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Goddess Relief Office

VAL: Election and Campaign rules for Valhalla

Election Rules

I. For Minister positions in Valhalla,

1.1. Only WA members from Valhalla may stand for election.

1.2. At the time the nation declares himself/herself for the candidacy, the candidate must already be in the WA.

1.3. Only WA members from Valhalla may vote.(1)

II. For the Delegate position,

2.1. Only WA members from Valhalla may stand for election.

2.2. Only WA members from Valhalla may vote.(1)


Campaigning may start as soon as the candidate declares his/her candidacy and lasts until the last day of voting.

III. Legal campaigning

3.1. Candidates may make a post in the Election Headquarters on the forum to seek votes. They may post their election platforms, prior contribution to Valhalla, testimonials, and other information relevant to the election.

3.2. Candidates may ask other members in Valhalla to post in the Election Headquarters to 'endorse' them.

3.3. Candidates may change their forum avatar and signatures to seek support, provided these are within acceptable dimensions (use your common sense, supersized signatures are of course, unacceptable whether for election or any other times).

3.4. Candidates may post on the NS Regional Message Board to seek votes at the maximum rate of once per 24 hours.

3.5. Candidates may PM forum goers to vote for them, once per member only.

3.6. Candidates may telegram WA members in Valhalla to vote for them.

3.7. Candidates may vote for themselves.

IV. Illegal campaigning

4.1. Candidates may not seek outside help, that is, invite any nation outside of Valhalla to vote for them.

4.2. Candidates may not create additional forum accounts in an attempt to vote more than once. This is cheating and liable to immediate expulsion from the region.

4.3. Candidates may not harass others to vote for them. Harassing is defined as PMing or telegramming any nations more than once per election cycle.


(1) Exceptions to this rule may be made for nations on a case-by-case basis.

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