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Closure of the Yggdrasil Union

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The Council of Elders has deliberated on the continued relevance of Yggdrasil Union (YU) and by a majority voted to close the YU for good. The YU was created by Travanchore Cochin in mid-2009 in an effort to encourage RP debate in the region and hopefully, promote some WA style resolutions to be passed in the region. The project never really took off as the number of participants in the YU remained low, and for the majority of its life it never had enough members to enable quorum to pass anything.

At this point, I would like to take the opportunity to recognize :star1:Trav-Coch and :star1:Temi (The Pacistien Republic)'s valiant efforts in trying to lead and revive the YU. However, the Council of Elders has decided that it is time we admit that the project's inability to sustain itself, especially now with the growth of new NS gameside tools such as Dispatches and Factbooks which reduces the need for people to join the forum for these things.

May YU rest in peace.


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