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Cross-Regional Games Results

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Here are all the results from this summer's Cross-Regional Games, held in Wysteria. This thread will be updated daily with new results, copied from the official results thread in Wysteria. Minor reaction RP is acceptable here, but if you are wanting to be interacting with people from all regions, sign up on the Wysterian forum and post in the Observer's Seats.

All reports have kindly been written up by Herzil .

Nation Medal Count

Nation                        G   S   B Total
The Changeling Horde          0   2   1   3
Ananke II                     2   0   0   2
The Bruce                     2   0   0   2
NewTexas                      1   0   1   2
Galicia-Volhynia              0   2   0   2
Barrarabian Butlers           0   1   1   2
Dendor                        0   1   1   2
Wuufu                         0   0   2   2
Aersoldorf                    1   0   0   1
Airship Armada                1   0   0   1
Ater Nox                      1   0   0   1
Elke and Elba                 1   0   0   1
Guy II                        1   0   0   1
Herzil                        1   0   0   1
HotRodia                      1   0   0   1
Improving Wordiness           1   0   0   1
Lone Star Diplomatic Mission  1   0   0   1
The Grendels                  1   0   0   1
Theostelos                    1   0   0   1
Elici                         0   1   0   1
Great-Bohemia                 0   1   0   1
Palman                        0   1   0   1
Richard                       0   1   0   1
Scow Creek                    0   1   0   1
Syd Vicious                   0   1   0   1
Temujins Mongolian Empire     0   1   0   1
The Duckyian Empire           0   1   0   1
The Pubs of Parkplace         0   1   0   1
Benevolent Thomas             0   0   1   1
Free Guns for All             0   0   1   1
Goddess Relief Office         0   0   1   1
Hydroponic Nation             0   0   1   1
Innato                        0   0   1   1
Lullary                       0   0   1   1
NeoPacificus                  0   0   1   1
New Ecopia                    0   0   1   1
Scepez                        0   0   1   1
Sepur Land                    0   0   1   1
The Candy Lane                0   0   1   1
Tukenzzia                     0   0   1   1

Region Medal Count*

Region          G   S   B  Total
10000 Islands   5   8   7   20
Wysteria        5   3   2   10
Texas           4   2   1    6
Yggdrasil       1   1   3    5
Spiritus        1   0   2    3
Valhalla        0   0   2    2
Canada          0   1   0    1
RIA             0   0   1    1

*Not including the overall medals for the modern pentathlon, because I cannot figure those out

Edited by Zybodia

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**** It’s a fine day at the Tracks and Fields Arena where 79 athletes are competing in 100m sprint ****

Speaking with Judge Mariko Santarosa earlier has made us understand that due to the large number of runners, the tournament will be split into two days,

leaving the 3rd round for tomorrow morning.

In addition, due to the large amount of athletes, the list was split into the two Tracks Arenas:

IgulKat Arena 3e13d286-f143-43ed-94b9-954c711d2113_zps & NoSac Arena 68e549a0-58aa-4dd6-b1b0-52f21e8584e7_zps

Judge Santarosa Opened the tournament when instead of using a shotgun, made a squeaky voice that shocked half the guests & made Judge Nyrph look very unhappy.

We can see they just published the 1st round results


From looking at the score board one can see:

An Impressive record by Tali Hoe, from Improving Wordiness, who got first place at 9:02seconds. While interviewing her, she was asked if Running was Running in her family and answered:

“The only thing that runs in my family is an implacable taste for long nails, which makes us cut through wind much better while running…..” cb7e21a0-6390-442b-9a7b-f8f3fd7afbd1_zps

Second great score was achieved by Jochi Borjigin from Temujins Mongolian Empire, finishing the first round at 9:07 seconds.

Usain Bolt from Richard, was able to show great performance at the first round which qualified him among the 22% with a nice 9:15sec.

He was of course beaten by Barry "Quicksilver" Allen from Free Guns for All, with the huge belly....as one can see in this image captured by the Borderland Network:


Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Matilda Love of Devil Heart was also among the competitors today.

She was able to score a nice 9:18 seconds with Cara Jane from Wild Mustangs, landing both A pass to the second round.

Anne "Green Gables" Silvington from Lone Star Diplomatic Mission, might know her way

from her aunt farm to the local market but it sure took her time to reach the finish line, 11:10 seconds to be exact.

It seems one of her fans showed his affection by wearing a delicious Granny Smith Apple which like a moss to cloth, she stopped to look at it cca70719-03c9-4ead-8d4d-647216bbdcbb_zps which made her lose the first round.


** Well it appear 19 athletes will be moving to the next round which will take place in the afternoon, hopefully with less diversions **


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*** 19 athletes moved from the 1st round with a nice presentation from all regions except for Spiritus ***

We can see the athletes are getting ready for the signal & they are off....



While we are waiting for the athletes to finish the round it is worth mentioning that someone wasn’t too happy with the 1st round results.

Our source stated that Usain Bolt got angry after Barry “Quicksilver” Allen beat him by 1ms.

Bolt trainer filed a complaint, that Allen won with his Tummy.

It didn’t stand for long as Judge Nyrph addressed the footage clearly showing, that Allen foot was the 1cm ahead of Bolt Foot (while Allen belly was 5cm ahead) – a Clear win in both situations.


It seems the Judges have just published the second round results:



If we didn’t know better - the late afternoon humid has put its impact on our runners as most of them achieved worse time score than in their 1st round.

Jerry Wong, from Ater Nox. A Legend in his own right ended up with 8ms more after he decided to replace the color of his Bionic Legs with less flashy ones,landing a Bad 9:22seconds.


Tali Hoe from Improving Wordiness, was also a sad ending. It seems Tali Hoe after finishing first on the 1st round.

Decided to go celebrate with her friends at the local Pub ,Got wasted and ended up with a bad 10:56 seconds which disqualified her for the final round.



Another sad story was the two athletes from RIA Region.

Fans were speechless when out of nowhere Herakles from Kzaria was shoving a rely stick to Andros Rjenalut from Scepez hands , who kept pushing the stick away from him, yelling: “it’s the wrong event”.


The two ended up with 11:06 seconds for Andros Rjenalut & 11:10 for Herakles and didn’t pass requirements for 3rd round.


Well After a sad review of the scoreboards, we sure needed some change of mood...which came from Bolt Trainer, who asked us: “Do you believe in Karma?

It Appears Usain Bolt, after getting a Mediocre score of 9:15sec in his first round, was able to reduce his time, getting a nice 9:04seconds and finishing first.

Barry “Quicksilver” Allen on the other hand added 2ms, which landed him in a 9:16seconds, finishing second.


It seems that after a long day at the tracks arena it is time for those who remain to rethink their strategies. One couldn’t tell if the 2nd round was their best effort or their worse.

*** This concludes the first day of the 100m sprint. We will reconvene tomorrow morning for the last round with the remain 6 runners ***


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*** With sky starting to clear up it’s the last day for the 100m sprint tournament, here at the Tracks and Fields Arena where 6 athletes will be competing for the Gold Medal ***

They are now getting ready to go up on the running tracks

Its interesting to note that over the past 12 hours we have witness some interesting debate over those who won the last round, Barry Allen was one of them, when 3 heads of states went into mind battle trying to figure out how he managed to be on 3 different tracks paths during the 1st round and then twice during the 2nd round.


Apparently this Barry –Master mind was able to trick the Games committee into signing his Identical Brothers to the games, which ended us up with “The Flash”, “QuickSilver” and just a simple “Barry Allen”. Never the less only one was capable of actually moving to the last round and that was : Barry “QuickSilver” Allen, From Free Guns for All.

It seems that while we reviewed last night Frenzy, the athletes already finished

From looking at the board one can see this tournament is going to be remembered for “not going according to plans”


Matilda Love from Devil Heart, decided to continue with “upgrading” her time records, going from 9:18 in the 1st round to 9:25 in the 2nd , to landing 10:49sec in the last round.

This is an extreme disappointment for an athlete that was once named “The Gazelle”


Usain Bolt with a very promising carrier athlete decided to do a bit of showing off when he started flipping his legs and hands, asking the fans to clap hands while he ran. Well it didn’t end well when during his 3rd legs clapping he lost his balanced and fell down.

One can see in this Footage:


Usain to the left with his flexi Muscles, Barry “QuickSilver” Allen in the middle and Jiri Novontny to the right.


Speaking of Jiri Novotny, from Galicia-Volhynia. This is an athlete that should have received much more attention.

He was able to take the rather Average 9:25seconds on the first round and lower it to 9:18seconds in the second round.

Many had high hopes that he will take a Golden for the Sprint, but he failed to do so by scoring 9:49seconds in the 3rd round.

Never the less it granted him the Silver Medal


We believe one of the more interesting runners today, maybe due to the gossip involving his name & his battle with Usain Bolt, Is none other than Barry “Quicksilver” Allen from Free Guns for All.

The guy did a lousy job on his 3rd round, and some of the judges stated that if it wasn’t for Usain Bolt Acrobatic moves that brought his downfall,

QuickSilver would have never won The Bronze Medal


Last but not forgotten is Jerry Wong from Ater Nox who was able to improved his time from the 2nd round, but wasn’t able to break his all time world record of 9:02seconds.

Never the less he was able to beat both all the other 5, putting him on 9:11seconds and landing him The Gold Medal



*** This Concludes our 100m Sprint Tournament with 3 Medalists ***

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** What a great day to be outdoors, with weather at 24c and blue sky with a touch of breeze **

Athletes are getting ready to compete in the Steeplechase that, according to Judge Nyrph will require more than just Good Stamina to win.

According to a short debrief several news channels received minutes ago. The Athletes really have a long journey a head of them:

They will start with a short run that should bring them to a 10 meter wall to climb, followed by another 300meter short up hill run, only to find themselves in front of a 400meter Downhill rolling.

Judge Mortimer G. Hornsnapple III stated, It doesn’t matter to us how they will roll, as long as they avoid The Goat & Cow poo, which seems to give penalty points.

Finishing those two “Obstacles” they will then have to Cross a Crocodile river with a rope, hopefully without falling into the water.


Then they will have to cross a 50 meter long Bat Cave without waking any bats.


Followed by a 250 meter thick Swamps , which according to Judge Hornsapple nothing in hell would make him do such a thing even if Drunk & offered a Billion Dollar.

Finally they will require to cross a 12 meter quick sand in a limited amount of jumps.

While we were told that the athletes will not be Time Scored, it still require Athletes to show Quickness, Flexible Body & Strategy.

** Well The first group suppose to start their race in the next 5 minutes. We will return to you again, once all athletes have finished the race, hopefully in one part **

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*** What a day its been, just following the athletes from obstacle to Obstacle made us think we are competing ourselves ***

It sure didn’t leave us time to take air, unless you can count the “endless” rolling down part.

Well The last of athletes has made it to the finish line 20minutes ago and the Judges are working on the endless red type of Penalty points.

* For those of you who haven’t been to the morning Debriefing *

Medalists will be chosen today for having the lowest number of Penalty points acquired by going through all the parts of the tracks.

We have just been informed that the judges have published the scores:





Well, just by looking at the scoreboard one can get a series headache!!

With all the numbers who can tell who’s against who?!

Well to our luck we have bought this interesting Mini Book : “Into the Mind of a Judge”, which should bring some sense into this Table.

Since this event was long and complex, we will try to stick to the basics of incidents and failures VS Bravery & “Unjustice”

First part was to climb a 10 meter wall:

Orga Smuss from Theostelos was nice enough to grace us with one of the worse climbing strategies the judges ever seen.

It seems she tried 4.5 times….We said 4.5 because half way through 5th try, she lost her grip and landed on Mr. Sparkles P. Pony (NewTexas Mini Me aid in battle).

To Mini Me luck, he wasn’t there. It seems Mini Me was praying during accident for good luck in his Climbing Journey:


Well little did he know…

To return to Ogra Smuss. Because she failed so Miserably to climb the 10meter wall,
she was given a 1.8 meter wall…Pay attention to the tears of joy in her eyes when she finally got to the top…


Laruen Daniels from Dendor was a sad story as well. At the Size of Mini Me, Ms. Daniels strength skills didn’t help her when she climbed the wall, and was required to do so 5 times.

When asked later why she wasn’t given the same choice as Ogra Smuss? Judge Mariko stated: “her look was too innocent and frankly Ogra Smuss Scared me half to death”.

As some of the guests commented earlier today, it is really her size that made her fail.
She needed 6 jumps to clean the Quick Sand part and a total of 34p was given to her.

Then Came “Rolling down the Hill” Episode:


Timmy 'the Tripper' Kentfrom UmmaGumma was another misfortune. Without thinking
twice Timmy decided to rush, during the Rolling… did A Hobo Dance steps, took A Mid screw swing and found himself with A Concussion half way down the hill.

We were able to get our hands on a footage of him and others Athletes in the area:


Ezri from Trecdom to the left, was rolling while holding A Beer Can. Well let us just tell you it didn’t end well for Ezri.
He “Hammered Himself” on 20 Cow Poo, And landed a bad 20p.

Lancer from The Changeling Horde, received a special attention during the rolling phase when Judge Mortimer G. Hornsnapple III notice he was doing an Acrobat Wind Surfing movement in order to avoid any Goat & Cow Poo.

Well while Lancer didn’t win any medal, and actually was in The Top Worse Penalty points range. His Unique and innovating Spirit granted him the first “Elisse Heroes” award in the Summer Games.

Then came the Rope Event, where Athletes had to cross a 20 meter river crowded with crocodiles and who knows what else:


Kathrine Rider from Palman, was able to show great athletic Endurance, first by climbing the wall in 1 try, then by waking up only 1 bat and crossing the Swamps in an amazing 7 minutes.
Unfortunately, her downfall was during the Crocodile river crossing
. While she did cross in just two tries. She ended the crossing with a flip jump and landed in the bushes, which caused a major injury.


Then Came the Bat Cave Frenzy which started with a long 5 meter mining tunnel & ended up in a spooky mud cave:

Well it should have been a sleepy 5 meter mining Tunnel, till Shanti Melsach from Picos Elissa de Los Tres Valles, decided to venture inside in her Clapping high Heels,
which ended up with 10 Penalty points for her and this rather terrifying footage:


Those high heels didn’t help her along the way as she ended up the race with the second worse Penalty score (52 points).

Then we had the pleasure of meeting A. Mary Daerby from Barrarabian Butlers, who due to her Anemic sicken Look, was able to crawl the long cave without a single bat even showing interest in her.

BUT It seems “The Luck” of A. Mary Daerby was mostly due to a clever Decoy Maneuver!!!

Planning a head, Daerby has sent her Maid “Kimo” to lead the way…then Daerby “gonged” and all of the sudden 37 bats struck down her Maid “Kimo”, while Daerby was going the “higher way” passing silently from above.....


Here we can see “Kimo” getting out of the muddy Cave:


After so many freaky incidents we might as well get to the winners today:

Belli Lateralis from Hotrodia, is a well known Persona in the Tracks and Fields tournaments. She was able to take down the 10 meter wall in one try.
Roll on exactly 1 Poo which later was found out to be a Deadly Mushroom. She did however had the misfortune of trying 5 times to cross the river but gave an “Im every woman performance”


When she lost her grip on the rope in her 5th time,
flipped and landed gracefully on the other side of the bank .
waking only 3 bats and using only 4 jumps at the quick sand has granted her a total score of 9 Penalty points and landed her The Gold Medal.


Jamukha Jadaran from Temujins Mongolian Empire, was also able to demonstrate a great performance throughout the Race, and if it wasn’t for her bad 6 Cow poo hits,
she would have won first prize. Never the less her Final score of 10penalty points have landed her The Silver Medal.


Grace Harrison from Wuufu has also shown great performance throughout her race today, her only weak point was the Quick Sand, not only did she have to do 6 jumps, which landed her a an extra 2 penalty points compare to others, but she finished in a very none Graceful way as one can see from the Footage:


Never the less she was able to secure a final score of 12 points and with Mini Me from NewTexas, has landed A Bronze Medal.


**** This Concludes our SteepleChase Tournament with 4 Medalists and a bit above average Incidents ****

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*** Well it’s a fine Afternoon with feathered clouds and warm 22c at the Lake of 1000 birds

Or used to be 1000 birds till the RR Orbital belong to Deadcatistan crashed nearby a year ago

well, now its just 200 birds but its too expensive to change the name..... ***

The Athletes Couples already started the Pedalo Love Boat Race , 10 minutes ago and from the crowd it sounds as if of the boats are insight and close to the finish line.

Unlike normal Boat races, The Pedalo is a rather clumsy transportation and while its normally being used for the surreal pleasure of going nowhere in a lake

Today they will have to cross a 5km lake from one bank to the next, using Strength but also

Endurance that will be impact by their:

Moral, Happiness, Aggression and how well they were able to sustain Injuries inflected by their Loving Spouse!!!

Well with the scores being published as we speak, we will be able to once and for all see who is cut to sustain marriage for a long time and who’s not a surviving Material.




It’s seems we have couples from all walks of life: Emperors, High Court, Government Officials, the Average Youth(just got married) and others…

Our first interesting couple is First Empress Louisa and The Emperor of Grand Commonwealth from The Duckyian Empire.

The Couple was seen too Giddy in their Luxury Pedalo boat which Judge Hyacinth Aciditéi, kept looking at... trying to figure out if it also has enough space to entertain one of her Candlelight supper.


Well The Emperor has probably done something wrong because half way to the finish line, First Empress Louisa threw a Champaign glass at him,

it escalated when it didn’t seem to bother him which made her threw a wine casket at him inflicting 3 injuries in his upper and lower lip.


Another Hot Imperial Couple had his fallout. Supreme Khan Temujin Borjigin & Grand Empress Borte Ujin from Temujins Mongolian Empire have decided to do A

6 hours cruise this morning and ended up in a steamy Chocolate fondue as part of the Couples Therapy day.

Well it seems the idea of “Spouses need free time to themselves” didn’t sink well.

It seems that all the "Peace and Quiet" made Grand Empress Borte Ujin "lose it".

She stood up and when trying to motivate her spouse to talk to her, she slipped and fell into the water, taking several injuries the entire rescue process led to them losing the round (got to finish line after 20:45minutes)



You know it’s always the Quiet ones you need to keep your eyes on!!! :

Hefron Suminious & Toola Chumpski from Deep South Borland a traditional religious old couple who still believe in the scared vows of woman in the kitchen. The overall moral and happiness of the couple was rather low (33 & 35).

Judge Mariko stated she was amazed when, with 10 points at aggression, you didn’t see a single Injury inflected on the wife and guessed the emotional distress her husband put her through, was probably the reason the couple was able to finish the race with 15:52minutes, which gave them a clear pass to the second round.

A Similar story was brought to us in the Image of Stahma & Datak Tarr from NewTexas.

While the two had a nice score of Moral 82p, they did however score even lower than the previous couple at Happiness(30p).

It seems Stahma found out that Datak has used the family bathtub with his mistress while Drinking her favorite all exclusive “Sockitoomee”.



Sockitoomee (Non-alcoholic beverage) Words Inc.


Well unlike the previous wife, Stahma didn’t hold back and decided to tease her husband with an Alien Charge Blade.


Suffice to say that it was enough of a motivation to make Datar Pedal the last 1.7km in a speed of light & they both received A nice time score of 13:59minutes.

Andrew & Kendra Lewis from Dendor showed an astonishing capabilities at the first round of the race.

They scored the highest combi of points in Moral(99) and Happiness(98) but that didn’t stop them from slashing at each other, apparently their Marriage counselor told Andrew last night to always be honest with his wife and when Kendra brought up during the race her new Ankle bracelet.

Andrew said: "it compliments your Cankles" which made her push him away while she climbs their Pedalo built-in water slide and sliding into the rocky waters (injuring herself in the process).

Lucky for them, the Cankles incident cost them only 5 seconds penalty points and they finished in 15:24.


Julius and Augustus from Kzaria, were on their 3rd happy our Honeymoon trip when they heard about the Pedalo Love boat race - told us Julius earlier today.

The two wanted to reignite the flame which didn’t go well with a Mediocre Moral, High level of aggression 7/10 and full swing of Injuries (not from the S&M hobby they both shared), resulted in a bad 19:05minutes time score and they lost the round.


At the end of the Race, Judge “Garfield Rio Grande” Roger stated to several news channels his opinion on married couples, saying:” if this round has taught us anything, is that you have two types of people:

Those who can’t keep their mouth shut form blabbing about their affairs or big Cankles &

Those who know how to use their counter aggression to gain winning points, I would put my money on the last”


*** Well this concludes the first round of Pedalo Love boat race with only 24 Couples moving to the second round that will be held tomorrow afternoon ***

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*** Its The last Round of The Pedalo Love Boat Race with 24 Couples aiming for the Golds ***

Unlike Yesterday weather, today is a bit cloudy, the feather clouds from yesterday afternoon have been replaced by thick Thunderstorm clouds although chances of rain are slim thanks to a new weather machine


Of course if that will fail, there is always the old witch from Hansel & Gretel Day care center imageskl_zpsaf5cdb94.jpg

Or Little Pompom the Voodoo girl 383fecbc-bdb2-43b6-a448-f2d20da5600c_zps

Well we had an hack of a start today. While The 24 couples were waiting at the opening line to hear the gun fires…..

Judge Mariko Santarosa, seemed to be having a problem with her gun. Apparently the Judge forgot that the “trigger guard” was on and she started banging the Gun “Hammer” on the judges table, which automatically made everyone back off from the table.

Then she apologized stating it was a new chic la freak gun She recently received for singing the opening note at the Canadian Stampede.


Several people have asked her to let it go and just open the race already but she ignored them and decided to check the muzzle to see if something was stuck there, by sticking her finger inside.

At that point & out of nowhere Judge Nryph grabbed Judge Mariko from behind and tackled her down while Judge Rogers quickly taking the gun away & firing his own personal gun – letting the couples start the race.

Well that little fiasco was 30 minutes ago & we were just told the judges have submitted the Scores:



Well for those who haven’t been during the judges debriefing earlier, you will probably notice a new Parameter: ”24 Spouse QA”, the judges decided it would be a good indication for high low moral.

Also compare to yesterday race, each of the Parameter gives either a ( + or - ) one minute as a Penalty to the “Time to finish line” each couple scored.

First we had Veronika Rebrenovich and Andre Becotte from The Bruce. The couple who started with the 2nd highest Moral indicator, hit some rough spots during the pedaling

When Andre Becotte couldn’t answer a single question right regarding his lovely spouse Veronkia.

It is hard to explain why Veronika with 64p in Aggression lacked the interest in inflicting major injuries to her spouse and instead – in a silly attempt to stand still while she screams at him – tripped and fingered his left eye,

Which ended with the couple getting The Worse time score in the race 22:33minutes.


Then we had COSA Agent 69891 from Aetaris. This was one of those rare occasions when you don’t quite sure how to describe it. Aetaris decided to send to the Summer Games, 1 athlete claiming he was two due to his Boarding Personality Disorder.

Well He was truly boarding with something!!! He received an interesting 10p Moral but a 90p Happiness & an Aggression of 65p. Judge Mortimer G. Hornsnapple III intervene immediately to explain (stating he took 1 course of revers psychology in beach academy).

According to the Judge: COSA Agent 69891 started with an high Happiness rating but when he had to debate with his “other half” whether to speed up or not, he got into an argument with himself

Which resulted in an aggression rising up to 65p. He then he decided to hurt his "other half body" (meaning his own to those who are by now confused at home) and found out “it hurts”.
So he stopped. Unable to hurt his other but still feeling aggression, his moral Dropped to 10p.

In This footage one can see his right hand in a punch form:


Soo Much Drama at sea really makes you wonder how good you are to yourself or to your different half’s.

Well without to much Suspense lets move to the Winners in this lovely but long race:


First we have Mr & Mrs Smithson from Elke and Elba. The two middle age couple started their race with a rather grumpy mood which resulted in a 8p Happiness.

While Mr Smithson was able to answer 16 out of 24 question, he answered all the important one (to the MRS) as incorrectly which ignite a circle of violence with the wife inflicting her husband some serious injuries.

To the couple luck, the injuries have Sparked Mr. Smithson Moral & put him into 1st gear – resulting in the Smithson’s getting first to the finish line and landing The Gold Medal


Second came Angelique Murcle & Kermit Jong-Un from Barrarabian Butlers which were very promote at pedaling but then Angelique got Turned On by dirty play and decided to damage another team chances of winning.

Apparently, Angelique was rather annoyed with her spouse but decided it wasn’t wise to take the "Only Pedal Man on board" & the chance to win a medal.

So she decided to take down another couple. Witnesses said that The Barrarabian couple spotted Hedda Lettuce & Snatch Hunter from Scow Creek.

The Barrarabian couple started pedaling in full force in order to tackle them down, but Snatch Hunter with his quick wit was able to avoid the collision and resume pedaling in full speed to the finish line

As one can see from this footage Angelique Murcle & Kermit Jong-Un in the are left behind:


Judge Nyrph commented that the dirt game by Angelique have cost them greatly.

With Scow Creek (14:17minutes) taking The Silver Medal & Barrarabian (14:57minutes) taking The Bronze.


And Finally, Elsa & Hansus Mass from Sepur Land, have graced us with an epic fail to comply with directions.

It seems the two in their illusionist voyage decided to use their new and improved GPS which was promised according to the couple, to bring them in the shortest time to the other side…

Well with both GPS on and Cruise control they took their mind of the water and found themselves 2 minutes later in the middle of nowhere with Crocodiles lurking in the water.

The couple didn’t lose hope and asked a local "out of the bloom" fisherman for directions back.

Due to the wife high aggression forward her husband and his love for idiotic gadgets, they were able to get to the finish line, scoring a 14:57minutes and landing the second Bronze Medal


***Well This Conclude our Pedalo Love Boat Race, with 4 Medalists and 24 Grumpy Couples that hopefully wont kill their spouses on the way back to the Olympic Village ***

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*** In An Effort to enable the Athletes meet their Team mates for the Up and Coming K-2 Mix Nations ***


The Judges have publish in advance the Match Ups for the K-2 Championship, which first Round will be held tomorrow afternoon


The Match Ups can not be altered!!

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** What a fine and exciting day we have here, where athletes are getting ready to hit the water with their pointy kayak boats **

* According to Judge Rogers, there will be 3 rounds in 3 different type of water *

Today Athletes will experience the soft innocent waters of “Vierge en Croute” River.
This is a flat no waves no wind river where the Mix teams will just have to demonstrate Strength alone.

Judge Mariko who was put down with an Elephant Tranquilizer yesterday, can be seen in the back row, with pink glass’s and Extravaganza Hat.

Earlier she commented that feeding her 97 old mother a fruity Jelly every morning would probably be more exciting than this.. well lets hope it will be a bit more exciting...

** It seems the teams are ready and Judge roger just fired the opening shot **

It should be stated that we normally do not see mix nation athletes together in k-2 and it will require a lot of co ordinance from each team to beat the other teams.


Well The Score sheets were just published


Well we have to agree with Judge Mariko the scenery of the flat water race today was, well, there wasn’t much going on.

38 teams competed in 19 small scale events competition to determine who will pass to the next round.

We did see how ever some worth mentioning incidents of the Appliances type:

Derek Savage from Syd Vicious who didn’t have a partner for the race, received an I Robot Cleaner to participate with him.

They had to compete against Helen McDonald from Ater Nox and Ferrous da Silva from Hotrodia.

To Derek Savage lack of luck, The I Robot was lost at sea(river) due to “No Room Boundaries” which Derek forgot to calibrate.

Here we can see Derek wearing his Mourning Hat after he lost “I” at sea (and later lost the race)


to Those who wonder if the I Robot was just a setback, well Eda Nafur from Picos Elissa de los Tres Valles, also received an I Robot when she competed against, Kaylee Noatak from Palman and Sophia Watsik from Elici.


It seems The I Robot had a Malfunction as Picos “I” was also committed suicide mysteriously!!!

Never the less, Eda Nafur without loosing time on wearing a mourning hat, was able to get to the finish line, beating the other team by 4 seconds.

One last event really captured our eyes

It was the competition between Mila Tova from Innato & French Vanilla from The Candy Lane, against Koshei Jitsu from Verona & Sir Dante Irminsul from NeoPacificus.

The Wysterian 10KI team, decided to use tactic in this rather simple 1st round event and showed up wearing full Nordic outfits with Kayak Camouflage that look like Viking boat.

The two were able to Mesmerize the Yggdrasil Couple and finished in a huge almost half minute gap.


*** This Concludes our 1st round of K-2 Tomorrow noon we will hold the 2nd & Last 3round of K2***

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*** We are here at The Virgins of Eternal Bliss River, where 18 teams will race in in White waters Frenzy ***

The Match ups were already organized earlier by Judge Nyrph and can be seen in this mini board:


Unlike yesterday where the average time was about 3:60minutes, today Judges concluded that time, given the high water stream, will be on the 1:35minutes Average.

Well we just heard Judge Rogers Gun fired and hopefully in about 5 minutes we will get results.


Well from the scoreboard that was just published one can see that 4 couples received a pardon:

Katie Spotz from Richard and Natalie Pratt from Dendor were competing against Ulysses from The Changeling Horde and Bryngeir Nielsson from Senjard.

The two teams ended up the race with 1:33 time tie and were granted pass to the last round.
When we asked the judges for explanation, Judge Mortimer G. Hornsnapple III stated that both team were able to show great technical maneuver when they were trapped together at the Whirlpool.
Their ability to exit at the same time while using the other team swirl as a counter force to their row, has granted them both a pass to the final round.



Our Freakishly Team of Mila Tova from Innato and French Vanilla from The Candy Lane, were competing against Nami Stilwater from Earth Federation and Doctor Octopus from NewTexas.

Well the Wysterian 10ki Team had an hard time to keep up with the 10KI Texan team,

As one can see Mila Tova (without the Wig) & French Vanilla Struggling in this Footage:


But when they both got to famous “The Blue Ankle Slalom”, Doctor Octopus made a wrong move with one his Paddles and hit Nami Stilwater, making her lose her balance and flipping the Kayak.
That gave Mila Tova and French Vanilla the Advantage and the two old blondies, passed their rivals and won a pass to the last round.

Stilwater and Octopus lost in A Trans can be seen in this footage that was captured by a foreign news channel:



Last worth mentioning Team was with Ezekiel Borntrager from Lone Star Diplomatic Mission and Michael Kirby from Guy II.

The two had to compete against Aoi Futaba from Goddess Relief Office and Mikhail Vetar from Scepez.
Well both teams were right by each other racing to the finish line when all of the sudden, Borntrager and Kirby were struck by heavy turbulence, while Futaba & Vetar were gaining advantage.

The Spiritus Texas Team didn’t lose hope and decided to use the famous “Dig me a Paddle under the sea” flip flop maneuver.


Which required first Kirby to go underwater holding his breath, and positioning Borntrager in a str8 forward position and then they flipped again, making Borntrager sink to the Abyss while Kirby is on top.

The Famous Maneuver forced their kayak to exit the area and gave them enough speed to not only position themselves again, side by side with RIA and Yggdrasil team but to actually beat them by 1 second.

*** Well this concluded out 2nd Round of K-2, The Judges have ordered a 2 hours break before we will resume for the 3rd(last) round ***

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*** Well it’s the final round of the K-2 race with 11 teams left to compete for the Gold medal ***

Unlike the previous 2 rounds, this one features a 5km length against the stream, to the finish line.
Earlier we were able to capture all teams gathering together for Judge Mortimer G. Hornsnapple III debriefing before entering the water.


5 minutes later Judge Rogers fired the opening shot and they were off


Its been 7 minutes now and we are already hearing the fans shouts and screams of excitement…

While we are waiting for the judges to count all teams and publish results, we were told earlier that an official complaint was filed by Greg Moving TheArmz from Shy Guyia & Wilfred Woodfern from New Ecopia for what they considered a lack of proper boundaries during the race at the second round.

According to the complaint , in mid race, they were lost their grip when they were cut by a Kayak with 3 Weirdos in a Rabbit Hat


The Olympic Park decided to compensate the team(Even though they moved to the last round) by sending them to an all expenses paid vacation at Devil Heart

Old Fashioned Holiday Destinations devilheartbillboardsmall_zps98f1461e.png


Well, the judges have published the scores for the last round with some shocking results


First is Meredith Patterson from Stormaen who led the Canadian-10KI Team. She was ”lucky enough” to get an un co-operative teammate.
It seems Aersoldorf Kayak-er disapproved of the sitting position in the Kayak and actually neglected to start rowing at the start.
This Stubborn has cost them both time and they finished at 13:02, about 2+ minutes longer from the Average of 10:46 minutes.

7 Minutes after the opening fire, we were able to see a fabulous Quattro shape:


U.B : The Changeling Horde & Snejard Team

C.N : Aetaris & Almonaster Nuveo Team

J.M : Star Trek & The Grendels Team

M.F : Innato & The Candly Lane Team

And now for our Winners:


A Great performance was seen by Ezekiel Borntrager from Lone Star Diplomatic Mission & Michael Kirby from Guy II who were able due to cutting stream technique (usually used in open water with heavy rip currents) to cut time.
They were the first to cross the finish line, landing them The Gold Medal

Along with the Gold Medal they were also able to set a new k-2 record for 5km against stream, finishing the race at 8:47minutes, Compare to previous Record that was held by an Herzelian Couple at 8:57minutes.


Next we had Katie Spotz from Richard and Natalie Pratt from Dendor. The two were Ying and Yang .
Such a smooth and tender rowing motions. Even when they hit some strong current, they were still able to bypass it in just 3 slow gentle rows.

We would have liked to state that it could have been their downfall and their gentle rows were the reason for them ending second place, but the distance gap opened between them and The Texas-Spiritus team was simply too big to close even if they row faster.

Never the less, they we able to secure the second place, ending the race at 9:08 and landing The Silver Medal



Last but not least are Mila Tova from Innato and French Vanilla from The Candy Lane. They had an extremely tight competition with our Silver medalists on the one side and Cosa Agent 77238 from Aetaris and Nureta Chalupa from Almonaster Nuveo on the other side.
With 2 seconds different, Mila & Frenc were able to beat first to the finish line at 9:12minutes, landing a Nice Bronze Medal.


***This Concludes our K-2 Competition with 3 Medalists, 1 Broken record & One Elisse Heroes Award ***

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An exciting day at The Lalic Combat Mastery Arena were guests have already filled the 65,000 seats.

The Arena which is split into 3 venues have hosted since the afternoon more than 12 boxing matches and they are now in the process of finishing the last 3 matches.

*** It seems the 1st round started without much fuss ***


With the Results for 1st round:


Several matches are worth mentioning:

Pain Tbrush from Innato was able Dempsey Roll shifting his weight rather quickly from left to right and then threw several punches Simultaneously.

Unfortunately for him Silva from Syd Vicious anticipated Tbrush already known tactics and while TBrush was shifting, Silva ducked low like the Shimmering Peacock and used a Gazelle Punch to hit TBrush Jaw in full force.

This little blow knocked TB unconscious and secured Silva a pass for the next round.


Another interesting fight was between Chris Kirk of Etild and Connor Casey from Scow Creek.

Kirk tried an "O-Neutral" tactic by going str8 for the jaws.
He did a left Jab following by a quick right hook.
Casey was able to avoid the hook and hit Kirk with a Mighty Hook left followed by a Sweep to the right which Kirk didn’t anticipate.

At that moment Kirk tried escape to the right as well which was a mistake that Casey used to his advantage by making his famous Hyena CounterPuncher.
The last knocked kirk down and granted Casey a pass to the 2nd round.


An Unusual but still worth mentioning fight was between Uppar Kut from South Titania and Minti Sue Preez the biggest Midget in Texas.

Well Kut had the Advantage all from the start, with athletic figure at 5’8” Kut was able to Juggle Minti, playing with her the “lets Kick the Carrot” Punches.


Then for some unknown and Bizzare reason, Uppar Kut decided to change tactics. Kut moved into the Peek-A-Boo Defense, probably in an effort to laugh at the midget.

Well that signed Kut Downfall as Minti Sue Preez – While Kut is doing another cycle of Peek-A-Boo – decided to roll backward twice(to the corner of the boxing arena).

Then Minti stood on her legs and started running forward Uppar Kut and used a rather rare “Jumping Uppercut” which knocked Kut backward and on the floor, landing Minti Sue Preez a pass to the next round.

*** Tomorrow we will hold the 2nd , 3rd & last round of the Boxing Championship ***
Edited by Zybodia

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*** Well it’s the 2nd and of the Boxing Championship ***

The Boxing Matches started earlier as judges expects at least 4 rounds to be held today

A Nice Combination of Athletes competed today head to head as one can see from the Match board


And the Results have arrived


Pugsley West from Lardon Atya started with an awful start when he positioned himself to the left side of Ivan Drago from Galicia-Volhynia, and tried to Jab and Grab him,
well that didn’t go very well as Drago hit him with a straight and sent West swirl before he resume balanced.

Dragon waited for him to resume balanced before giving him another Straight but West duck (Judge Nryph stated one could see the duck wasn’t due to tactics but he tried to catch some air),

well regardless of what was the reason, it saved West which in favor delivered two Heads & Hooks.

West used his head to push against Drago body, while able to land left and right hooks without looking up. The first knocked Drago of his balanced and the second one landed his downfall.


Another interesting fight was between Nichols Jon from Zedale and Dyrth from Zybodia.
Dyrth, also named “Clunk” entered into Defense, doing an evasive moves without even touching Jon. This Evasive Tactics also called the "Naked Buffalo" is designed to bring the opponent to exhaustion.

Jon realizing that his opponent is trying to exhaust him decided to play "dead of spirit", that brought Dyrth into an Attack position which Jon used to recover and go into full swing offense

Jon used an interesting combination of a Jab followed by another Cross.

Dyrth went into defense position (for real this time) and tried to lower his head while covering it with his hands but then Jon surprised with a Left uppercut which popped Dyrth head up and finished him with a Cross. Which ended the match with Nichols Jon moving the 3rd round.


**We will continue to bring you reports throughout the day as rounds will progress**

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** 3rd & 4th Round with 1 worthy fight and 1 weird technical ending**




During the 3rd round its worth mentioning the fight between Kim Un-Guk from Woonsocket and Chakotay from Trecdom.

Chakotay went for The Straight punch right from the start which Kim Un-Guk was able to avoid with a quick legs work, the force needed for the straight punch has left Chakotay in a 3 seconds unbalance which gave Un-Guk the opportunity to use an “HayMaker” from the right (traditionally used from the left), which surprised Chakotay.

They Un-Guk tried to Cross-Cross Chakotay who escaped by ducking backward only to return a second later giving Un-Guk a Right Cross followed by left hook and again a Right cross which left Un-Guk searching for air.

Un-Guk decided to charge forward(looked more like he lost balanced and fell forward) which Chakotay used the moment to attract Un-Guk like a matador who attract a bull, and then moved out of the way, landing a shot in the process and winning the match.


“Check Hook”




During the 4th Round Minti Sue Preez from Picos Elissa de los tres valles has entered into a Marathon Frenzy with Jacques de L'escargot from HotRodia.

Due to a comment done by L'escargot before the match about Sue Preez outfit…


She just wouldn’t give up, she circled and ran all a cross the boxing ring without hitting, her opponent..... which made both Judges, L'escargot & Guests Sigh.

The match lasted above the time limit with an even results which required a new match which again didn’t succeed in getting winning point to either side.

As a result the Judges decided to allow both to move to final round.

** Last round is expected to start in 3 hours from now and will Determine the Winners at the Boxing Championship **

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***It’s the last round of the Boxing Championship where 3 matches will decide who will take the gold medals ***

The Lalic Combat Mastery Arena is humming with anticipation for the up and coming matches, which all 3 will be shown on the board at real time.



And the results are here



Jacques de L'escargot from HotRoda went head to head with Franky O’Sullivan from The Bruce.

They both circled to the right when L'escargot lowered his back hand giving O’Sullivan the impression that a heavy hook was coming up, while he actually used his leading hand to land O’Sullivan a powerful blow.

While one might think its enough to throw someone off his balanced, it simply made O’Sullivan Angry and he started a direct aggressiveness approach forward L'escargot, using 2 cross (right followed by left), followed by a leaping uppercut.

O’Sullivan dived when L'escargot tried to Cross him to the right and returned a favor by extending his Arm and with full power Sent an HayMaker.

That landed O’Sullivan The Gold Medal as he finished the entire match in 1:52minutes.


Next we had Minti Sue Preez from Picos Elissa de los tres valles who went against Bob N. Weaver from Barrarabian Butlers.

Sue Preez started with a Check Hook that went Sour and South when Weaver used the ropes to do a jump to the air, that of course gave a Penalty point to Weaver which ended with him being dragged by the Judge from the boxing ring for a little chat.

When he returned a Fresh match started (with a warning to Weaver and time penalty for both).
Sue Preez tried to do a PullCounter by leaning towards Weaver and then drawing her head back rapidly to evade the thrown punch and then counter it with a straight.

Well she miss calculated his intentions as the Thrown counter punch never came!!! Instead Weaver Counterbalanced her attack with a Gazelle Punch.

ducking low and rising full force to hit her in the face which knocked her down and landed Weaver The Silver Medal at 2:45minutes.


Last but not forgotten was the fight between Mondragonia Athlete and Tucker Tomarson from Tukenzzia.

Mondragonia Athlete started the fight with an offensive stance going for the majestic Jab followed by Straight punch. While he did succeed at the two, the force that he implemented according to Judge Rogers wasn’t enough to knock Tomarson down, Instead Tomarson lost his balanced.

That didn’t stop Mondragonia from giving him an "High Hill Down low" Cross right punch which sent Tomarson swirling for 3 seconds.

While Tomarson regain Balance, Mondragonia athlete was busy showing off to the observers seats, boosting his ego.

When he turn he noticed Tomarson was already in a fighting position. He started moving forward Tomarson who backstep jab allowing him to do a little to no power punch while retreating.

Mondragonia moving forward Tomarson in order to close on him actually put him in Tomarson trapap who in a flick of a second changed his position from Defense to Offense – throwing a right hand followed by a rarely used Pivot clockwise on the front foot ending by a right Uppercut.

That sent Mondragonia to the floor and landed Tomarson The Bronze Medal at 2:57minutes.


*** This Concludes our Boxing Championship with 3 Medalists ***

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*** It has been a heck of a day at the Bersa Archery Arena where 79 participants took their turn in shooting targets ***

** One could see how some of our participants were getting excited from just holding their guns or Rifles which is more than one could say for their spouses in the back **

Judge Rogers who gave the debriefing early morning stated that unlike Normal shooting events, this one will consist of 3 rounds in which first two will require Pistol 60 & Rifle 125.


While the last round will require them to do Pistol 60 + Rifle 125 + Rifle Double 1 Direction (250 Traps) + Rifle Double split Directions (250 Traps)

Well lets look at the Results:


Dr. Susan Kleberg from Picos Elissa de los tres valles who is the daughter of a well known Texan General, was Picos Hope to bring home a medal.

Unfortunately, while she had first two good rounds, gaining above 600p in both.
Her downfall at the 3rd round was due to Pistol, getting only 463, and missing almost 30x2 traps in Rifle DB 1D.


Another known Persona was of course Paula Wifmere from Etild who was the only participant to Bullz-eye hit each of the Pistol 60 targets at the 1st round.

She landed the highest score at the 1st round with 709!!

Unfortunately it didn’t last long and she was down by 8 missed targets in the pistol 60 2nd round and while she was able to regain her mastery in the 3rd round in Pistol (557p), her Rifle 1Trap was simply too low, which made her lose the Bronze by 2 points. Truly a bitter end.


An Old Legend has graced us today. Alfred Kromhaus III from The Bruce. An Elder at the Royalist Society.

Seeing him in previous shooting events, one can truly understand the Old School Mastery & Charm.

In the First round he was able to show great technique while using the rifle, only missing 4 traps.

It seems that during the 2nd round his age got to him and he began to shake from excitement or because the Parkinson medicine stopped to influence, we are not sure which.
Not only he missed 17 pistol targets but in his last try, he lost grip of his gun and while hitting the floor – triggered – and hit Judge Mariko Santarosa Fashionable hat!!


A Lot of Hopes were put on Steve Cain from Free Guns for All, who recently represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games.

It seems that while he might have shown great performance at his previous games, his 3rd round was simply Mediocre at best.

He gained 481p in pistol (90p lower than previous round) & had an average Rifle 125 of 102p. Showed nice shooting experience at the Rifle DB 1D but when the time for Rifle DB Split D, he failed miserably.

It seems that for Steve Cain, a Born & Raised cross-eyed, the two traps splitting to different directions, were just too much.


Data from Star Trek gave A bad performance in the 1st round hitting exactly 30 out of 60 targets with pistol. His trainer commented that Data had a twisted circuit which caused it.


Then Data moved to Rifle 125 and was able to show the worse performance in that category scoring 41p out of 125. Which we are sure couldn’t be explained by a silly malfunction.

Now to our Medalists:


Captain Gavin Squall from Havensky gave us throughout the rounds a Superb performance in Pistol 60 targets, and didn’t go bellow 500p. While he did with a bad Rifle 125 score of 45.

He was able to regain tactics and coolness and got 110/125 traps in his 2nd round.

His 3rd round started with a great 587p in Pistol, a bit on the low 104/125p in Rifle but his quickness and precision in Rifle 250 traps 1D have landed him a nice 215/250p.
With a final score of 1087p and landing him The Gold Medal



Queen Chrysalis from The Changeling Horde, in her human form, gave also a superb performance through the competition.


With a nice score of 557p on pistol 60 and a good score of 97/125p traps.
Unlike her rival from Havensky, Queen Chrysalis, while showing great performance in all 3 Rifle Categories in the 3rd round, Score bellow the 500 in Pistol 60 during her 3rd round.

Never the less she was able to land The Silver Medal.


Last is Gustav Graves from Benevolent Thomas.

While he was never bellow 520p in Pistol 60, his rather low precision ability in Rifle DB 1D has granted him just 138/250p which summed to 1031p, Landing him The Bronze Medal


*** This Concludes our Shooting Category tournament in Modern Pentathlon with 3 new Medalists ***

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*** It’s a stormy day outside but to our luck we are all tucked in The Devnir Aquatic Center which due to new renovations done lately by donations from Tutlee Springs & Quark’s Bar, it is now boosting 65,000 seats split on 4 Olympic size pool venues ***

:flash: Quark.jpg :flash: FunPhotoBox3141551731gxckfw_zpsc2e85a35. :flash:

Well its been an interesting day with our 79 participants from yesterday shooting category “taking their time” – Literally – in competing in 200m Freestyle swimming.


Originally Judge Mortimer G. Hornsnapple III was suppose to be head judge in this tournament but it seems last night he got totally drunk, and tried to make a pass on Judge Nryph, who in return made sure he will pass out.

So while Judge Hornsnapple is resting at Nurse NightInJail Memorial Hospital & Judge Nryph is still nowhere to be found.

The Swimming 200m has been ran all morning, by once Again Judge Rogers with the Mild help to no help of Judge Santarosa.




Lets check the results:

Gustav Graves from Benevolent Thomas who yesterday won the Bronze Medal in Shooting, have gave us a 1st round Superb performance, scoring the shortest time in this tournament of 1:34:59 minutes and breaking the previous record of 1:40:00 minutes.

The broken record has landed him an “Ellise Heroes” Award.

In his 2nd round he continued with a nice 1:36:55 minutes which granted him a pass to the 3rd round, but failed miserably to get the bronze by getting + 5seconds.

A footage of his face Impression after he saw the 3rd round results:


Then we had Inigo Montoya from Woonsocket who decided to bring a Duck lookalike floating cushion.

Two ushers appeared out of nowhere and confiscated it. It seems Inigo couldn’t take his mind off of the Cushion which probably got him his downfall, scoring the worse finish time of 2:21:48 minutes.
Annoyed by the results he marched to the Judges table and announced loud & clear: “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You took away my Floating Cushions, prepare to die”,

one could have seen his wife in the background rolling eyes & saying: “not again”.
Judge Rogers was quick to put his hand on his gun but Judge Mariko intervene, putting her hand on Inigo shoulder, saying : “we will get you a new Cushion” and nodding to the medical personal to come and sedate him.

Soo much drama... & What is a Tournament without some Barrarabian Mellow Drama ?!

Well Bruse’Car Dachien from Barrarabian Butlers, who showed a Mediocre at best performance, yesterday during the shooting tournament, decided he wont leave his winning to a “chance”.

He used a floating shark decoy to divert the guests & judges attention, while he was using diving instruments to swim (without taking his head above water) - giving him an advantage on others.


To Bruse’Car Dachien lack of luck, he dived with his head to deep, letting water enter instead of air, which caused him to chock.

While Judge Hyacinth Aciditéi was more than willing to disqualify him from the race, it seems that his delegation connection with the "De Gent" Family House Manager altered that decision.


Now to our tournament Winners:


Kosmo Tausendsassa from Theostelos, gave us a great performance in all 3 rounds, with time score not going above 1:39minutes.

He was the only swimmer to start the first round with Backstrokes – his strongest style. Finishing at 1:35:22 minutes.

In his 2nd round he went again for Backstrokes although due to his need to perfection he put more emphasis on the technique rather than strength and finished at 1:38:48 minutes (3seconds more than 1st).
In his last round he went for Crawl, showing a great Old School performance without a single water drop splashed to the sides and finished at 1:36:15minutes, landing The Gold Medal.


Second we had Erik Firako from Elici, who was able to score almost same finish time in both 1st & 2nd round with 1:43: ++ minutes.

Unlike Tausendsassa, Firako went from the start to his strongest style – The Crawl.

In his last round he seemed too exhausted. Several observers stated it looked like he was trying to catch more air by the way he raised his head above water.


Never the less he finished the 3rd round at 1:41:20 minutes and landed The Silver Medal


Finally, Greg Moreau from Dendor a Talented athlete, had several weird choices of styles. He started the 1st round with breast strokes which frankly looked odd style for a sprint.


Which made him finish the 1st round at 1:48:14 minutes. The worse 1st compare to the other 2 medalists.
Then he chose Butterfly, a powerful and exhausting style and while he showed a true mastery of it, he was only able to reduce his time by 3+- seconds.

In the last round he decided to go with Crawl and finished at 1:43:42 minutes, landing The Bronze Medal.


*** This Concludes our Swimming Tournament with 3 Medalists and Elisse Heroes Award ***

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*** It’s the 3rd day of the Modern Pentathlon, with 78 participants competing in Fencing ***

Early arrivals to the stadium couldn’t but not notice an Exotic Fencer helm made from Diamonds that was put next to the judges judges table


It seems the Helm was a donation by Tengri Airlines


While the Stadium was half way full during the first and second rounds, it seems the anticipation for the final round made more fans and guests take their seat and around mid afternoon, The De Gent Olympic Stadium was fully packed.

Judge Mariko debriefed us early today, stating that the Fencing today will be judged according to Épée Rules.

In Other words the entire body is a valid target as long as the rival touches the body with his or her weapon tip and not the sides.
In Addition both fencers can hit each other simultaneous.

She continue explaining that due to amount of participants and the need to level the requirements, there will be different summarized points for winning in each round:
going from 5p in the 1st round to 10p in 2nd round, again to 5p in 3rd round and then 15p for the 4th and 15p for the final round.



While most of the 1st round was rather dull in events, 2 fencers are worth mentioning:

Queen Chrysalis from The Changeling Horde showed an extreme mastery of the weapon when she was the first in the 1st round to take down her opponent Ana Tanda Riel from Innato in an offensive deadly & very precise movements, winning the match 5 to 0.

The match ended so fast, Judge Mariko had to do a rewind on the monitor to see each tip strike movement.


COSA Agent 134 from Aetaris used his Flexibility to enhance his movements – mostly on the defense, in order to avoid the rather rouged attacks by his opponent Buuron from The Grendels.
In mid fight, Agent 134 decided to change his tactics to offense and with 2:3 (in favor of Buuron) was able Counter attack and gained eventually 5:4, a close call indeed.



During the 2nd match a great performance was seen by Jane Goodenough from UmmaGumma who was matched against Maggy Sho'da Willow Von Eden.

First the two entered into a full offense mode both arching their tip at each other and gaining point.

Then Sho’da decided for unknown reason to go for ” pas de bourrée couru” which made Judge Nryph rolled her eyes & smack her head against the table.
Well that movement sure mesmerized Goodenough and Sho’da was able to gain another point.
By that time, Goodenough was already annoyed with the pace of the match as one could have seen on her face.

She then decided to demonstrated her famous ” bouquet of sympathy”technique by miming with her left hand picking flowers to smell then throw it in the air while secretly touching her rival body with the tip of her weapon.
It seems that “The Coin” didn’t drop for Sho’da till it was 4:10 in favor of Goodenough





While 3rd round wasn’t much different from the other two, it is worth mentioning Morgan de Selby from Ater Nox who was matched against COSA Agent 134 from Aetaris.

Before 1 minute was over, Selby was already with 4:1 in favor. The matched however ended with 5:1.

The 1p in favor of Agent 135 was granted because when Selby hit the last point – winning, she opened with a Degrading “Duckling Surreal” Dance, laughing at her opponent, which ended with a penalty point.





4th round we were graced with a performance by Anton Friberg from The Arendellenske Union, a well known persona in the fencing world who was matched against Thomas Thompson from Zedale.

Friberg started the match with a full defense circle, blocking each of Thompson attacks but was short on breath half way through, which Thompson abused to gain points with a rarely used ”Cour soumise” technique.

Its important to note that Friberg best strategy for winning in previous tournaments was going on defense and striking while the opponent got tired. Unfortunately for Friberg he received an old school rival that was able to take Friberg out of defense mode into offense(his weakest style).
The match ended with 15:11 in favor of Thompson.




To our Winners:

It is important to note that unlike other fencing competitions , today the winners were declared by the difference between each 2 opponents.


Queen Chrysalis from The Changeling Horde was matched against Thomas Thompson from Zedale.

It is worth mentioning that while Her Majesty had several quick battles in previous rounds and were able to finish on top, she finally found a match who used quick footwork as she used her hands.

Never the less, half match through and Her Majesty got tired of Thompson.

She entered into a frenzy attack which was described by Judge Nryph as a “Mach 2 Psychosis” & by Judge Rogers as a “Splitting bullets”.

She was able to tip Thompson body in 5 different spots at the same time, gaining the score required for a win 15:11 and landed The Bronze Medal



Jerry Judge from Palman, a well known defense attorney & Dualist was matched against Anomander Rake from Ananke II.

Rake from the start went into defense but gave up too much distance on defense instead of keeping the distance tight so he can take over Judge miss.

Unfortunately for Rake, his rival used a Negotiation Tactic. Jerry Judge used a simple minor Attack then Parried, Riposte & Counter-Attack with Ducking while Rake wasn’t expecting which granted him points.

At 14:7 in favor of Palman fencer. Rake tried a simple attack which Judge was able to avoid by ducking his head while counter attacking and hitting Rake hand with his tip.
Resulting in 15:7 and Landing Jerry Judge The Silver Medal



*** Due to Lack of Participants during the final round, The Fencer from Ananke II was granted a second chance against the Finalist from The Bruce ***

Finally, Alfred Kromhaus III from The Bruce, who is a member of the Royal Society, has not only shown great Old School techniques but also a rather creative flexibility While fighting against Anomander Rake from Ananke II.

Our Old School fellow was able to control the entire match, luring Rake into his playground.

Rake used “The Jump Lunge” (ballestra) in order to attack, in which he received 3 points and failed on the 4th due to Kromhaus stepping back, avoiding the tip of his rival.


Kromhaus didn’t hold obligated and used The “Othello” technique to finish his opponent - earning him the last point and landing him The Gold Medal.



*** This Concludes our Fencing Tournament with 3 New Medalists ***

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*** It’s a fine day today at the The Tracks & Field Arena with 79 riders competing for the 4th event of the Modern pentathlon – Horse Jump ***

According to Judge Nyrph The competition was split into 2 rounds.

The first required riders to compete in track with 15 obstacles in which 12 were dry such as: Brush/Log Fence, Bullfinch, Coffin, Arrowheads, Ditch, Corner. 3 were water obstacles.

The second round consisted of 20 Obstacles from the previous round, but more complex in requirements of height, combinations and proximity from each other.

In both rounds, riders were judged base on Number of times the horse touched the obstacle, the water, or obstacle fell. In the 2nd round, they were also judged by whether the horse stopped before a jump.
Starting points were 15 in the 1st round and 20 in the 2nd round.


Several riders are worth mentioning from the first round:

Cessna Miller from Herzil gave a smooth performance on all 15 obstacles, without a single touch of water or obstacles, she was able to finish the track without a single penalty point.

Kosmo Tausendsassa from Theostelos, who already won the MP-Swimming category, touched the water in 2/3 obstacles which granted him 8p penalty.
One could have seen Tausendsassa disappointed face after the 2nd water incident, as if he lost his spirit.
He continue riding forward the 14th obstacle an Oxer – Triple Bar and his horse not only touched the 2nd bar but actually made both bars drop resulting in a 4p penalty, which resulted in a total score of 2points which disqualified him from the 2nd round.

Lyra Perchania from Wuufu seemed to have traded her luck from the beginning of the Modern Pentathlon. Not only she hit A Shark’s Teeth, A Skinny & a Drop Fence.

She also managed to dip her horse legs 3 times in the water and knock 2 fences down. It of course resulted in her getting a flat Zero, which disqualified her from the race.

But if you think she received the lowest score?! -----> Guess again!!

Steve Cain the 100m sprint wonder boy, from Free Guns for All, has failed miserably when his horse, who seemed too tired to carry Cain weight, has touched 4 obstacles.

He Knocked 2 fences and Practically crossed by foot the 2 water obstacles and stopped to drink from the 3rd . He received 16p penalty which resulted in a -1p total score.

A Fan captured horse knocking fence knocking cain moments:



The one hour break in between rounds was a great time to experience A Fashion for horses Event.
7 exquisite hats for horses were brought into auction. The Crown Jewel of the auction was a red silky hat


That was bought for 12,700 NSD by none other than Choco Twigs Food Industries:



** 24 riders moved to the 2nd round which results can be found bellow **


Its interesting to note that while 24 of the best riders have moved from the 1st to 2nd round, the gap between last round result was huge.

Lt. Col. Uranus DeVries from Lysandrion, gave one of the worse ever demonstration of strategy, horse footwork and spirit.
Guests could have heard his screams and swears at the horse – at the Observers Seats. Beside the fact that he touched 3 dry obstacles (3p) & 2 wet (8p), he also knocked 2 fence bars (8p) and stopped before a water ditch (8p), which resulted in a total score of -7 points.

Judge Rogers commented that “he could have just walked the horse by foot. It would have saved both him & the horse an agony”

Captain Gavin Squall from Airship Armada was the only rider to jump smoothly on 18 out of the 20 obstacles.
Unfortunately for him, his horse did knock two fences down which resulted in an 8p penalty and stopped before The Apex (Corner Obstacles which resulted in another 8p penalty.

It resulted in a total score of 4 points, which is a shame consider he was able to demonstrate a smooth jump over the Apex, in the 1st round as can be seen in this footage:




** Its important to mention that all 3 medalists were able to control their horses in away that prevent the horse from feeling insecure.
In other words, none of the horses stopped before an obstacle

Cessna Miller from Herzil unlike her 1st round where everything ran smoothly, she was able to demonstrate in the final round a less old school techniques.
While her horse didn’t stop before any of the obstacles, and was able to jump over 14 dry obstacles without a problem.
She did touch the first water ditch (4p) and her horse knocked the 2nd bar on the Wood Parallel Oxer (4p).

Her total score was 12 which landed her The Gold Medal


Second was Queen Chrysalis from The Changeling Horde.
Her Majesty showed great technique & control of the horse. Guests could have sworn she was “one with the horse”.

While her horse didn’t stop for a second and dropped no bars. He did touch 5 dry obstacles including the famous “Brush me Tender” Bull Finch


Which resulted later in 5p penalty and 1 wet, resulting in 4p penalty which granted her a total score of 11points and landed her The Silver Medal


Last is Natsumi Tsujimoto from Goddess Relief Office a well known rider in The Apres-Wet Jumps scenery.
Tsujimoto, Showed great skills while jumping all 5 of the wet obstacles, without a single drop of water touching her horse.


She did however touched A Trakehner & A large Picnic table which resulted in 2p penalty & later knocked a Triple Bar which gave her 8p penalty and resulted in a total score of 10points and landed her The Bronze Medal


*** This Concludes our Horse Jumping Tournament with 3 Medalists ***

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*** This the Final day of the Modern Pentathlon ***


*** Our 79 Athletes have started the Marathon an hour and a half ago ***


Unlike previous MP events, this is a very technical category, where our participants suppose to finish 42.5km. While most of the time the runners will be required to run through cities and villages.
They will have to pass “Pale Nox” which is a Gray Rainy mix with snow Rural zone.

To those who weren’t present during the debriefing Judge Mariko commented earlier that she would love to see one of the athletes breaking the previous record of 2:01:27 hours.

When Judge Nyrph was asked what are they doing to prevent athletes cheating with power drinks, such as the Famous Dire Bear Soda


She said: “absolutely nothing!!”.
Later she corrected her statement, saying: “We do have ways to check who is using boosters during the running” and pointed up where a small flying object with a cam was hovering above us.




While most of the marathon was technical, we did have the pleasure of seeing some interesting runners:


Ljados Ördea from Scepez was able to demonstrate to her fans back at home, why she was picked out of so many other talented athletes.

She might have scored the 2nd worse finish time of 2:28:21 hours, but at least Her Extravaganza shoes were the talk of the day.



It seems that Jeff Spranglångt from Shy Guyia got drunk yesterday during a frenzy booze marathon at the Barrarabian Butlers Delegation Tent.
He found himself waging his house against his ability to run in a “special outfit”.
Well that outfit cost him a medal and landed him the Worse finish time in the history of Marathon running: 2:29:53 hours.


Then we had the pleasure of witnessing Hazardous weather.
It seems that during the marathon it started snowing & five minutes later changed sharply to rain, which made the surface slippery Luckily no one got hurt.


About 10km to the finish line one could see many athletes exhausted from the running. Some even started walking.


Well lets move to the winners:

Anomander Rake from Ananke II, was seen doing Giant steps from start to finish.
The 2.20 meter Nordic fellow, was caught passing 3 meters in one throw of his leg forward.
Needless to say he wasn’t just the first to finish the marathon, but at 1:54:26, he also broke the previous record of 2:01:27.
He landed Both The Gold Medal & an “Elisse Heroes” Award.



Some fans could have sworn they saw an enormous bird flying during the Winter Blizzard event but that was Tojo St. Louis from Syd Vicious, who decided to grace us with A Yellow Bird Costume.


While the Costume looked like a “Foot-dragging” nightmare, it didn’t hinder St. Louis who finished the marathon at 1:54:43 hours, and Landed The Silver Medal


Last was Xia Shangri-La from NeoPacificus, who decided to surprise her fans by wearing a traditional Medieval Princes Outfit.


Well The Silky Princes Conical Hat was a deal breaker against the harsh wind and half way through the blizzard she had an icy Conical Hat that was a major setback.
Never the less she was able finish at 1:54:45 hours, and landed The Bronze Medal


*** This Concludes The Marathon with 3 Medalists , A New Broken Record & an “Elisse Heroes” Award ***

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*** The Gent Olympic Stadium has been fully packed since early morning as guests arrived to watch The Gymnastic Floor Exercise Tournament ***

According to an early debriefing by the Head judge this tournament, Judge Hyacinth Aciditéi, The Athletes were to be judged by 7 Parameters. Number of Exercises required were set to 3.
Winning was based on a Combination of points given to each of the Parameters


The 12mx12m carpet floor has seen more feet in the past 10 hours than it has seen since it was donated half a year ago by Boom Candy Inc.






Several Exercises are worth mentioning:

Natasha Iecava from Elici did A Back Handspring, A Front Handspring & A Cartwheel.
The judges were hammered by the lack of creativity in between flips & while she did grace the audience with an Eggplant color outfit which matched her Choreography of a Vegetable Garden, it just wasn’t enough.
She Received the lowest Points in the tournament, 57.



Next was Raul Hernandez from Earth Federation. He graced the judges with 8 different flips.
He started with a Front Handspring, followed by Forward Sommersault, then he mesmerized the judges with a little Manly Dance & got to the north west east corner.
He started running, doing an Aerial Cartwheel, followed by a Front Walkover, followed by “Kick to the Moon”.
He was given 8p for the amount of flips and 10 points for Choreography. Unfortunately, his flips, while were creative, lacked flexibility or difficulty.
Judge Mariko commented that they expected much more "off hand flips" which is why he was given 1/5 points for difficulty. He finished with a score of 168.



Daniel Xavier from Lullary gave a rather unusual and creative performance. He was able to do 6 rather complex moves.
He started with a Double Layout Half In, Half Out (2 flips with 180 degree + 1 twist), and finished with a Butterfly kick.
He then continue to a full blown ,"Peter & the Wolf Choreography", got to the south west corner and started running doing 2x 360 full flip, finishing with back handspring.

While the judges gave Xavier 10p for Choreography & a nice score for Difficulty, Artistry & Elements as he was able to show great talent!! He only used 3 out of 8 points of the floor which in total resulted in a 180 total score.



Now to our Winners

* It is interesting to note that all of today medalists have done 8 flips and were differ by the other parameters *

Felisin Paran from Ananke II, gave a superb performance & while the judges only gave her 3 out of 5p for difficulty, she was still able to demonstrate every possible “element in the book” which granted her 5p.

She started with a Simple Back Handspring and finished it with a Split leap. She then continue into her Routine Choreography & got to the other side.
She started running doing A Round Off - BackFlip –Stand Full followed by another Flexibility demonstration of a swan dying.
Then she moved to the south west corner, started running and did A 2x 360 and finished with a Scissors Leap.
Her ability to use the entire floor helped her receive 258p total score and she landed The Gold Medal



Next was Karolina Khorokova from GALICIA-VOLHYNIA. A well known ex Acrobat and Yoga instructor - scored high on Flexibility 5p out of 5.

She did 8 exercises, she started with an amazing Double Layout Full In, Full Out - two flips completed in the layout body form with the first & second flip having a 360 degree twist.

She then did a Flash Nick with an Aerial Cartwheel and finished with a nice Triple Tuck (Three flips completed in the tuck body).
She received just 3p in elements and due to not using the full floor. She received a total of 248 points, landing The Silver Medal.


Tracy Winn From Wuufu decided to grace us with “I’m one with the Hood” Choreography by “Tutu Zambulee”.

Throughout the Exercise she was able to demonstrate great Native techniques and movement of the Isle’s.


She was the only athlete to gain Max points for Difficulty, Artistry & use of Elements.
Her Downfall was due to lack of flexibility while only using 5 out of the 8 spots on the floor. Total score was 240p which landed her The Bronze Medal.


Our Final Medalist was Mary Eldridge from New Ecopia. While Eldridge was able to use all spots of the floor, her Choreography was less of expected from a champion of the Gymnastic world.
She did give a fine elegant performance, using all 5 elements required while doing: Forward Somersault & an Aerial Walkover executing a complete revolution of the body without touching the ground.
She then continue doing an Half Twisting Front Flip & Barany.
Her Dance around the corners of the floor didn’t seem to work well with her flips. She finished her exercise with a nice Double pike & a Tuck.


Her total score was 240 which landed her The Bronze Medal


*** This Concludes our Gymnastic Floor Exercise Tournament with 4 new Medalists ***

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The Rum Barrel Event will be held tomorrow afternoon & we expect weather to be nice & Breezy

* * * *

* Before you all go Frenzy Marathon Rum Drinking let us take a deep breath,
relax and enjoy tonight an “All Thing Rum Festival” that will continue till tomorrow noon *


The Festival will be officially opened tonight at De Gent Olympic Park while lightning up 4 Huge Rum Barrels that according to the makers, will have enough Rum to burn for 24 hours.


* After the Ceremony you are welcome to enjoy one of many drinking establishments *

Little Hoot Sport Barrel Bar 77459952-63ac-4e37-9b31-067f0b457914_zps

Enjoy a Candle Light Supper at “Devour me Tender” Restaurant b55e1926-4ad4-43de-9769-18d546b049ed_zps

Or better yet, enjoy your favorite food at this "Chic Oh Freak" Diner 277e408a-0e74-42f5-ace8-cbcd7d3884d0_zps

Those who can’t hold their liquor are more than welcome to Enjoy Our Unique : “Tell me a Story” Pub.


Where Our Team of Bartenders can answer every need and can listen to even the longest most boring, most twisted story you can share (they are also paid accordingly)


Those who will still be awake in the morning or those who went to sleep without drinking, are more than welcome to enjoy a fashion show of “Barrel with me” casual cloth.

* An Evening Gown barrel-dress_zps7eff6b62.jpg * A Baby Doll 6f105482-6c1f-426c-8ff9-5d7ad29a460d_zps * A Manly Party Hat 515KmCRkWNL_SY300__zps446af521.jpg *

Hinga & Blinka from “Make me a Barrel” will teach you how to make an exotic “own your own” barrel from materials you never knew existed. images4_zpsb53e5917.jpg

Our Unique ”Rum me Away” vehicle will drive around the Olympic park and guests will be able to Hope on and off, while enjoying one of the 50 varieties of rum at the mobile bar.


& if you simply want to relax and hear “crawling up noises”, You are more than welcome to use one of the 14 Mobile Sauna’s that were placed at the Olympic Park.



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*** What an Adventure we had today at Montagne épuisé where 77 athletes competed in the Down the Mountain Down we Fall, Rum event ***

While the transfer to the area was smooth for most of us, it wasn’t that ease to Judge Nyrph who due to her huge Body structure, looked as if she was trying to import something and stuck it on her body.
When the security guard tried to cavity search her, he was knocked down and over several meters away.

Our Debriefing today was done for the first time with a presentation device. It seems the judges thought we will lose us after 10 minutes, so they tried to be as creative as possible – well they were right.


We will try to bring the Complex journey with at ease as possible:

We should first state that this isn’t a timed tournament but actually based on points gained vs reductions. First Athletes were taken to the lowest peak of Mount épuisé.

The tournament started with their need to decide whether to drink 1 or 2 liter of rum.

Then they had to ride a wooden log or any other type of barrel shaped log/ vehicle down the mountain slop till bottom (1Km).

They were judged on Navigation of the Log/Barrel, & Stunts they did during the slide.

At the bottom of the mountain they had to drink again 1 or 2 liter of Rum.

Then decide how many mini barrels of (2kg each) they would like to carry (we should emphasis that the barrels are full with Rum but without the seal).

They had to carry the barrels for 1km without spilling Rum.

Once they got to the Waterfall. They had to choose a huge Barrel and ride it down the 160m water fall by doing more stunts.




** Today athletes had to show not only Endurance but also their ability to hold their liquor along with sense of direction, maneuvering a huge object and strength **

Captain Red Mustach from Innato decided to be bold, draining 2 liters of rum which effected his Navigation Mastery.
He was able to do 2 swirls, & 3 side jumps with his barrel, which made him puke his breakfast of Mashed potatoes blueberry and eggs inside the barrel.

When he got to the bottom, & was barely able to get out of his barrel. He decided to drink just one liter of rum (probably had an insight of the up and coming).
He then continue to take 4 mini rum barrels, waiting in total 8kg and while slow pacing.
He was able to get to the river without spilling a single drop from all 4 barrels which landed him the highest score of 35p.

He then chose to enter this fine Hand painted Rum Barrel. c3d2b487-8afa-4ce7-910d-ab4f9f4cf3e2_zps

And rode it down the waterfall scoring 86p for handling and stunts. Unfortunately his total score was just 157p.


Anita Margarita from Scow Creek was a truly troubles waiting to happen.
First of all she decided to pick this interesting log f2c55ba7cfc480415d8237bc6fb4b863_zpsc24e She “took” last night from the hoot pub.

She drained 2 liter of Rum (that added to the 7 in total she drank in the past 24 hours).
She was barely able to navigate her Log getting 6p in total.
Luckily her log was stuffed with pillows which broke the heavy bumps she endured during the sliding.
Due to being Hammered during the slide she done 1 jump (by accident we might add) at the beginning and then passed out which granted her just 4p for stunts.
She decided to disregard her “Marbles” and drank 2 more liter of rum at the bottom of the mountain.
While she was "wise" enough to take just 1 barrel of Rum. She Spilled half of it!! receiving a bad score of (-25p).

When she got to the Waterfall she entered a barrel 3 times her height

& went down getting a bad score of 43 and landing The Worse Tournament score of 28p


Behemoth Heart from Devil Heart, a well known a Maple Distillery Owner and an AA member Decided like many others to drink 2 liters of Rum.
He was able to show some creativity navigating the wooden barrel getting a nice score of 24p for Mastery.
While going down he was able to do 12 interesting side slides and jumps including the famous “Loch Dive” which require the barrel to be on the seal edge while sliding & “Leap me away” which requires the barrel to bump twice after jumping like stone on water.
He received a nice 48p for Stunts. At the bottom he drank another 2 liter of Rum (How surprising) and decided to carry 4 barrels which he did without spilling a single drop.

He brought his own Canadian maple leaf painted barrel canadian_zpsb990d923.jpg

Unfortunately for him he received only 77p which landed him a total score of 179p.


Jack Caraship from Argosalsia was the only Islander to perform 20 stunts during Down the mountain part.

He made several unique, never seen before Jumps, including: “720 Flip” letting the barrel jump and swirl in air for several times before landing.
“Gazelle Flip” which has 240 spin in air followed by continue to spin on slop 360. Several seal hedge and crooked hedge. The entire stunts have granted him the max of 80p.

He Received an "Elisse Heroes" award for the “720 flip Eggplant roll” sliding on the seal while swirling, jumping and doing 720 flip.

Now lets get to our Winners:

Aersoldorf athlete was wise enough to go down the mountain which just 1 liter of Rum in his Stomach.
Not drunk enough he was able to show great mastery, navigating the barrel without a single scratch (above logical). He receive an high 20 and was granted 38 out 40 points for NM.
It is interesting to note that while he was able to control every aspect of the ride he chose to just do 11 stunts.
He did the famous “Bean Pivot” using momentum to flip the barrel backward.
When he got to the bottom he again drank just 1 liter of rum and decided to carry 4 barrels. He spilled just 1 time which granted him 30p.
His Navigation Mastery proved again when he went down the waterfall scoring 100p.


He Received a total of 212p which landed him The Gold Medal.


Next we had Matti Varis from Great-Bohemia, a well known Race Car driver who won several award in recent years. He showed up in a Hand built Barrel Bad-Ass Machine which was approved for the competition by The Committee.


Like our previous participant he was also smart enough to drink just 1 liter of Rum. His Navigation skills on the road have proven worthy also here when he scored 18 out of 20 NM.
He was able to perform 15 stunts including the famous “Upside Down Boy you Turn me” followed by “Inside Out, Round and Round” granted him a nice score of 60p.

At the bottom he decided to go for 2 liter of rum, took 4 barrels and didn’t spill a single drop.
Unfortunately for him he was granted just 83p for Waterfall which resulted in 207p and landed him The Silver Medal.


Last is Earl Evermind from Lullary who decided to show up half drunk with a luxury & exotic Wooden Bed for the competition.


For some odd reason and against his own logic he decided to drink just 1 liter of Rum.
He was able to show above average control of the luxury bed getting 34p. when he got to the bottom he drank 2 liter of rum and it seems that if he could, he would have drank more.
He took 3 Barrels of Rum but drank 1 during the 1km distance which resulted in just 2 calculated no spill barrels.
Its interesting to note that while he showed up in prestige outfit and luxury bed, he picked a rather Gloomy Barrel for his waterfall ride.


Never the less he received a great score of 94p which landed him The Bronze Medal.


*** This Conclude our long Journey of Rum, with 3 Medalists and an Elisse Heroes Award ***

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