and forcing two late goals to make it three-nil at the final whistle.

Huvudstad Sydländsk 0 - 0 Magnussen Virallen

Hakifao City 1 - 1 Huvudstad Sydländsk

HAK: Pedersen 66'

HUV: Wictorssen 15'

Magnussen Virallen 2 - 5 FC Apning

MAG: Perry 8', Maybin 73'

APN: Neillson 18', 32', Herlekkson 42', Lindberg 79', 85'

Magnussen Virallen 2 - 2 Hakifao City

FC Apning 5 - 2 Huvudstad Sydländsk (GROUP CLASSIC)

APN: Herlekson 11', 26', 48', 72', 85'

HUV: Wictorssen 35', 44'

(info to come)

Edited by ArendellenskeUnion

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Svensgard FC 1 - 2 Ytre Storbritannia

SVN: Svensson 18'

YTS: Ericcson 35', 60'

Mäsburg FC 3 - 2 Nasjonal Skatt

MAS: Eriksen 35', James 62', Jimenez 80'

NJS: Øscarssen 38', Lindberg 55'

Svensgard FC 1 - 0 Mäsburg FC

SVN: Svensson 11'

Ytre Storbrittania 5 - 3 Nasjonal Skatt

YTS: Herrera 38', Ericcson 42', 47', 59', Marsh 77'

NJS: Lindberg 11', Erving 35', Øscarssen 50'

Nasjonal Skatt 2 - 1 Svensgard FC

NJS: Lindberg 30', Abraimovic 55'

SVN: Alexander 18'

Mäsburg FC 0 - 0 Ytre Storbrittania

Final Table

Ytre Storbritannia: 7 pts. (2W1D0L) (7F4A)

Mäsburg FC: 4 pts. (1W1D1L) (4F4A)

Svensgard FC: 3 pts. (1W0D2L) (3F4A)

Nasjonal Skatt: 3 pts. (1W0D2L) (7F9A)

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