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Congratulations to South Titania!

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Congratulations to South Titania!


Two very qualified ex-delegates came to contest and gave us an excellent race for the Delegate's seat. Now with the end of voting, please join me in giving our congratulations to South Titania for winning and also Davsland for putting up a good fight! :wub:

Hooray for democracy! And may ST has a nice and peaceful term devoid of any thoughts of couping the Goddess!


Although EnE stepped down before his term ended, he did get a lot done during the past 2-3 months and let us take a moment to thank him for his great work, particularly for encouraging WA interest and not missing any votes in the WA! :respect:


Most of all thank you all the voters for participating in the region's voting! We do need more people to get interested politically in running the region. With ST taking on the Delegate positiion, and Vrolondia saying he might be stepping down from Development Minister, I'm going to need to replace the Interior Minister and also potentially need a caretaker Dev Minister as well.


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