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Sid Vicious

Texas Election Results 1st Trimester

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***** State of The Region Address *****

April 20, 2014

Greetings Citizens of Texas!

Texas Elections Voting Week is over. It is our great pleasure to present to the region, the brand new Texas Government!!!

***The Texas Government***

**The Texas Cabinet**

The Governor of Texas - NewTexas

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas - Studly Penguins

The Secretary of Defense of Texas - Amandil

The Secretary of State of Texas - Richard

The Secretary of World Assembly Affairs of Texas - Cielos Negros

The Joint Secretaries of Counterbalance of Texas - Sweet Furry Kittens & Trecdom2

**Texas Representative Council**

A Mysterious Vagabond

Airship Armada


Darth Kermit

Gig em Aggies

Independent Planets

Ole Dixieland

The Virginia Peninsula

**Texas Constitutional Update**

Texas Constitution: Article X & XII Amendment - Passed

Texas Constitution: New Article XXVII - Failed

The Great Region of Texas officially issues Congratulations to each and every nation that was elected, that ran, that voted, that viewed these proceedings! These were some great elections as usual! This Trimester, all Cabinet positions were uncontested except Secretary of Counterbalance. That means virtually each candidate faced No Confidence all alone. Each and every one of them pulled away with the win. It was really no shocker due the caliber of the incumbents. The Counterbalance race was a seesaw all the way through with Trecdom up on one day and Sweet Furry Kittens up on another and dead tied on another. Well, it went down to the wire and ended in a tie. That is not surprising since both have been Texas Cabinet Members in the past. If one Secretary is good, then twice must be very nice! We look forward to working with the Joint Secretaries. The Texas Representative Council race was not very close this time as either. The newcomer to the race had a little name recognition problem, but will do fine. And, since Trec won his Cabinet race, we wound up short an appointee. We thereby executed our gubernatorial prerogative and selected Aqua oaf Aquafireland. As you may know, Aqua stepped down from Counterbalance this Trimester, but we are fairly sure he will be fine with the TRC position.

In Texas Constitutional matters, we had two actions up for a vote. As Texans may remember, two Trimesters ago, the TRC was overhauled to be an appointed position. One of the stipulations was that "At the Governor's discretion, citizens of Texas (who were citizens at the time of the last Texas elections) may vote to confirm nominees to the Texas Representative Council". Well, there was a move to reverse that this Trimester as was reflected in the Article X & XII Amendment. It passed, so we will be going back to the old way next Trimester. New Texas Constitutional author, Tanzinia, proposed a new Article regarding a regional currency. There may have been some confusion by Texans on that and it was subsequently voted down. We are sure if he puts some polish on it for next Election, it may have a better chance of passage. It was nice to see new blood looking at the Constitution.

No Confidence was the big loser this Election. They did receive a vote in in a couple of races. It is heartening to see No Confidence coming up short because that means we had a good slate. The Governor defeated No Confidence and it was a relief to see no votes for No Confidence.

Please join us in commending all of Texas for their participation in this Trimester's Election! Once again, this Election saw more participation in the many of the trimesters or Trimesters in recent years. The turnout was awesome and we had speeches in all races. There were no tomatoes this Trimester, but that is Ok too. Texans are still very much alive, yet older, and are a dynamic bunch even after all these years! Kudos!

Big cheers to all the returning Texas Representative Council members and returning Cabinet members! Farewell to the departing ones, your service is appreciated and we look forward to seeing you once again in the future! Special thanks to all who ran and if you didn't win, we hope you run again in the future.

Overall, this has been great fun and a highlight for all Texans. We look forward to seeing how the new freely-elected Government of Texas will make Texas bigger, better and greater than ever! Cheers to The Great Region of Texas!

Long Live The Great Region of Texas!

Big Tex

Governor of Texas

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