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Texas Newsletter 2nd Trimester 2013 Post Apocalyptic Holiday Edition

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Available in PDF [icopdf.gif] / Word [icodoc.gif].


Tuesday, October 29 - Texans were attacked by reanimated corpses while on their way home. According to eyewitnesses, these corpses targeted commuters stuck in traffic. The bodies of the fatally wounded came back to life just minutes after death.

The disease spread quickly across densely populated areas. People barricaded themselves inside office buildings and shopping centers where they spent the night.


Police remove a zombie from the NewAustin City Hall.

Several government and school buildings went into

lockdown moments after the outbreak occurred.

An emergency taskforce named the Texas Biological Defense Initiative was assigned to coordinate a unified response to the existing threat. All public safety and emergency management organizations were asked to follow all of TBDI's recommendation to research a cure and prevent any unnecessary loss of life.

"Must perform research," said Louisa Connolly-Burnham.

"On the grounds that Texas may not wish to be wiped out I went for the cure. Despite my inclination to break out the chainsaw :D ," said Cerberion Minor.

Eventually, a cure was found and Texas went into distribution mode. According to top strategists, placing the cure in missiles was the most logical way to dispense the anti-virus. "Next step in missile tech," according to Holy smokers.


Texas Defense Force reservists arrive near a parking garage

where hundreds of citizens were left stranded after seeking

shelter from a horde of zombies.

With the Never-Ending Coffee Urn operating 24-hours, Texans worked tirelessly throughout the day and into the night targeting infected populations.

"I've got cure missiles!" said Lichian. "Who should I aim it at?"

By the afternoon of day two, Texas became 100% zombie free. Texans were able to rest easy knowing that the infection had been completely eradicated.

"Congratulations Texas! We did it! Texas is Zombie Free all due to your hard work and perseverance!" said NewTexas.

See a whole lot more in our Download: PDF [icopdf.gif] / Word [icodoc.gif]


Friday, November 1 - The Fair of Texas reached a record breaking number of visitors as 10KIslanders stopped by for a weekend visit.

"I know NewTexas said that you're not getting invaded by 10000 Islands, but with the great showing of 10KI people I think we might be proving him wrong," said Ananke. "Hope you all don't mind. :D "

Visitors were immediately greeted with piles of barbecued meats and vegetables. "Oh my! That B-B-Q looks delightful," said Land, taking one of everything.

"I love me some of that B-B-Q," said Witchcraft and Sorcery. "But I think I'll wait on it until after I go through the rides."


10KIslanders were treated to an assortment of

fried foods including fried bacon, funnel cake, fried

spaghetti and meatballs, fried butter and corny dogs!

Texas had set up numerous rides on the fair grounds. Some calmer rides like the giant Ferris wheel for the entire family, and some super fast ones like the Wild Mouse coaster guaranteed to make you lose your lunch.

"The Wild Mouse will jerk your brain right out through your ear!" said Big Tex. "Not into that much violence in your amusement needs? No Prob! Plenty of Texas Painted Ponies are going round and round at a merry pace and you don't even have to feed them."

Fried food stands opened throughout the park selling bizarre and delicious foods like fried peanut butter and jelly, fried butter, fried Nutella®, fried grilled cheese, fried biscuit and gravy, fried bubblegum and the ultimate fried dessert of the fair... fried chocolate chip burrito!

10KIslanders were also treated to Oktoberfest in Texas with gallons of beer flowing from ginormous barrels. The celebration went on into the night with the sounds of polka music heard throughout the fair.

On the third and final day of the visit, our own Secretary of Defense Amandil opened up a self-serve Blue Bell® ice cream bar with 30 different flavors.

"Texas sure is spoiling us, I'm not going to need to eat again for weeks!" said Ater Nox, scooping various flavors of ice cream onto a cone.


10KIslanders celebrate Oktoberfest in Texas with

plenty of fräuleins und bier, polkas, fräuleins und

bier, würst, and did I mention fräuleins und bier?

With the weekend winding down, 10KIslanders began their preparations for their journey back to 10000 Islands. The Texas International Airport was ready with extra wide metal detectors and jumbo jets with larger seats. :P

"The visit has been a great adventure. But sadly it is that time again," said Conjoined Empire. "We bid our allies and friends adieu, and wish you the best of luck."

"Happy Trails 10000 Islanders!" said Big Tex. "We hope you enjoyed your stay! We certainly enjoyed your visit! Stop by any time friends!"

And with that, the Islanders made their way back, with fond memories still fresh in their minds, and a slightly larger waistline than what they had before arriving.

See a whole lot more in our Download: PDF [icopdf.gif] / Word [icodoc.gif]

General Assembly Resolutions

July 2013

Ombudsmen Act - Against

Invasive Species Response Act - For

Rights of Neutral States - Against

Foreign Trademark Recognition - For

Repeal "On Abortion" - For

Reducing Automobile Emissions - For

August 2013

Nuclear Proliferation Accords - Against

Repeal "Invasive Species Response Act" - For

Stopping Invasive Species - Against

Repeal "Access to Science in Schools" - For

Rainforest Protection Act - Against

Unwed Parenthood Act - Against

Responsible Parenthood Act - Against

September 2013

Establishing Principles of War - Against

Chemical Weapons Convention - Against

Repeal "Rainforest Protection Act" - For

Uranium Mining Standards Act - Against

Repeal "Nuclear Arms Possession Act" - Against

Repeal "Language Preservation" - For

October 2013

On International Peacekeeping - Against

Repeal "Animal Protection Act" - For

Chemical Weapons Protocol - For

Sensible Limits on Hunting - For

General Assembly Resolutions

July 2013

Commend SkyDip - Against

Condemn New Edom - Against

August 2013

Commend A Slanted Black Stripe - For

Condemn Lolloh - Against

Condemn The New Inquisition - For

Repeal "Condemn Omigodtheykilledkenny" - Against

Repeal "Condemn The Black Riders" - Against

September 2013

Condemn The Dourian Embassy - Against

Commend Francos Spain - Against

Commend the Pacific - Against

Commend Mousebumples - For

October 2013

Commend Christian Democrats - Against

Condemn Mallorea and Riva - Against

Condemn Gest - Against


Editor-in-Chief: Richard

Editor: Big Tex

Catch up on past newsletters! Texas Newsletter Archives

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