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Goddess Relief Office

Regional Award Ceremony VIII

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Regional Award Ceremony VIII


Honourable Chancellor,
Ministers and Senators present here today,
Ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for coming. As you may know, we haven't had a regional award ceremony for some time. Today happens to be Medal Day, a Yggdrasil Holiday dedicated to all members who have won a decoration in this region. Let us take the opportunity to remember all the nations who have contributed their time and energy to Yggdrasil, some of which may no longer be with us such as past delegates Lionheart, Wookies, RedIron, etc, and our beloved interior Minister Trav-coch.

A lot have happened in the last year. I went away due to real life issues, and our population have dwindled. At the same time, our government was frozen and as a result, many Ministers/Senators or Delegates have had to do more than they were expecting when they stood for election. Here, I wish to thank those members for their time and service to Yggdrasil.

Among these members, there are a few I'd like to specifically single out for going the extra mile. This is what this ceremony is for.

First, in appreciation of these nations' long term service and dedication to the region over several years, each in their different capacities - I'm presenting Distinguish Service Medals to Silvadus, Zybodia, and South Titania to thank them for their help! It is our pleasure and our good fortune to have met them on NationStates and gotten to know them over the years. Without their assistance, Yggdrasil will not be the region it is today.


Next, in recognition of their service to Yggdrasil at a time of great difficulty (when it became momentarily founderless), I'm presenting The Shield of Freya to both Alyekra and The Phoenix Flame. Although both are not members of YDS, they have helped defend the region against external threat when I was away. This is the first time the medal has been awarded to non-YDS nations.


Since he became active again in Yggdrasil, Elke and Elba has drafted several resolutions and attempted to pass one of them. Although it ultimately did not succeed, I would like to recognize his efforts by awarding him the Achievement Medal. As the medal's description says, his efforts have helped to raise the profile of the region and increased awareness (and hopefully interest) in WA writing from among the regional population. My sincere hope is that one day EnE will find success in the WA field and more authors from Yggdrasil will follow his path.


Turning our attention to friends outside of Yggdrasil, I would like to honour two nations who reside in our ally 10000 islands. I have known them for a long time, and am aware of their contributions to Yggdrasil and to the game NationStates in general.

On behalf of the region, I would like to present The Order of the Rising Sun to Grub, the founder of 10000 islands for his assistance and friendship to Yggdrasil since its refounding six years ago, as well as his continued leadership of TITO which has done good all over NationStates. One of the three Celestial Orders. The Order of the Rising Sun is awarded to nations (or regions) with contributions "as great as the Sun" in energizing or illuminating Yggdrasil. The design features an eight-pointed gilt and silver badge, with white enameled rays, bearing a central red enameled sun disc. It can be worn as a medal on the left chest, suspended across the neck, or on sash across the shoulder. Grub is the first ever nation to be awarded this order within and outside of Yggdrasil.



Finally, I would like to recognize a player known to us as "Mayor Shelter" on this forum, and "Shelter from the Storm" in 10000 islands. Although he was not an ambassador to Yggdrasil, Mayor Shelter had made a good number of posts in our forum in the short time he was with us. Mayor Shelter passed away in real life in last October. I would like to posthumously award him The Harbinger of Peace Medal for his activity in Yggdrasil which brought friendships closer between our two regions. I am sure all Yggdrasilians who knew him will agree with my decision.

As Mayor Shelter is no longer with us, I will present this medal to our allies in 10000 islands for their safekeeping.


*standing ovation*

Please join me in thanking these nations!
Enjoy the rest of the evening, and please finish the great buffet we have prepared in the lobby (pic1), (pic2)! It is already paid for by the Interior Minister's credit card. =p


(If you haven't had a rest day in your nation today, feel free to take the weekend off! After all, Medal Day is supposed to be a regional holiday :thumbsup: )


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