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Miscellaneous Stuff from the 10000 Islands

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Calling this to your attention:

On 5/3/2018 at 1:28 PM, Paffnia said:
Attention all foreign dignitaries
The list provided here will provide you with an easy way to see who your counterpart is from 10000 Islands. The nations listed mentioned in the thread above act as the representative from our region to yours, so in case you need to know who to contact other than the XKI Delegate, you can just check this list!
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For Immediate Release

In the long history of the 10000 Islands we have defended many regions from outside occupations, many of those defenses consisting of User Created Regions but some consisting of Game Created Regions. We have always stood as proponents of native rights, the right to sovereignty and the right for them to run their regions the way they desire without outside interferences. From the deployment of our military to The North Pacific in 2004 to the deployment of our military to Lazarus in 2015, we have stood against the aggressive expansion of the New Pacific Order (NPO) into other Game Created Regions. The Council of Nine, in this instance, feels that a statement about current events within the Gameplay sphere is necessary to establish our stance upon the NPO and their apparent operations in other regions.

While no military deployment of TITO against the NPO is forthcoming, the Council of Nine would like to publicly denounce the NPO and their operations to undermine and destabilize other Game Created Regions throughout NS. Such actions taken against lawful governments are not to be tolerated, and is a betrayal of the trust bestowed in the NPO after their apologies for other such past operations. These egregious acts over the last couple of years not only hurt the regions the NPO targeted, but also hurt relations between their targets and regions those targets were friendly with. Due to NPO interference in Lazarus in 2017 which destabilized the region and ultimately lead to LWU couping the region for their own interests the 10000 Islands lost relations with a region we were friendly with, and that act alone is enough to poison the NPO in the eyes of the Council of Nine.

Therefore, with the utmost sincerity, the Council of Nine and the 10000 Islands condemns the New Pacific Order and their actions within TNP, Osiris, Lazarus, and TSP. While we do not have diplomatic relations with the New Pacific Order at this time, we can state that until further notice The Pacific will not have diplomatic relations with 10000 Islands nor will they have military assistance from TITO. 10000 Islands is adopting a neutral stance within the current war being waged upon both sides, as we will work with neither side to help them in their confrontation.


Woonsocket – Chief Executive of 10000 Islands
Kuriko – World Assembly Delegate
Louisistan – Senator for Lyonnesse East
Jabberwocky – Senator for New Republica South
Sargon Reman – Senator for Blue Canaria North
Siuts – Senator for Himes West
The United Royal Islands of Euramathania – Minister of Education
New Ecopia – Minister of Immigration
Paffnia – Minister of Labor

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Just now, Paffnia said:

A special thank you to everyone here in Yggdrasil and Valhalla for the vote of support! Grateful to have a region of such wonderful friends!


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