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Vrolondia Factbook

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Official Languages: Geldi, English, Sacrian (In the eastern plains, giving them their namesake). While Geldi is the de facto language of Vrolondia, English is widely spoken in the larger coastal cities as a universal trade language inside and outside Vrolondia.
Sacrian is spoken by the nomads who dominate the eastern plains, hence has become a dominate language there, but outside that geographic area the language is widely unspoken. The area has since become known as the Sacrian Plains because of this.
Demonym: Vrolondian is used as an umbrella term for all inhabitants of Vrolondia, and Geldi, which is both the name of the Language and Culture, is used inside the nation when referring to it's inhabitants, the majority of which have assimilated into the dominant Geldi culture.
The other major ethnic group in Vrolondia are the Sacrians, who's language and culture dominate the eastern plains.
Appearance: Being a coastal nation in the southern hemisphere of Yggdrasil, Vrolondia's population generally have a skin tone ranging from a light gold-red. The most common hair tones in Vrolondia are shades of Brown and Black, and the most common eye colours are shades of Gold.
Population: 8.836 billion NS (02/19/14), 18'851'821 RP
Major Cities: Ismair, Nyvido, Lorale, Myyrh, Endessine, Foelryn, Ceron, Lihon, Balaiah, Lyeaugh, Nysadel, Arbelhon, Eldryn, Vendulsen, Kalhir, Yvesa, Yray
Life Expectancy: 73 years
Ethnic Groups: Geldi (89%), Sacrian (7%), Other (4%)
Religions: Geldi Pantheon (78%), Sacrian Tribal Practices (15%), Christian (8%), Other (2%)
Technology overview: (Medieval Fantasy) Vrolondia is quite under-developed; large swaths of farmlands dominate the landscape, most of the population lives in the various cities laid along the coastal peninsulas, or in smaller farming settlements around them.
To the east lies the Sacrian Plains, where the native Sacrian population still adheres to their nomadic traditions.


Currency: Elysium (ℑ)
State: Thriving
Exchange rate: ℑ1 = $1.03 / $1 = ℑ0.97
Unemployment rate: Not Available
Major industries (NS): Tourism
Major industries (RP): Mining, Timber, Agriculture, Wine Manufacturing, Spices, Silk, Citrus Fruits, Mango
Exports: Lumber, Agriculture, Alcohol, Tulips, Spices, Silk, Citrus Fruits, Mango, Gold, Silver, Iron, Copper, Coal, Precious Metals, Minerals and Gems
Imports: Fabrics, Gold, Silver, Iron, Copper, Coal, Precious Metals, Minerals and Gems, Agricultural Crops, Luxury Trinkets, Coffee, Rice, Grain, Marble


Capital: Ismair, 579,808 in city and surrounding area.
Government Type: Confederation of independent states, currently united under Arano Iandra of Ismair (Varies due to internal conflict)
Archon: Arano Iandra
Other executive officials: Magistrates, lesser Kings
Legislative body: Various regional councils

Geography & Environment

Total Area: 814,643 square miles
Climate: SemiArid/SubTropics
Highest Point: Mount Kinhon
Elevation: 3,805
Prominence: 3,805 m
Lowest Point: Chrayvkin delm (Swamp)
Elevation: -2m
Natural Hazards: Earthquakes, Landslides, Floods, Harbor Waves
Notable Geographical Features: Mount Kinhon
Major Landmarks & Tourist Attractions: Mount Kinhon
Geography Overview: TBA Edited by Vrolondia

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Coat of Arms


Template by Demi-Chimeras

Edited by Vrolondia

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I can see that you nation is Norse/celtic based. It's a nice laid back style nation. A country vastly different from the heavily industrialized ones that most of use have. It adds to it's charm. Really nice! I love your coat of arms. Oh and what is there to do on mount Kinhon? It seems popular, I just might plan my next vacation there.

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