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Goddess Relief Office

Congratulations to Elke and Elba, Chevaux, and NeoPacificus

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Yggdrasil Elections Concluded

Please join me in congratulating our new Yggdrasil Chancellor (Delegate) Elke and Elba, and our Senators Chevaux de Frise, and NeoPacificus in winning their respective elections! :thumbsup:


Elke and Elba, Chevaux, and NeoPacifus celebrating after learning of their win. The 4th person who jumped with them is unknown.

Well done to Lullary on a good showing at the polls, and Royal Imperious as well. :clap_1: GRO hopes that the two of you won't give up and will join the elections again next time! (Vrolondia didn't win his first election too, if I remember right ;))

And of course thanks to the voters for turning up to vote!

South Titania casting his all important vote for democracy^

Oh wait Marmota Marmota ...is that you!?

Now time to sit back enjoy and prepare for Valhalla's election!

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