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Should we upgrade the forum?

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Dear all,

In my first act as Temporary Chair of this Chamber, I am starting a discussion on the question:

Should we upgrade this forum?

This forum is based on the Invision Power Board software. It is one of the leading paid software boards in the market. Ours forum software version is 2.3 (License purchased in 2008). Today, version 4.0 is out. Our board is therefore 2 generations old.

The new version will have a lot more functionalities, you can read about some of those here: http://www.invisionpower.com/features/ However, the strongest case to upgrade the forum is that we need to move with the times. Our forum version is already 6 years old. I have just renewed the hosting service for another 3 years so we are going to be using this for at least 3 years more. Can we afford to continue using the same version until 2017?

So what's the cost-benefit to upgrading the forum?


1. The new version will get us support from IPB again. Like Windows 97, our current version of the forum software is no longer supported by the company. If one day it gets hacked or anything we are on our own. To get support we will need to upgrade.

2. The new version will have greater security against spam and 3 years worth of bug fixes,

3. The new version comes with more functionalities and is more customable.


4. It's not free. It's going to cost about $215 USD to get us from current ver, to ver 4.0 (I'm willing to for it don't worry)

5. Our current skins will definitely be lost. When we started out I spent an ass-load of time on the skinning. These days I don't have that amount of time to devote to this anymore. If we upgrade to a new forum version, I will be getting a standard skin which *may* be uglier.

6. Many familiar things in the forum may be lost. For example:

  • The announcer thing we always have at the top whenever there is an election or voting poll? It's an old add-on that is probably incompatible with the new forum.
  • The arcade games? All incompatible
  • The forum banner that says "Yggdrasil" at the top and switches everytime you reload? That will be gone too.
  • The ability to display your party affiliation (like TUP) will be lost
  • Plus others...

7. There will be other temporary inconveniences while the upgrade goes on. Kinks here and there that needs to be worked out.

So I put the question to you, the users~ Should we upgrade? Please comment and then add your vote (Yes or No) at the end of your post.




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I like the skins :(

And the Announcer thingy :(

And the party affiliation :(

It's your call since your paying for it, though

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We can probably get the arcade back and some of the other add ons in another form, a few months later. Version 4 of the forum was released just last month so many add on script writers are still catching up. I know to sure there's arcade add on for ver 3.8 the last stable release before 4 came out.

All of our existing forum games are very old now and no one plays them anyway, because there are better games on fb and mobile apps.

@Vro: I started this discussion because ST asked in a conversation, and I value everyone's opinion since ultimately you guys are the users. Do let me know how you vote when you're ready. :grouphug:

Personally I am leaning for.

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Alrighty. Lucky for you guys. I am a forum tech. I have built and maintained about 17 of these bad boys since 2000. With that said some of the cons are not necessarily true. Also, I may be able to snag 4.0 without paying 200 somewhat dollars and it's "possible" I might be able to save the skins. I prefer Vbulletin myself but what ever your cup of tea is I can work with. Let me know ;)

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