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Ghost Stories in your nation?

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Do you have any Ghost Stories in your Nation? Old legends? Universal beliefs or myths?

I personally find it fun to flesh out my nation's mythology; I have some of it in my factbook, but this is a better idea so we can all share!

Anythings welcome, long or short, as long as it's a belief in your nation!

In Vrolondia, all kings have historically faced The Kings Mirror at some point before their reign, which is said will reveal something previously unknown about them.

All who have faced it reported falling into a deep trance, and when they awoke, had a conversation with a women in white.

It is during this conversation that they must discover something about themselves, and the longer they talk, the more cold and disdainful the women will become. If somebody takes the throne without confronting the mirror, it is said she will haunt them, and bring misfortune on his empire causing droughts, famine, floods, pestilence, and death.

Vas Screik Is an old Vrolondian legend. Some say he is a lesser god, others claim he was once a man; what is universal in his story, however, is he is powerful, and once traveled the world bringing justice and virtue to man.

But he was betrayed. He was tricked by Vadras, god of Cruelty, and dragged down to his his twisted realm.

He was tortured and corrupted, and his once pure mission of Justice became tainted. Nobody is safe from his wrath; all are deserving of his sadistic vengeance.

Little is known about how he looks, as few survive the encounters. Those that do, however, report the dragging of chains as he stalks them, promising agony with every step. It is said he leaves an aura of cruelty and suffering in his wake, and his eyes glow red, like fire. Where he walks flowers wilt, as even nature fears him.

He seems to enjoy tormenting his victims, dedicating himself to destroying their sanity first, playing with them until they become paranoid of every sound, and unable to escape his wrath they inevitably flee. He will chase them as long as they flee, as he enjoys the hunt, and only once they are broken, exhausted, and suitably terrified does he finally strike.

He will take them, and drag them to his Dark Citadel.

They are tortured mercilessly to satiate his sick desire for justice, being forced to take the pain of thousands of years of human cruelty. They will be forced to endure his pain again, and again.

Only once he is bored with them, once they are broken, begging him for the whip, does he finally end it; but not even in death are they safe. All who enter his forsaken citadel are trapped, body and soul, for all eternity. When he is finally finished with them, he takes the now destroyed soul and pins it on the branches of Vreesryk, the Great Metal Tree, where their blood and tears will nurture it's roots for all eternity.

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In the western part of the country, near a great waterfalls, at night, you can see a beautiful and enchanting elven (some sources say faerie) maiden sitting on the rocks. She has long blonds hair, deep blue eyes and fair skin, as if albino, and can remind one of a young Galadriel (somewhere in her 20s). She wears a golden circlet, a flowing white gown, as if woven from materials from the aether, and golden high-heeled sandals with straps that extend to the shins and golden soles. There are two cases of this:

-When you see her for one moment, turn away for a second, and look back, she's gone, as if she disappeared into thin air.

-When you converse with her for, say, half an hour, 5-6 hours would have passed.

In rare cases, you will see her in all of your dreams for a long period of time (minimum of two years).

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