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Sid Vicious

NewTexas' Commendation Party!!

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It is with great honor and pleasure that we announce the Commendation of our Founder and Governor NewTexas!!!

Please come on down and celebrate with us and have some good ol fashioned BBQ!!


Turkey Breast

Turkey Legs

Whole Chicken

Carnitas-Bite-size chunks of seasoned, slow smoked pork ready for a tortilla, or a classic BBQ meal.

Chicken Breast

Chicken Ribs

St. Louis Spare Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

Pulled Pork

Whole, sliced, or Chopped Brisket--Smoked for hours on end over 100% oak

Beef Short Ribs


Smokin Classic Beef Jerky

Red Chile Beef Jerky--Spicy!

Black Pepper Beef Jerky


Corn on the Cob

Smokin Joes Baked Beans

Pinto Beans Spicy!

Elisie's Garlic Potatoes

Mac 'n' Cheese

Cole Slaw

And an endless supply of any beverage of your choice! Come on down and Come and Get it!!!

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