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Chevaux de Frise

What are your 10 favorite Bands?

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I liked the what's your sound thread, but now I want to hear some specifics. Feel free to link songs too. Also do way more than ten if you want.

Here are some of mine:

Modest Mouse

Arcade Fire

Have a Nice Life

Sigur Rós

The Flaming Lips

Franz Ferdinand

White Stripes

Mountain Goats

Animal Collective


The World is a Beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die

The Doors

Against Me!

Rolling Stones

Bob Dylan

The Beatles

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> Kagerou Project

> Gorillaz

> Krewella

> Emilie Autum

> Of Monsters and Men

> Aviators

> Joaf the Loaf

> So Great and Powerful

> Forest Rain

> Sydney Forest

Mostly youtube artists, really. I don't listen to much radio stuff

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