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Ratification of the Constitution of Valhalla

Please vote to ratify the Constitution  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you agree to implement this Constutition so that a Government may be formed?

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    • No

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Constitution of Valhalla

SECTION 1: Membership

1.1 A member of Valhalla shall be defined as any nation joins the region and agrees to abide by its laws. A WA member shall be defined as any nation that has been admitted to the World Assembly.

SECTION 2: Bill of Rights

2.1 All members in Valhalla shall have the following rights:

  1. Right to manage their own nation in anyway they deem fit.
  2. Right to free speech, provided said speech does not contradict NS rules, spam, or insult another member.
  3. Right to vote.
  4. Right to stand for election and hold office if they are WA members.

SECTION 3: Regional Government

3.1 The Regional Government of Valhalla shall have the duty to govern Valhalla and shall comprise of the following positions:

  1. Founder
  2. WA Delegate
  3. Minister of Immigration
  4. Minister of Development

They shall have the following portfolio:

3.2 Founder - The duties of the Founder is to serve as head of Government, to protect the Constitution, safeguard the region against external and internal threats, including invasions, an inactive Government, and abuse of power by officials. The Founder may also hold emergency powers as stipulated in Section 6.

3.3 Delegate - The duties of the Delegate are to vote on WA resolutions according to regional polling on the forum, maintain friendly and active relations with regions Valhalla has embassies with, open new relations with regions upon discussions with other Government members, consult with the founder and ministers on any affairs affecting the region, and do its utmost to ensure the region is active.

3.4 Minister of Immigration - The duties of the Minister of Immigration are to recruit nations to join the region (by telegram, RMB message in the feeders, or posts in the NS forum), welcome new members and make them feel at home, and direct them to join the regional forum.

3.5 Minister of Development - The duties of the Minister of Development are to create or maintain the regional map, encourage activity in the region by means of posting, role-play, provide polling suggestions, etc. The Minister of Development has the additional responsibility of calling for elections in the regional forum according to schedule established in this Constitution.

3.6 All Government officials have a duty to login to the regional forum regularly to discuss and vote on matters affecting the region.

SECTION 4: Elections

4.1 Only WA members registered on the off-site forum may stand for election, but voting is open to all members.

4.2 To prevent election fraud, members are forbidden to create more than one account on the off-site forum.

4.3 All elections are to be held on the off-site forum. Either the Founder, Delegate, or Minister of Development may call or organize an election.

4.4 All positions are electable except the Founder. The frequency of elections shall be every 4 months for the Ministers, and every 6 months for the Delegate.

4.5 If any of the positions are not filled during elections, WA members may be appointed by the Founder to fill those positions.

4.6 If a Minister ceases to exist before his/her term is up, a replacement may be appointed by the Delegate or Founder. If the Delegate ceases to exist, a new election shall be called.

4.7 To allow new WA members a chance at becoming Delegate and prevent inertia from setting in, the Delegate shall have a term limit of two terms (12 months). Upon reaching the term limit, he/she must sit out of the next election, but may contest again in the future. All other Ministers are exempt from term limits.

4.8 A WA member may contest in more than one electable position, up to a maximum of two electable positions at the same time. However, he/she may only be elected to one post.

SECTION 5: Miscellaneous Legislation

5.1 All members must abide by NationStates rules. This includes rules on spamming, advertising, making malicious acts against another member, impersonation or attempting to steal another nation's identity, controlling more than one WA nation, etc. Any rule breakers may be ejected/banned by the Founder or Delegate at will.

5.2 Nazi nations and invaders are not welcomed in Valhalla and may be ejected/banned by the Founder or Delegate at will.

5.3 Regional controls are to be made available to the elected Delegate if he/she is able to secure 6 or more endorsements. If the endorsements fall below that number, regional controls shall be turned off to protect the region against invasions.

5.4 All foreign requests for embassy exchange with Valhalla shall be discussed by the Government and approved by the Founder.

5.5 Valhalla shall establish a common defense system with Yggdrasil and vice versa.

SECTION 6: Emergency Powers

6.1 The Founder, with the consent of two other Ministers, may dismiss the Delegate if he/she is found to be inactive or present a threat to the region or Constitution. A new election for the Delegate position shall be called immediately following such a scenario.

6.2 The Founder shall also hold emergency powers in an ongoing invasion and for two weeks immediately following the said invasion, or if the region's population falls under 20 nations. During a state of emergency, regional controls shall be turned-off.

SECTION 7: Ratification and Amendments

7.1 The Ratification of this Constitution shall take place in the forum through a public poll, one full week following its promulgation by the Founder, after which nations not willing to observe its provisions may take liberty to seek other regions.

7.2 Any Government official may propose amendments to the Constitution. Amendments may also be proposed by non-Government officials provided they have received three other WA members' support.

7.3 Amendments to the Constitution shall only be carried out by the Government with a majority vote.

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