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[VOTE 2] The Yggdrasil Statue Act

The Yggdrasil Statue Act  

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  1. 1. The Yggdrasil Statue Act

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The Yggdrasil Statue Act

A.In order to remember the vast history of Yggdrasil and the many individuals who helped develop it into one of the oldest and influential regions, I call for the creation of a botanical garden.
Within this garden any nation will be able to place their mark on Yggdrasil and at the same time honor their country and the the ambassador who represented their country.

B. In order for the construction to be possible, I ask for two acres of land be set aside for it's construction.

A.In order to cover the cost of such a prestigious project, we ask that all countries set aside a meager donation in order to raise the neccesary funds for the construction of garden.

B.The Statues shall be constructed in within the a counties own nation, and can be designed however they want.
C. More than one statue can be constructed and placed within the gardens
D.Any materials can be used in the construction of the statue as long as it is not harmful to the plants.

The bill has been tweaked and sent back in for a vote. Edited by Temi

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There was really only one change, because the general consensus of the first vote was that it was "almost" a really good proposal.

So I've changed the way funds would be garnered from 0.5 percent of ones GDP to donations. This way the nation will choose how much money they will send into the construction/maintenance of the garden.

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