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The Fuhrer of Imperious, Steffen Gotthold Emmerich

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This factbook contains information about the great Leader of Imperious, Steffen Gotthold Emmerich.

History and Early Life


Steffen was born in a small town in Imperious called Aluzen. Steffen's father was a carpenter, and his mother stayed home. Steffen attended Aluzen Basic Learning School at ages 5-10, and Voorschviet University in Politics at age 18, graduating at age 19. He played piano and guitar, and wrote elegant poems. During his childhood, Imperious was a monarchy and leaders were known has kings or emperors upon their choosing. In 3998, when Steffen was 20, he joined the I.W.P. (Imperial Workers Party) and became assistant chancellor. Upon the chancellor Franz Schulvetz's death in 4003, Steffen took over rule of the I.W.P. and proclaimed it the N.S.I.W.P. (National Socialist Imperial Workers Party) and the national flag was changed from a red, black, and white Nordic cross, to a red banner with a white circle in the middle, bearing an I with three stripes, which would soon be known as the Imperial Tri-Spalte.


Steffen is about 5'9, with long blond hair, blue eyes, and is missing his left eye due to an accident when he was 10. Steffen was running and fell face-first onto a rock, which pierced his eye. Steffen was in serious pain and had to have surgery to get his eye removed.


Currently, Steffen resides in a decent size home in Wohlstand, by the Parliament building. His address is 6678 Heineken Road, he presides over parliament meetings two weeks in every month.


Steffen loves, literature, art, food, politics and music. Although he may not seem like the person to like rock and roll and metal, he does. His favorite band is the 1960s Classic Rock Band The Beatles.

Political Views

Fuhrer Steffen's views are National Socialist


Steffen is Christian, but he is not very devoted to his religion, he thinks those who are extremely devoted can get very annoying. He only prays in times of crisis or when something tragic has happened to someone


Fuhrer Steffen is a very nice person and fun to be around. He enjoys time with friends and family, and often invites allied world leaders to dinner, balls, or to tea. He often plans fun activities for friends. In general, Steffen is outgoing, fun loving, caring, and nice, and will defend his friends until his bitter death.

Personal Defense Possessions and Uniforms

The Fuhrer owns his own personal uniforms, his own personal dagger.

Steffen's SS Uniform


Steffen's Foreign Diplomat Uniform


Steffen's Political Uniform


Steffen's Military Chancellor Uniform


Steffen's Dagger


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