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The founding of NeoPacificus

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A figure darted through the devastated streets of an industrialized district. He moved with haste and anguish, unsuited for someone of his status. Behind him followed avenging angels. These were maidens of war, their blood lust unquenchable. They kept pace with their target, leaving trails of disturbed fallout behind them. He ran under a demolished overpass.

He had to find her. How could he forgive himself if she died. He abandoned the battle just to for her. Though it wouldn't of mattered. He could hear the scraping of armored boots behind him. A squad of Bezerker girls tailed him. They followed their master with unflinching loyalty. Also shadowing them were the shattered remains of his forces. Sovereign Jamison came to a stop.

How could this happen? He was winning. After four years of horrendous warfare they had taken all of the former nation and then some. Huge armies had clashed in the fields of Arethusa. Fleets of sky ships numbering in the thousands tore open the sky. The battles of the sky fleets where so large that artificial storms were created in their wake. Tens of thousands of his Bezerker girls drenched the land with the blood of millions of the enemy soldiers. They held nearly all the industrial zones and major cities. After over a hundred years of nothing but chaos, nuclear fallout, darkness and death. The glorious dawn was finally coming to the region. Even though the world would be forever scared. It would be better. Anything would be better then this perpetual nightmare. Then the universe came crashing down on him. None of his advisers or generals warned him of the unseen tempest.

Just under a year ago on the eve of victory. A huge aether storm the size of the nation appeared suddenly. It ravaged the lands. It swept away his sky fleets and scattered his armies. Then enemies of the Imperium suddenly attacked with unholy brutality. Using stolen data of his own Bezerker girls they created their own version. They were horrible creations. More animals then human. But with millions of them unleashed with lighting speed there was no stopping them. Now completely surrounded; cut off from most of his fledgling nation, doom was imminent. There was no way out. The city had it's back to a high unsaleable mountain. His last order to his commander was a breakout wherever suitable.

“Master, there!” pointed one of his Bezerker girls.

She was clad in deep violet armor that shown in dazzling colors depending on the light. Like an insect carapace. Her jumpack hummed softly, a sleeping panther. They were named the Rainbow Seraphim. His guard's wolf ears twitched as she sniffed the air. Her hair bright red blowing like a bloody waterfall. She pointed towards a flipped armored transport. Dead bodies, those of friends and foes lay strewn along the ground. He searched frantically for one in particular. He found it laid faced up in the ash. Next to a fallen enemy that had deep scratches similar to what a lion could do.

Princess Himari looked like a sick parody of an actual sleeping fairytale princess. Blood covered her hands and mouth. Her raven hair sprawled against the grey snow. He rushed to her slinging his rifle across his back.

“Check the other bodies!” He ordered his girls. His regular infantry fanned out and kept watch.

Using his connection to the aether he reached deep and put a hand on her chest. He felt a faint beat, weak but there. He let out a gasp of relief. Even though the dead could never be brought back he could still try and heal her. Though it wasn't his expertise there was no one else around more qualified. He concentrated. His hand warmed her heart and filled it with renewed strength. Her vat grown enhanced biology sped up recovery beyond normal humans. She opened her eyes slowly while her cat ears twitched ever so slightly.

“M-Master!?” She softly spoke. “I knew you'll come. That's why I scratched and bit until there were no more enemies. She clutched her stomach. Her beautiful face clenched in pain.

“I'm here, don't worry” he replied. He gazed to his guards attending the survivors. One kicked a dead enemy soldier that had a huge chunk of his throat removed like some tiger attacked him. “Gather who you can! Lets get to the break though point.” He ordered

“Movement! South west building, corner, third floor at least three persons!” Shouted one of the Rainbow Seraphim.

He brought his rifle up in one arm and ducked the other one under Himari's shoulder. “This is going to hurt a lot.” He warned her. As he wrapped his left arm around her and picked her up. Even though his healing powers saved her from death it was just patch work. Himari badly needed a hospital. She screamed, his heart dropped at the sound of her anguish. Suddenly gunfire drowned her out.

From across street the enemy fired. He quickly carried her away shooting from the hip as he went. Even though he was not religious he prayed for some one, anyone for help. A shadow overcame him. Enemy skyships flew overhead like dominating gods.

“Deploy smoke!” Shouted his guard captain baring her long wolf fangs. They obeyed and threw smoke grenades. The street disappeared in fog. A monster girl leaped through the screen toward him. She bit down on his right arm. Her teeth sank deep and she raked back and fourth with a beast like hunger. Yelling in pain he shot her point blank into her gut. She collapsed on him. Pushing her off he dragged Himari through a ruined workshop. Bullets and sparks flew wildly. He kept firing as he came out the other side into a large plaza. “Oh crap!” he cursed. There was no cover anywhere. But on the far side he could see the remains of his forces. They took firing positions in the buildings to cover them. There looked to be few hundred soldiers and even some squads of a Bezerker legion.

Himari sunk in his arms. Losing blood at an alarming rate.

“Oh please no!” He yelped.

Still pulling her he saw his Bezerker girls exiting the building. They ran out of doorways or jumped through windows. The ones that came first gave suppressing fire to the rest. Just as the last one left. An enemy appeared through one of the numerous windows. He placed a large sniper rifle on the sill and laid waste. His target, the Sovereign. Jamison was hit twice in the chest. His armor blocked them but the third grazed his throat. As his knees hit the ground the building erupted in flames. His bezerker girls spent the last of their explosives hastily booby trapping the building.

He pulled the completely limp body of his princess toward the empty fountain in the center of the plaza. “It can't end like this.” he thought. “Not after everything we have done. All the blood and tears. All the sacrifices!” He arched his head to the sky “It won't end this way! I refuse it!”

They took cover in the fountain. Bullets pinged the rim. They could go no further. There was too much firepower aimed at them. Monster girls ran on all fours closing the distance rapidly. More of his soldiers fell as they took fire from nearly every direction. Tanks rolled up the street added even more firepower. With their own forces behind him firing they were in the eye of the storm. Using his arcane powers he put a physic shield protecting them all. He was driven to his knees. Blood seeped out of his eyes. As more bullet impacts and claw strikes dug out at his shields and by extension his soul. He could hear his captain desperately moving men behind the shield toward friendly lines.

Looking down he could see Himari laying next to him, cold and glazed eyed. At that moment sight he lost his concentration. His shield bled strength. But just about as his shield was about to fall a miracle happened.

Blue beams of light shot from the grey sky and impacted all enemy soldiers in the plaza. Monster girls crashed into the ground yelping like daemons. He turned his head skyward. A figure floated above them. She was draped in an ornate blue dress with gold trimming. Pure white wings enveloped her. The sky behind her was clear with small puffy clouds and what he thought were glittering stars. She placed her hands together as if in prayer. A pillar of light surrounded them. Similar to his aether shield but a hundred fold in strength. Another angel-like figure appeared. This one only had one wing and held a chrome halberd. She impacted a tank with the force of a comet. More divine figures followed her. They held bizarre fancy weapons that left destruction in their wake. Then soldiers clad in symbols of a ringed planet landed. They dropped out of the sky and immediately went to combat. More squads dropped into the plaza. Some under a banner of a dragon. Others with a cute little girl leading them.

Fur wearing men wielding axes and arrows rode large wolves. They charged ahead of the group and clashed with the monsters. Another band of soldiers with a sun painted on their breastplate fought gracefully. Many different warriors landed in a myriad of colors and banners. They must have come from at least a dozen different worlds. Most strange of all were the behemoths in ridiculously bulky grey armor. These stood eight feet tall and moved so fast he could not believe it. They wielded bulky guns, hammers and chainsaw swords.

As they drove the enemy back the beautiful woman in blue landed before him. As her uncovered toes touched the dead ground a flower blossomed in the ash. He noticed blue markings on her face. Time outside the barrier slowed to a craw. Solders, monster girls, and animals battled in a dance of slow motion combat.

“I-I” He wavered clutching his still slightly bleeding arm. “I am sovereign Jamison of the Fascist Imperium of NeoPacificus.”

She smiled “I know, I could hear you calling out to us. I am Belldandy, founder of the great tree of Yggdrasil.” She stretched out her arm. Her many gold bracelets jingled musically. “We all have come to your aid. Our wish is bring life to your nation. So that you too may receive nourishment from the roots of the great tree.”

“Life!” He balked “Look!” He took a handful of ash from the ground and let some slip through his fingers. “There is nothing left of this world! Everything is dust. This land is sick with nuclear fallout from a hundred years ago. We have battled in this darkness for too long. This world will never live again. Not like before.

She stepped closer and placed her hands around his. They felt so soft. The remaining Rainbow Seraphim pointed their weapons at her. He noticed that she was slightly taller than him.

“You all have tried so hard to make this world a better place. Perhaps your love for a better world might reawaken it.” Her eyes, blue as the ocean glittered with an inner light. She released her grip smiling.

The Sovereign looked down in his palm. A tiny pink flower blossomed in it. He could not believe his eyes.

Belldandy knelt before Himari. “Even your princess has more strength then you think.”

She bent over whispered mysterious words and kissed Himari on the forehead. Suddenly Himari opened her eyes and breathed deep. She looked around and feeling herself for her injuries that weren’t there. “Master!” She yelled and pounced on Jamison crashing him into the ground. She squeezed so tight all of his various injuries hurt. But he didn't mind. He wept tears of joy.

After a moment Balldandy extended her hand. “Do you truly want to make this world live again?”

Jamison paused. It was a lot to take in. But looking around he saw the weary faces of the ones under his command. Many troops from the building on the far side had wandered closer looking cautiously. He took a breath and gently push Himari aside.

“I Jamison, Sovereign of NeoPacificus accept your offer. Please help us make this world live again. Please help me save my nation” He knelt to one knee and lowered his head. This was the only time he ever knelt before someone. The Bezerkers and infantry were shocked at such a humble act. Like a wave they knelt too.

He took her hand and rose to his feet.

The one winged angel standing beside Belldandy turned to face them. Her halberd rested horizontally across her shoulders. She spat on the ground. “She can't keep the barrier up and open the gateway at the same time. Better brace yourselves.”

Belldandy nodded in agreement. “Be careful I am having some difficulty connecting, it might get a little bumpy.”

The Sovereign turned to his troops. “All forces of NeoPacificus rise!” he shouted “Follow me and support our new brothers and sisters! We shall remake this world together. Let not the blood spilled from our kin be in vain. For the future, for Yggdrasil, for NeoPacificus!” He raised his bloodied ashen fist to the sky. All his soldiers shouted.

He turned toward Belldandy who held a seed floating between her hands. “Yes, let's make this world live again” She said. Smiling yet again.

The seed fell into the ashen ground. She placed her hands in the air and chanted in an unknown language. Bright glyphs and beams flew around her like a tornado. The seed sprouted. The barrier slowly faded and the fighting on the other side slowly returned to normal speed.

He let our a war cry and charged into the battlefield. Behind him the Bezerker Legions and infantry also charged. The very earth trembled with their righteous fury. They fought alongside the varied forces of Yggdrasil. The air was a horizontal rain of bullets. His Bezerker girls charged with razor claws and open mouths. He had ever seen them with such zeal. Using his aether powers he unleashed a wall of lighting at the enemy.

They too renewed their offensive. Pushing thousands of troops into the maelstrom. Overhead aircraft from different worlds fought in a huge dogfight with enemy jets and skyships. The air rippled with thousands of crafts. The battle was not just in the local area but around the entire nation. Surviving Imperial forces advanced. Word passed across the battle net to aid their new friends.

Jamison shouldered his riffle and fired at a squad of monster girls giving one of the large grey warriors trouble. The sun warriors danced through and finished them off. A squad of large missile launcher vehicles with the emblem of a ringed planet took up positions and fired a hailstorm of rods at the enemy sky carrier.

He turned; a monster girl that who's lower half was a snake had a rocket launcher aimed at him. Just then she was trampled by a large wolf. The sovereign blinked. It was Himari who was riding it. She smiled, her tail waved excitedly as she went along trampling more enemies. He turned to fight a soldier who was charging with a bayonet. But just mere feet away he stopped.

Everyone in the battle froze and floated a few feet above the ground. Some were still fighting but most stunned in bewilderment. He rotated upwards. Every skyship and jet was still. As if the world was filled with water. Then he saw the sky.

It was cracking! Rainbow crevasses arched across the sky as if it were glass. Everything became unsettling quiet. He thought he could hear bells chiming. Something beyond the sky made music. The sky cracked more. Pieces fell and shattered on the ground like a million mirrors. Yet no one ever got scratched. Sections of the sky flashed like a broken television screen. Other parts rippled like water. The ground for a split instant became invisible. An unimaginably enormous tree shown through. It's top and bottom lost in the distance. He got a horrible case of vertigo just looking at it. Glittering light orbs and glyphs floated around. Then he was slammed into the ground. They all were pinned to it. The earth shook violently. It felt like the bottom of the world had gone. There was a deafening roar. He tried to stand but the best he could was get to his knees. The sun and stars had gone out. Huge tree branches rushed across the abyssal sky. Leaves, the size of mountains fluttered past. On some branches held worlds. He could see cities and oceans. They were like Christmas balls. But they soon faded into the abyss as their journey continued. Everyone was tossed like dolls. He crashed into a man with a red flag emblem. Then was thrown into the arms of an angel girl in brown leather, rose petals fluttered everywhere. They both crashed into the fountain. Then everything stopped.

The sky shown clear and bright. Small puffy clouds floated innocently. Dust covered the entire city. Nearly every jet slowly began to fall. Their pilots ejecting amass. Everyone slowly picked themselves up haphazardly. The enemy soldiers raised up their hands in surrender. Totally confused as to what happened. But he knew. The country of NeoPacificus had traveled from the old world of ash to Yggdrasil.

Combat still raged for a few months afterward. But with their new allies Imperial forces won in the end. Having been saved by such selfless people. The nation of NeoPacificus pledge eternal allegiance to Yggdrasil. This day is known as allegiance day. Not only from the nation to the region. But from the people to their new nation...NeoPacificus.

Please tell me what you think!

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