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Sid Vicious

Texas June Update Pt. 2

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Texas Update June, 2014


Registered Members: 1,267

Posts: 71,817

Region Statistics

Nations: 168

Regional Population: 1.473568 trillion

WA Members: 45

Delegate: NewTexas

Endorsements: 37

Days: 3566 days consecutive [4158 days total]

Regional Happenings

Deaths: 24

Arrivals: 27

Bootings: 1

Visit Us

REGION: nationstates.net/region=texas

TEXAS FORUM: invisionfree.com/forums/Texas

TEXAS MAP: texasregion.net

NSDOSSIER TOOLS: nsdossier.texasregion.net

The Texas Government

The Governor of Texas: The Incorporated NationStates of NewTexas

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas: The Gigantic Frozen Igloo of Studly Penguins

The Secretary of Defense of Texas: The Federation of Amandil

The Secretary of State of Texas: The Holy Empire of Richard

The Secretary of World Assembly Affairs of Texas: The Queendom of Cielos Negros

The Joint Secretaries of Counterbalance of Texas: The Goddess and Ruler of World of Sweet Furry Kittens & The Summer Nation of Trecdom2


June was a fairly quiet month for Texas. From June 27-30, Texas visited our friends in 10000 Islands. Lots of BBQ and beer were consumed. A good time was had by all and it was rumored that Texas broke her record for number of nations that attended this visit.

General Assembly

Repeal "Freedom to Contract": Against

Ban of Perfidy in Warfare: Against

Nuclear Security Convention: Against

Repeal "International Criminal Court": For

Repeal "Multilateral Prosecution Act": For

Repeal "Oil Tanker Standards Act": For

Security Council

Commend Astarial: For

Liberate Hell: Against

Repeal "Liberate Hogwarts": For

Texas Police Blotter: June 2014

June 1st 8:30 am – Gun fire reported in a forest in Southern HotRodia. Police identify the source as a truck backfiring.

June 3rd 11:28 pm – Police responded to shots fired in downtown Dallas. Caller identified the location as the Ewing Oil Co office. One person is in unknown condition. Police have posted a $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

June 4th 8:02 amA Mysterious Vagabond is arrested attempting to hop on a cargo train. Several suspicious items were found in his bindle including a rubber duck, a can opener, a #3 pencil, and Charleston Chew®.

June 5th 1:45 am – First responders were called out to a railroad intersection in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor. Witnesses said they saw a bus slowly being pushed into an oncoming train. The bus driver managed to drive safely off the road. Passengers near the back failed to see who was pushing the bus. Police found tiny fingerprints on the rear bumper.

June 5th 6:15 pm – Neighbors report mysterious noises coming out of a house in the residential area of Darth Kermit. The house was found abandoned, but police say they heard someone say "Wocka Wocka Wocka" while driving away.

June 7th 11:11 am – Police were called out to a cornfield about eight miles south of Chupa, Ltlaliens. Two witnesses said they saw a strange vehicle with humans inside before crashing their flying saucer. The pilot suffered minor injuries. Police searched the area for fifteen minutes and found no evidence of humans.

June 8th 8:00 am – A dog pound in Cerberion Minor was found empty. The supervisor reported that all the dog cages were empty and the locks broken. Upon review of the security footage, the dogs disappeared mysteriously with thirteen minutes of footage near 3:00 am gone missing.

June 8th 10:27 am – The Transit Authority in HoustonMetro reported a passenger train that never arrived at their destination. Police and Fire crews joined in the search.

June 8th 8:42 pm – First responders found the train in an abandoned section of the tunnels. Police noted pentagrams and strange graffiti in red paint.

June 11th 7:30 pm – Ranchers in TimDauwalter report firing upon strange creatures running away from their property. Police found three goats with bite marks on their necks. Ranchers are calling these creatures “chupacabras.”

June 12th 12:40 pm – A police unit is dispatched to a house in West Sweet Furry Kittens. Neighbors report loud music and screaming coming from inside the house. The owners agreed to turn down the music. The guests were abnormally pale and had two round wounds on their necks. Police conducted a further investigation into the house party when they saw teenagers. They had brooding eyes and were showing signs of angst. However, no drugs or alcoholic drinks were found, only a red drink in a punch bowl.

June 13th 11:20 pm – Store owners throughout downtown GRO-Armed City reported seeing large hairy creatures heading towards Union Station. Police and Animal Control were dispatched to metro station entrances.

June 13th 11:34 pm – Union Station Transit Authority officers were found locked in their offices. Security footage shows human-like wolf creatures climbing into a train.

June 13th 11:51 pm – Surrounding stations report seeing a train speeding and failing to stop as scheduled.

June 14th 1:48 am – Security guards at the Fish Market hear loud music coming from a closed warehouse.

June 14th 1:54 amGRO-Armed Police arrived at the warehouse. A large crowd scattered out as the doors were forced open. Four minors were detained. The warehouse was covered with fur. Police believe the trespassers were dressed in wolf costumes.

June 16th 3:44 am – NewSanAntonio Police Department in NewTexas received several calls about a woman running through the streets while screaming. However, no sightings were reported. Police units were sent out to patrol the suburbs.

June 16th 4:15 am – The first of several reports of a missing child was filed with the NewSanAntonio Police Department. Police and Fire crews were dispatched after the eighth report.

June 16th 4:43 am – Police spotted a large group of children walking towards a river. They were stopped just feet before falling in. EMS found the children in a trance state, without any recollection of how they got there. Some managed to remember a woman wearing a white dress standing outside their windows. Parents are calling this person “La Llorona.”

June 19th 4:19 pm – Reveille City Police in Gig em Aggies received reports of missing persons from out-of-town parents. Five teens are reported missing. They were last seen twelve miles out of the city. The Reveille Sherriff’s Office has joined in the search.

June 20th 10:20 am – Reveille City Police received a sixth missing person’s report of a hitchhiker traveling across Texas. Police believe the two reports are connected.

June 22nd 1:15 pm – Reveille Sherriff’s Deputies found a bloody chainsaw along the side of a road. A mask was found a few yards over a wooden fence.

June 25th 9:30 am ? – Greenspan Police in Frisbeeteria are dispatched to the financial district. Initial reports described a large silvery green streak seen flying between buildings, followed by a loud noise just like a crash.

June 25th 9:45 am ? – Greenspan Police and Frisbeeteria special agents reported a large crater between two skyscrapers. A large silvery green object could be seen near at the bottom of the crater.

June 25th 2:55 pm – Several Greenspan officers and witnesses reported losing track of time during the rescue operation. No one could recall the events of the last five and a half hours. Police find a large crater between two skyscrapers. According to men dressed in black suits, the crater was caused by a large gas explosion from an underground pipe. Swamp gas and the planet Venus might have played some role in it.

June 27th 4:45 am – A driver heading towards Greenspoint City, Greenspoint was attacked by a flying creature. According to the driver, it looked like a giant owl. It shattered the rear window and cracked the windshield before flying off. Similar reports identify the creature as a “lechuza.”

June 30th 12:12 pmLord Xenu Police arrived at a church suspected of drugging and brainwashing it's congregation. No illegal substances were found. All of the church members reported being fine. Some said, "As a Thetan they don't know what it would be like to not know this stuff." "Zoom, zoom, big data." "And all of a sudden I know." "Pow!" Others talked about "dianetics" and how long it took them to read the book. There were no arrests.

Created by Studly Penguins, NewTexas and Richard

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