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Cross-Regional Games Results

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** What an hectic day we had today at The Devnir Aquatic Center where 154 athletes demonstrated flexibility, strength and Synchronization **

The Aquatic Center has seen several worthy tournaments in recent years but not as competitive as the one held today.

Out of 77 nations who competed, 47 have moved to the 2nd round and 27 remained in the competition for tomorrow 4th of 5th round.

** The Divers competed in 2 venues: GraceHall & Summerknit **


The Early debriefing suggested 5 rounds: each of the first 3 rounds consist of one jump only, which will be judged on 5 Synchronized marks:
Taking off, Height Attained, Synchronized Rotation and twisting, Entering Water and Forward Body position. Score could go from 0 to70 max on each.

Its interesting to note that According to Judge Mortimor the 1st jump was categorized as qualification jump and therefore was much harder than normal starter jumps.
As such we would have expected to see many failure dives. Instead more than 50% received high scores, suggesting that we would have a taught competition.


** In the First Round which was also the qualification round, Divers were asked to do Forward 2 1/2 Somersaults in the Pike Position **

The ”Yaar” from The Grendels were able to demonstrate superb Taking off although they missed several inches in the attaining height which judge Nryph was quick to suggest – due to the furry head one of them had(never the less they scored (48/70).
They continue with great demonstration of technique and received max 70p on Synchronized rotation and twisting. However, their setback was when entering the water.
As for some unknown reason, one of them entered in a Y hands position (by that hitting the water 2seconds after his teammate).
Never the less they were able to score a nice 275p which granted them a passage to 2nd round.


Hallie Parker & Annie James from Benevolent Thomas have graced us with one of the worse ever diving experience.
Judge Mariko stated she would rather had her hair colored pink than see “that exhausting I cant watch it anymore dive”. Hallie took off 3 seconds after Annie did, which resulted in a bad 9p which of course ruined the height attained.
They then moved to the rotation which was disorganized at best. They received 7p for it and should have received 0 but it seems Judge Mariko in an attempt to not look at the bad demonstration pushed the wrong score button which granted them 7p. :rolleyes:

The two were able to improve the lousy score when they entered the water : one entering with her head no hands and one demonstrated a Bouquet.
They received the worse score points : 87.

A News Channel was able to catch this very creative 3rd finger in disguise they did when they emerged from the water and saw the score:




** In the Second Round the remaining divers were asked to do A Reverse 1 1/2 Somersaults in the Pike Position **

Marco & Enzo Paraguas from Almonaster Nuveo famous twins known for their reverse one and a half somersaults with three and a half twists, in the Free position.
They Were able to demonstrate less than expected performance. Their take off was mildly damaged due to Enzo positioning himself too far from the edge.
As a result they attained different height which resulted in another bad score.
They started the rotation with a different backward cycle which they were able to fix but still received just 53/70 points. While they did get a nice 213p it wasn’t enough for the 3rd round requirement of 220.


"Alica Honbergová" from Tukenzzia showed an amazing ability to recover from a bad start.
The two divers started with one of the worse Taking off in history of Reverse Somersaults receiving a bad score of 29p which continue with even worse Height attaining.
While one diver reached the required height her teammate was 20cm bellow her. Therefore she started the flip with 2seconds delay which resulted in both of them rotating at the same time.
This intuition fix was able to land them a nice 69/70p for Synchronized rotation and twisting.
They were able to enter the water with a mild difference that resulted in 60p. Receiving a nice score of 245p which enabled them to move to the 3rd round.




** In the 3rd Round the divers were asked to do A Back 1 1/2 Somersaults, 1 1/2 Twists in the Free Position **

Hans & Franz from NewTexas who are famous for their “Inward Sausage 1 ½ Somersault in tuck position” gave us a midicore performance at best.
Franz started his jump with a small delay which resulted in 40p.
While their attaining height was of good mark, mostly thanks to Franz being 6’4” while Hans is just 5’8”, they measured rather nicely (although it didn’t impress the judges much as they gave them 60/70).
Their setback was at the rotation part. As Hans twisted his body too early and to the wrong side, resulting in a bad synchronized twisting.
While they did score 243p which qualified them for the 4th round. They gained the second lowest score from the Texas region.


** This Concludes our First day of Diving with 27 Divers moving to the 4th round **

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*** It’s the final day of the Synchronize Diving Tournament with 27 teams moving to the last rounds ***

The competition started 2 hours ago and we already have the results of the 4th round.

Unlike yesterday where each round consisted of one tricky dive, the 4th round consisted of 2 dives in which one was classed as 4.7/5 in difficulty and the second as 3.6/5 in difficulty.
Divers received their points according to 4 parameters: The Taking off, Height Attend, Synchronized rotations & twists and Water Entry.

Moving to the final round was based on the summarizing of the 2 jumps & a 340p requirement.


** In the Forth Round, divers were asked to do An Armstand Reverse 2 Somersaults in the Tuck Position & A Forward 2 ½ somersaults, 1 Twist in the Pike Position **

A lot was said & promised for Chickaboo Chancy & Alice Flyte from Improving Wordiness, a famous Triplet that due to an awful accident several years ago remained a Duet.
While they weren’t the worse team on the 4th round they weren't good enough to pass the 400p.
Their first jump required a lot of balance on both hands and it seems it was too much for Chickaboo who gained a bit of weight during the year which resulted in her starting the jump a bit earlier resulting in a 66p/70.
The taking off incident resulted in a slow rotation cycle moments later and bad water entry, granting them a 205p.
Their second dive was simply a Mediocre combination of mistakes at best. This Time Alice Stumbled forward taking off before Chickaboo which resulted in a bad 44p.
They didn’t attain the same height and therefore Alice started the twist before Chickaboo finished her Somersault.
Then Chickaboo out of horror tried to correct the timing mistakes and entered the water the same time as Alice but without doing the Twist which resulted in bad 35p for rotation and 64p for Water entry.


Syd Vicious Divers were able to show us today that one can always change his colors (for the best).
The Team of divers trained by the Famous George Meade, has struck Clay in the first jump.
Both divers didn’t show endurance during the Armstand which resulted in a trembling forward the edge and started the jump too quick for which they gained 37p/70.

Their rotation was with a 2.2 seconds delay between the two somersaults which they noticed as one can see from their face expressions:


They ended receiving a bad 189p for the first jump. At the Second jump they were the only divers to receive a 60+ points in a row for Taking off, Height attained and Rotation.
The 2nd round truly showed their greatness when they scored 252p, a 60 points upgrade from the 1st round.

One must admit that seeing all these fine divers jumping all day long, does require a lot of hard, solid nerves and patience which is why our Judges have received 1 day of SPA & relaxations at

Dendor Gardens, a serene retreat in the beautiful city of Ebona

Which they will be able to enjoy tomorrow while teams are getting ready for the final event – The Bossaball.



We can see that the 5th Round – Final Round Results have arrived

** For the Final Round, the divers were asked to perform An Inward 4 ½ Somersault Tucked & Back 1 ½ Somersault + 1 ½ Twists in the Free position both dives were marked as 4.8 difficulty **

The Smith Sisters from Wild Mustanges were able to show us interesting creativity during the last round.
While they took off almost at the same time, their height attained was off at best.
As a result they were able to attain same rotation only during the 2nd to 3 ½ cycle which resulted in a bad 52/70 for S.R.T, they did however enter the water at the same time which results in a 64/70.
Their second jump started badly with the youngest taking the take off a bit too early. & while they were able to achieve good score for Height & Rotation of 60/70 for both, it wasn’t enough to get them a Medal.



The ”Deep Dive” Team from Argoslasia started with a great take off at the first jump (70/70) that deteriorated from there on.
It seems their ability to attain same height for the inward was malfunctioned at best and resulted in a bad Rotation of the Somersault tucks, they received a penalty of 19 points for not tucking their legs enough during the rotation.


Some of the fans at the Observers seats, called it an Harsh Judgment & “Booooo” Judge Rogers, who was quick to pull his gun waving it in front of the Fans who mellow down instantly.
It seems the first diving was enough to change the Deep Divers Moral & Spirit which resulted in a small change to their points in the second jump, but not enough for the Bronze.



“Yaar” From The Grendels have graced us with a great performance during the first jump.
They had a perfect Take Off gaining 70/70 points. They were able to attain almost same height which landed them a nice 66/70.
Their rotation did have a small delay between the 1st and 2nd somersaults which resulted in a 66p instead of 70.
Their Setback was at entering the water. It seems one of the divers swimsuits was loosen during the dive and it slipped down (or up) during the str8 dive into the water.
He tried to catch the briefs from falling which resulted in entering the water in head first, landing them a bad 47p.
Their Second Dive was Average but it should still be worth mentioning as they were the only divers to receive a Perfect 70p score for the Rotation and Twists.
Never the less they received a 497 points total which landed them The Gold Medal.


Next were Hans & Franz from NewTexas. The Divers performed same level of Professionalism in both Jumps, getting almost the same score in both dives (a rather rare occasion).
They received a nice 497p in total which put them with The Grendels, Landing them A Gold Medal.



Grand Sir Mondo Skruvetůp and Dame Michelle Montisquew from The Duckyian Empire, have shown us that Old School diving never dies.

They gave a remarkable performance at the first dive mostly due to their ability to correct the Height attained (which received a bad 41p).
In the Second dive, they were the only divers to achieve consecutive Max points (70/70) on both Height Attain & Synchronized Rotation & Twists.
Their final score of 486p landed them The Silver Medal.


The Tallin Jumpers from Scepez had a rough start with the Take Off resulted in a bad 44p.
They were however able to correct themselves during the Height Attained which resulted later on in A Superb Somersaults Rotations landing them 70/70.


But for some unknown reason one of them withdrew his hand during the water entry which resulted again in a bad 41p.

They were able to start the second dive with a great Take off which landed them a 70p, but due to an problem in the height mark their somersault resulted in a small delay.
Never the less they gave a great twist rotation Which they received 68p for.


The Received a total of 469p which landed them The Bronze Medal.


*** This Concludes our Synchronized Diving Tournament with 4 Medalists ***

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*** It’s a fine blue skies with a bit of feather clouds, here at De Gent Olympic Park where 78 teams were matched up for the Bossaball Tournament ***

** To Those who aren’t familiar with the Game. Try to think about it as a combination of Volley ball, soccer, gymnastics and capoeira. All body parts included on a Huge air bed & Trampoline **

Judge Mortimor was nice enough to drew us a map earlier which we couldn’t understand as he was “half drunk” from last night-early morning-early afternoon Hula parties, so he was excused and retired to rest his head at the Sea & Oysters pub at De Gent Beach.

We were however able to get our hands on this lovely Brochure distributed by the Olympic Committee


According to Judge Rogers while the points are given for same reason, aka hitting the other side Trampoline or court.
It seems that it differs on whether the hit was done with the hands or with other body parts – giving much higher points earned if it was delivered by body parts other than the hands.

Each round consist of 3 matches between the two teams, those who move to the next round need to obtain 25p.


First we had The Guyopolis Bossaball Club from Shy Guyia, against Earth Bossaball Division from The Earth Federation.
The Team from Shy Guyia, have graded us with one of the fearsome, no time to rest attack 3 matches. They were able to score 25-6, 25-4, 25-10 in a matter of few minutes for each of the matches.

Practically Hi-jacking each match.


The Bridgeburners from Ananke II, decided to show up in An Hula Islands Team outfits which brought the wrath of the gods or in our case, the anger of their rivals The Ephesians from Deep South Borland.
The 2nd match escalated when the head of The Ephesians team directed his attack at the Bridgeburners teammates after one of the girls on the Bridgeburners team decided to do a little red riding hood dance which resulted inher hit in in the stomach by the ball.

One can see in this footage her body several seconds after the hit


While Ananke II team protested, Judge Nyrph declared that the match should continue as it didn't contradict the rules.


Finally The Emu Kings from Great-Bohemia gave a nice counter fight after losing the 1st match to Balls of Nobreloen from Elke and Elba.

The kings team consisting of 5 brothers, were able to demonstrate great flexibility and soccer techniques while on the defense at the 2nd match.


The footage was captured while their team counter Elke and Elba 6th hand serve (at 22p to 20).
The Counter attack with the foot landed directly at Elke and Elba Trampoline area granting The Emu Kings 5 points and the match.

The 3rd Match was an interesting change of Tactics. The Emu Kings who received the first serve, shifted from Defense to Aggressive Offense.
They were able to gain 4 consecutive serves in a row. They did however had 2 penalty points during a counter attack when The Emu Kings Server Hit the fence with his leg.


Never the less they were able to regain the points to win the 3rd match and moving to the 2nd round.

** Due to High Winds the 2nd round was moved to tomorrow early morning **

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** What an interesting morning start here at the Bossaball Tournament **

The results of the 2nd round were published moments ago and it seems some ego stabbing emerged


Aersoldorf national Bossaball team was able to defeat De Gent Bossa League from Herzil: 25:17, 22:25, 25:6.

Worth mentioning is the close encounter 2nd match in which Aersoldorf had the upper hand delivering 6 serves in a row but were penalized twice due to hitting the net once and hitting the ball from the outer boundaries.

De Gent team were able to land two consecutive 5points attacks, once by their server throwing the ball in the air with his thighs then kicking it to the other side.

And once by counter attacking a ball from Aersoldorf, in which De gent back “left defender” caught the ball with his hands, then did a back flip ,360, throwing the ball in the air
in which the server back flip himself, hitting the ball in the 180 upright position
, landing another 5p and taking the match.



Another Bash against the wall match was between Flying Monkey Attack Squad from Hydroponic Nation & Antilopa Milkies from HodHasharon.

While we would like to say that it was a fair match…...- it wasn’t!!!

Antilopa Milkies being a Vegetarians team family, spread thinly on power and were barely able to jump let alone counter attack or defend the Balls of fire sent from the Flying Monkey Attack squad.

This footage sent to us by an Islanders Sport Channel was able to capture the lack of spirit and strength demonstrated by Antilopa Milkies:


The Attack Squad (left side) server is seen going for a flat serve while the Antilopa Veggies (right side) look mesmerized & paralyzed unable to move or meet him for a counter attack or defense.

Suffices to say that Hydroponic Nation team won all 3 matches in a quick average time of 2:50minutes per match.


** 3rd match is schedule to start in an hour from now **

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3rd round went without too many incidents

ZTech410 from Qanzona that up till the 3rd match was sweeping the floor with their opponents, first against “The Dragons" of Zybodia, and later against Iwaar of Michaelhizt was facing now a true match.

The Flying Monkey Attack Squad from Hydroponic Nation, gave a fierce fight against Ztech410 in the first match but was defeated by 7 points.

On the 2nd match they decided to let their defenders do most of the points and used their server as a mere decoy,
Which confused their rivals from Qanzona and landed them both 2nd and 3rd matches.




4th Match is worth mentioning due to a Tie match between Dendor Strikers from Dendor & Flying Monkey Attack Squad from Hydroponic Nation.
It seems that both teams were able, each to take 1 match and required the 3rd match for pass to last round. 3rd match started with Dendor Strikers going on half-half: Half Defense & Half Offense.
They were able to score 17p against 14 of Hydroponic Nation team. 4 minutes later, Dendor strikers were 20:20.
They counter an attack by The Flying Monkey Attack squad which resulted in personal hit (ball jumped on the trampoline) before Dendor Server flipped backward and hit it with his foot to the other side, landing 5p.

What should have been a win for Dendor, was Penalized by the ball hitting the floor which resulted in a 24:20.
In the next 10minutes Dendor Strikers were unable to gain a point and a tie was declared by Technicality.


Both teams moved to the last round

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** It’s the Final Round of the Bossaball Tournament with 6 teams matched up and now competing as we speak to see who will take the Medals **




Chick Habit from Improving Wordiness has shown performance throughout the 4 previous rounds as if they were possessed by Higher ground spirits.

We have heard a lot about the Chick Habit team, also known as The modern day nudist nuns & we were even able to obtain a photo of the team playing soccer against the holy defenders at the Islanders Championship a year ago.


Well today we had the pleasure of witnessing them playing against The Etild Chickens from Etild.
The last expected their rivals to come in heavy garment, but instead, the nuns appeared in A chic la freak Mini green, very baring outfits which threw the Chickens off balance.


The Chick Habit were able to take down the first 2 matches : 25:2 & 25:7 without a sweat and in a quick 4:45 minutes in total for both wins, granting them the best Time Score and landing them The Gold Medal.


Next were The Maples from Pubs of Parkplace who were matched against The Double-Doubles from The Candy Lane.
Now the Doubles were able to serve A Sweet & Sour Punches throughout the 3rd & 4th matches but didn’t have the pleasure of competing against The Maples, another team going for Sweet flavors.

The Maples were able to take the 1st round 25:13 although they had 2 penalty points (1st for hiting the fence & 2nd for hitting their own court by accident).

In the 2nd match, The Double-Doubles server was used as a Dummy, while most attacks were done by their Back: Right & Left Defenders. At 17:20 in favor of “Doubles”, they changed Tactic and their server went for the punch.

He was doing what could only be described as “The Air Walker” Maneuver – flipping and with head to the mattress, did two steps with the ball and kicked him down to the rivals court, winning 5p and taking the 2nd match.


The last match was a bad case of humor. The Double-Doubles opened the match with a bad - out on the blue boundaries hit - which gave them no points & brought them a sour start.

The Maples decided to use an Aggressive offense strategy, deploying mostly Net Volley twice by the server & 3 times by the defenders who unlike typical layout approached the net to take the ball.
The match ended with 25:3 in favor of The Maples landing them The Silver Medal.


Last are Dendor Strikers from Dendor who received a second chance to compete against The Flying Monkey Attack Squad from Hydroponic Nation.
Unlike the previous round, where both team fought to the bitter end without a normal result.
In this round, The Attack Squad was able to gain a quick win with 5 Simple Server strikes: twice by using the foot, once by using the leg & twice by using his head to knock the ball down.

This Strategy however failed miserably during the 2nd match with Dendor Strikers gaining 24:5 in under 3 minutes and landing another 3 points with a server strike str8 into the Trampoline area.

The 3rd match started on the bad side for The Flying Monkey Attack Squad.
They tried to return to the 1st match , server strike and were counter by Dendor Strikers who were already near the net – hitting the ball before it was able to land in their court and gaining 3 points.
The next 2 minutes, the Dendor Team strike for another 12 points landing them at 15:0

Dendor server for some unknown reason decided to gain power and height with jumping over and over on the Trampoline – ball between his thighs when he suddenly lost balance.
He landed on A bad Angle and took a flight outside the Trampoline & Inflatable mattress.....

A Footage of his flight was taken by an Unknown Source:


Suffices to say he landed in the sand with a broken Ankle and the match was stopped for 5minutes.

The Incident has left the Dendor team Un secure.
While they received the ability to do the opening serve, they were countered easily by The Flying Monkey Attack Squad.
The last, decided to use their Defenders as an offensive team – using their server for decoy only.

They were able rather quickly to reclaim all the points matching themselves to Dendor Team 15:15.

Dendor Strikers used two soccer foot work at their rivals, succeeded by one, gaining 5points and lost the other due to penalty point(touching the net).
The 2nd try resulted in the monkeys countering and bringing 5p for trampoline hit.

Last ball was served by Dendor Team. Their server decided to flip and throwing the ball with his thighs, on the other side it was handled by The Monkeys Right defender
who also rotated – throwing the ball up in the air while the left defender hitting the ball again with his hands


He returned the ball to the Right defender who kicked the ball to Dendors court hitting for 3points and taking the match.

The Flying Monkey Attack Squad were able after 6:20minutes to win the last match and landed The Bronze Medal


*** This Concludes Our BossaBall Tournament with 3 Medalists & Elisse Heroes Award ***

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The Summer Games Committee along with Wysteria Government and Herzil Bureau of Culture would like to Congratulate you all for Competing at The Summer Games 2014


We would like to Thank You for taking the time to “hand pick” your team of worthy athletes to compete in this not so Traditional event

We hope that even if you didn’t win a Gold, Silver or Bronze medals, you were still able to enjoy The Games and the Spirit in which they were held

It is The Committee hope that you will be motivated to send your Citizens to more Cross Regional Games in the future

Now, without further ado, Lets present The Winners of The Summer Games



:congrats: Regionstable_zps14330af4.png :congrats: Regionstable2_zps291e9a1c.png :congrats:


The Modern Pentathlon Cup was given to the Region with most Gold Medalists in the 5 MP Events



Herzil Honorary Citizenship was granted to the Foreign Nation with most Gold Medals:


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Herzil Mint Company produced 16 Unique Silver Coins to Commend the 16 Gold Medalists. Each Coin bares the Nation Name, Flag (or part of it) and the Category it won:

:congrats: 899808109729_zpsa4446381.png261568109929_zpsec0bcb2d.png116258109233_zpsc7a20f1e.png540568108854_zps2227d6e2.png :congrats:



:congrats: 814928108921_zps157222c9.png829708445297_zps13948a2b.png :congrats: 620048444888_zps32856ab0.png246788514307_zps2bb96076.png :congrats:

7 Athletes & Teams received a spot at “Elisse Heroes Gardens” – Herzil National Gardens - for their unique performance a/o Breaking Records

Each Nation received a Gold Coin with the Athlete name and “Elisse Heores” Symbol engraved on it as well as a Figurine of the athlete or team at the Gardens





:congrats: header_199-Deutsche-Zentrale-fuer-Touris :congrats:


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This thread was a request from players who participated in One or Two of The Cross Regional Games we had in 2014 and wanted some kind of "Badge" that they can put in their signature, showing they took part in the events.

You will find 3 sizes to each of the Commendation Medals that represented The Medieval Olympic or The Summer Games

The Medieval Olympic







The Summer Games







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